Final Fantasy XVI Story to Clock In at Around 35 Hours, 100% Completion to Take 70-80 Hours

Final Fantasy XVI Story to Clock In at Around 35 Hours, 100% Completion to Take 70-80 Hours

Richard Walker

Final Fantasy XVI Director Hiroshi Takai and Producer Naoki Yoshida have revealed how long the latest entry in the storied RPG series will take to complete, stating that a playthrough of the story will take approximately 35 hours.

If you're planning on completing everything to achieve 100%, however, you're looking at a playtime of roughly 70-80 hours. According to Yoshida, a 20-hour runtime had been planned for Final Fantasy XVI, but as more content was added, that completion time inevitably ballooned. Eleven hours of the game is also taken up by cutscenes.

Takai notes - in a chat with Famitsu magazine - that the game will also feature a leaderboard for comparing completion times, if that sort of thing floats your boat.

Final Fantasy XVI will be coming to PlayStation 5 and PC on 22nd June, with an array of accessibility options and New Game+ with various difficulty options. Nice.

[NoviceGamers via PSU]

  • That is around the average of every other mainline FF game (source: howlongtobeat).

    Also 11 hours cutscenes lol getting into MGS territory, that said, excited for this one, hope they learned from the reception of FFXV
  • That’s a good amount of time. Will there be dlc though? After ff15 I’m not sure I’ll be going day 1 on this. Unless it’s actually complete.
  • FF15 was so bad that they give it a good discount in less two months.
  • Also Square Enix is already dead, they even already killed with that FF7 "remake".... (remake my ass)
    and if that was not enough too they trying to make it on parts just to squeeze every money from it.
  • Considering that most RPGs these days require more than 100 hrs to reach 100%, the time estimation of FF16 looks a little short by comparison. I will very likely get the game, though I may wait for a little while, mainly to know whether there are game-breaking issues first.
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