Forspoken is Out Now For PlayStation 5, With 'In Tanta We Trust' DLC Coming Later This Year

Forspoken is Out Now For PlayStation 5, With 'In Tanta We Trust' DLC Coming Later This Year

Richard Walker

Square Enix has today released Forspoken for PlayStation 5 and PC, delivering a story-driven action-RPG with parkour-based traversal, powerful spells to wield, and various abilities protagonist Frey Holland (Ella Balinska) will use on her quest to save the realm of Athia.

Frey is a young woman who is mysteriously transported to the fantastical land of Athia, where an unknown force known as the Break has ravaged the environment. Armed with a magical sentient bracelet known as ‘Cuff’, Frey represents Athia's last hope, and will be pitted against evil sorceresses called the Tantas, as well as other threats.

“We're so excited to celebrate the launch of Forspoken, and to have players finally experience Frey's story. The development team and everyone involved have worked so hard to bring the vision of Forspoken to life and we cannot wait to see fans' reaction,” said co-director Takeshi Aramaki.

Forspoken is out now for PS5 and PC (with a demo now available), and will be receiving the ‘In Tanta We Trust’ DLC later this year. Access to the upcoming Forspoken DLC is also available as part of the Digital Deluxe Edition. Keep your eyes peeled for our Forspoken review soon.

  • That’s freakin’ gnarly news!
  • Curious to see your review, the reception is pretty mediocre so far.
  • Yes @ Unger ... I'm very interested to see this site's take on it.

    Everything I've seen of it has been a joyless, banal, undifferentiated open-world collect-fest, and the protagonist is the most cringe thing I've ever seen in gaming.

    I could be wrong, but what I've seen looks bad, and is an embarassment for Square Enix. They need to get back to their roots and really think about who actually plays and appreciates their games ... and make games FOR that demographic.
  • 80 Euro ... nope.
    Demo is 0.25 EUR in Germany for a 16+ game. oO I have seen some F2P games actually having a price tag if they were 18+, as you can only get store credit if you are of age and often you get some in-game goodie as recompensation. But a 16+ demo? Sure looks greedy af.
  • Can't wait to get this on a deep discount, which judging from the reception might be sooner rather than later.
  • This is shaping up to be another colossal flop for SE so expect it to end up at the bottom of the bargain bins in the near future.
  • Square releases shit at the start of the year. This game is no different, it will be the next Babylon’s Fall.

    Not a single person who has played this is happy they bought it. It's joyless, annoying and the main protagonist is just the worst.
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