Fallout 76 Atlantic City Release Date Revealed for December

Fallout 76 Atlantic City Release Date Revealed for December

Josh Wise

The upcoming update for Fallout 76, Atlantic City is coming to consoles and PC on 5th December. Bethesda revealed the release date at Tokyo Game Show.

Atlantic City is a two-part update: Boardwalk Paradise will be the first, America's Playground the second. Boardwalk Paradise will feature two new locations for Fallout 76, including a casino!

The game's game's art director, Jonathan Rush, said, "Atlantic City has stacked the deck with new content including new locations, new factions, new creatures, new missions, and new rewards. Plus, a flush casino where our wastelanders can test their luck."

Fallout 76 launched back in 2018. It didn't have the best launch, but the game has since improved, as Bethesda has continued to update it.

In our review of the game, Dan said, “Sure, it's blighted by technical issues and odd design decisions, but there is some fun and mystery to be had here.”

  • Fallout 76 is amazing game now.
    Back then i said "i never buy F76" but after all tweaks and fixes now i play it everyday.
    Great coop game , good not toxic players , battlepass 4free with great skins/stuff.
  • Another sad sign of the state of gaming today when I see more and more often "well, the game was pure trash for a year or two there, but now it's good!"

    Very sad that expecting a game to be in a great state upon release is wishful thinking these days.
  • @Creasy007
    Well and what can i do to prevent that ? Pray for gods ?
    Every game "as service" had problems with launch right now u can see that RIGHT NOW with PAYDAY 3.
    Launch review 70percent , now 37percent and dropping because server crash for few hours.
  • Should have kept that shit and everything like it on PC
  • I think fixing a game in the end instead of just launching it shit and hoping players won't mind is not a bad thing. I mean this update is free again right?
  • @comment 4
    Um what? I'd much rather play this game compared to most of the exclusive titles now.
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