GTA Online Celebrates GTA V's 10 Year Anniversary With Free Clothing, Weapon Finishes, and Other Bonuses

GTA Online Celebrates GTA V's 10 Year Anniversary With Free Clothing, Weapon Finishes, and Other Bonuses

Richard Walker

This Sunday, Grand Theft Auto V will celebrate ten years since its original release, and to commemorate the milestone, Rockstar is bringing free outfits to GTA Online, inspired by protagonists Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. New GTA V-themed weapon finishes, and a host of bonuses on classic modes are also in the offing.

A new Bravado Hotring Hellfire stock car is also available (free to GTA+ Members), alongside a set of snacks, ammo, and body armour for playing anytime this week. There's 4x GTA$ and RP to be had on the latest Community Series, too, and quadruple bonuses on Lamar and Trevor Contact Missions.


Triple GTA$ and RP on Come Out to Play and double GTA$ and RP and The Data Leaks and Hangar Sell Missions round out the latest bonuses, while vehicles are in abundance, as usual, with Simeon's Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom offering the Bravado Hotring Hellfire, Obey 9F, Bravado Buffalo S, Canis Bodhi, and Obey Tailgater.

Visit the Luxury Autos Showroom, and you'll find the Obey 10F and Bravado Buffalo EVX, while the LS Car Meet has the Pegassi Zentorno, Progen T20, and Pegassi Osiris as the latest Test Rides, and placing top two in the LS Car Meet Series for two days ina  row will win you the Maxwell Vagrant.


On PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, Hao's Special Works has the Coil Cyclone II as this week's Premium Test Ride, and a new HSW Time Trial between Terminal and Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness. Spin the Lucky Wheel at The Diamond Casino, and you could also bag the Enus Deity as top prize until 20th September.

There's 40% off Garages and 50% off all Agency Properties, Upgrades & Modifications, Imani Tech Upgrades, and Record A Studios merchandise, too, as well as 50% off the Obey 9F, 40% off the Bravado Buffalo STX, Obey 10F, Progen T20, Pegassi Osiris, and Pegassi Zentorno, and 20% off the Bravado Buffalo EVX.


Finally, the Gun Van has 20% off the Tactical SMG and 50% off the Fireworks Launcher for GTA+ Members, while the latest GTA+ Member benefits also include a free Bravado Hotring Hellfire, an exclusive free livery, Double GTA$ and RP on Assault on Cayo Perico, free clothing, and loads more through 11th October.

The latest Grand Theft Auto Online bonuses are live now.

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