GTA 6 Debut Trailer Leaks, So Rockstar Releases it Early With 2025 Launch Window

GTA 6 Debut Trailer Leaks, So Rockstar Releases it Early With 2025 Launch Window

Richard Walker

As of last night, almost 50,000 people were waiting to watch the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI, a full fifteen hours before it was due to go live. And then, the trailer leaked, so Rockstar has decided to pull the trigger and release it earlier than planned.

“Our trailer has leaked so please watch the real thing on YouTube,” Rockstar lamented from its Twitter/X page.

Finally revealed a full ten years with change since GTA V first released, we can now put to bed the countless rumours, speculation, and leaks, as we at long last know what GTA 6 is. As suspected, GTA 6 returns to Vice City, albeit eschewing the '80s for a modern day take.

Grand Theft Auto VI sees you playing as Lucia, a criminal who blames “bad luck” for her predicament (she's in an orange jumpsuit in the trailer), although it becomes abundantly clear that she's actually into holding up conveniences stores with her partner in crime. In short, it looks like a modern day Bonnie and Clyde story.

You can check out ‘Trailer 1’ for Grand Theft Auto VI below, and expect more details in the run up to its launch in 2025.

  • So a little over a year if it doesn't get delayed?
    They sure took a while.
  • I knew it wouldn't be out within the next 6-9 months but was hopeful for a Q4 2024 release in time for next Christmas. :(
    As this is the only game I'm really excited for, I'm a bit gutted with the release year given over 2,000 developers are working on the game and they've already spent $2 bn on making it. Hopefully they don't run into too many bugs, issues etc that would set the release date further back but realistically, given the scope of the game, this is entirely likely. Anyway, a new trailer is great so I guess I can't complain!
  • Highly anticipated game, super high expectations from the fanbase, fanbase who will be angry if it isn't an improvement on GTA 5, fanbase who will be angry with any change from GTA 5, a games industry that will push its devs to breaking point and/or release a broken game, inevitable micro-transactions... people are going to go crazy over everything... this should be a fun next couple of years... where's the popcorn.
  • Oh no this gives me Saints Row remake vibes in tone....
  • Get ready for every little item to be a microtransaction for the online mode. No thanks. Definitely only worth a deep sale price
  • I've never been interested in GTA and this doesn't look appealing to me at all. But I think GTA bros are like Madden/CoD bros and simply buy the games without hesitation.
  • GTA VI: Big Booty Latina ...
  • Forgot to say ... they really nailed the degenerate shitpit vibe of Miami in the current year.

    Google videos of spring break and "Urban Beach Week" from the last couple of years ... you'll see.
  • @6 To each their own, but that comparison is pretty out there. A new GTA is an event, and Rockstar has a pretty damn good track record of innovation in their titles. There is good reason for their fan base to be hyped for this, as opposed to those annual franchises that don't change much.
  • @6 Don’t blame them. Gta is freakin awesome and every game is an open world masterpiece.
  • Some folks rushing in to share they have zero interest in the series and are unimpressed while somehow comparing the series to Madden/GTA lol the level of delusion is outstanding.

    This looks unbelievable and I can't wait to play it.
  • It looks really good. Lets hope that what we saw is from single player and not online
  • @7 ….and?
  • @6 How can you compare gta to madden and cod? Hahaha madden and cod games are yearly releases loooool
  • @14 I agree. GTA releases are a BIG thing in the entertainment industry! I'm not even a huge fan of GTA but comparing the series to CoD or Madden is laughable. It would be nice if people stopped making comparisons and just celebrated gaming news and new top-quality games releasing in the future!
  • Wow, this looks very good, I hope those were some in game scenes and not just CGI reveal trailer BS.
  • @7: Are you going whine about playing a woman protagonist in GTA VI.
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