Forspoken Launch Trailer is All Action and High Fantasy Ahead of Next Week's PS5 Release

Forspoken Launch Trailer is All Action and High Fantasy Ahead of Next Week's PS5 Release

Richard Walker

Square Enix has released a new launch trailer for Forspoken, offering a brief glimpse at the action adventure previously known as ‘Project Athia’.

The video showcases some of the traversal skills and magic protagonist Frey Holland has at her disposal, as she fights to find a way home, having been mysteriously transported to an ancient and fantastical realm.

Forspoken is due to release for PlayStation 5 and PC on 24th January, and if you fancy an early look at what the game is all about, you can take a look at our 20-minute boss fight gameplay below, and download the free demo via the PlayStation Store.

  • Were you playing on easy? The bossess seem really simple (or at least you make it look simple).
  • I loved the demo, so I purchased the game.

    but if I’m honest I have two issues with it.

    firstly the switching between spells feels too convoluted, all the pop up menus break the immersion, and just feel counter intuitive.. that being said, these are systems that I would assume you’d be slowly eased into during the main game, so they may feel more natural.
    In the demo you kinda just have a bit of text to read then you’re thrust into trying to remember what to press.. so I’m expecting this to work out fine in the full game, as you learn systems slowly and become accustomed to using them.

    Secondly… and most importantly… Frey F**king annoys the sh*t out of me.. she has to be the most cringy, annoying, and most unlikable character in gaming history… now I’m hoping that a bit of character development in the main game will at least make her more palatable… but honestly after my first 5 minutes of her inane rambling in the demo, I jumped off the bridge, hoping to see her go splat. She didn’t, in fact I think it made her ramble on even more.
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