Gears of War Coming to PlayStation is the Latest Rumour Regarding Xbox Plans to Bring its Games to Other Platforms

Gears of War Coming to PlayStation is the Latest Rumour Regarding Xbox Plans to Bring its Games to Other Platforms

Richard Walker

With rumours and reports bouncing around the internet regarding possible plans to bring several Xbox-exclusive games to other platforms, the latest game(s) to be scooped up by the rumour mill is Gears of War.

"Gears of War is being considered for this," Giant Bomb's Jeff Grubb remarked on Game Mess Mornings (via VGC), adding that this is something being proposed and discussed, but is not yet set in stone.

Whatever the case, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has assured (in a post to X/Twitter) that he'll be providing an official update next week, in which he'll be sharing details on the company's “vision for the future of Xbox”.

According to various reports, that “vision for the future of Xbox” will see games like Starfield, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, Sea of Thieves, Hi-Fi Rush, and a number of others coming to PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed as yet, but it appears that Spencer will finally put all of the rampant rumours to bed, either way. As Spencer himself says, “stay tuned”.

  • I’d definitely play the Gears games if they come to PlayStation, but man it’ll be weird to see PS control inputs on the UI instead of Xbox controls
  • @Juggernaut: reload with R1 xD
  • If it true, then that means there be 2 GoW games on PlayStation
  • Pretty cool if they do come ps, but by god those achievements are a pain.
  • Why don’t they both join together and make a machine that will run both formats. Problem solved no competition needed. Wishing I have both but would be nice to just have the one machine. C’comn Sure it would make sense no one machine better than the other.
  • Would like to see other games as well like Blue Dragon, lost odyessey, ninety nine nights etc
  • I would absolutely love to get back on horde in gears 2 like it was 2008 again, I'd buy all of them day 1, but the day I can play Halo 1-3 on a Playstation system is going to pull a lot of emotions and feelings out of me that I thought were long dead, my inner teenager is gonna be ecstatic and I truly hope that day comes.
  • RIP Xbox. Literally. After all exclusives are available on PC Gamepass and Playstation, there's no reason to buy that console anymore.
  • If this stuff turns out to be true, Respectable company
  • Blue Dragon and N3 (Ninety Nine Night's) please! Even though they are decades old! I'd 100% full clear them again :D
  • I tell you what ... this I never thought I'd see.

    @ RRDude_PBB ... I think you may be right. They are giving up on the console war.
  • This seems a too good to be true scenario, I understand moving the Bethesda titles to Playstation (and any others from developers that used to be multiplatform), but to move core Xbox franchises would be insane (hope it's true though).
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