Fort Solis is a Psychological Sci-Fi Drama Coming to PS5 in Summer 2023

Fort Solis is a Psychological Sci-Fi Drama Coming to PS5 in Summer 2023

Richard Walker

Fort Solis, a psychological sci-fi adventure, will be coming to PlayStation 5 this summer, developer Fallen Leaf and publisher Dear Villagers have announced. Taking you to an abandoned mining facility on Mars, the game will have you searching for your missing crew, making crucial decisions along the way.

Playing as engineer Jack Leary (played by Red Dead Redemption II Arthur Morgan actor, Roger Clark), you'll be able to explore the deserted station at your own pace, gathering clues from its various bunkers, labs, and crew quarters. Outside on the surface, you'll have harsh storms to contend with, as you gradually learn about the mysterious horrors that caused the disappearance of your crew.

Inspired by enigmatic sci-fi films like Solaris, Sunshine, and Moon, the Fort Solis aims to capture the feeling of being alone, unsafe, and unsure of what's happening. As the nights close in, events will escalate and you'll have to race against time to find the crew and escape. Joining Roger Clark will be The Last of Us' Troy Baker as Wyatt Taylor, and The Last Kingdom's Julia Brown.

A sci-fi drama built using Unreal Engine 5, free of camera cuts, loading times, and HUD, Fort Solis will be heading to PS5 in summer 2023. Check out the gameplay trailer below.

  • Waiting to see more of this Interesting stuff.
  • Never seen the inspiration movies but sounds awesome! Will check this trailer…
  • fart soils
  • @2 moon is fantastic!
  • All 3 mentioned movies are fantastic and I definitely recommend them. "Sunshine" is hugely underrated!

    Looking forward to the game... what type of game will be this? 1st person shooter? Or just a walking simulator?
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