Dead Space Remake Trophy List Points to New 'Alternative Ending'

Dead Space Remake Trophy List Points to New 'Alternative Ending'

Richard Walker

EA's Dead Space remake will be upon us this week, and, it seems that the story will potentially be expanded slightly, with the game's trophy list suggesting that you'll be able to view an ‘alternative ending’.

The trophy (you can view the full list here) titled ‘Reunion’ alludes to “the alternative ending”, which can be seen at any difficulty. In the original 2008 version of Dead Space, there is only one ending, putting a cap on protagonist Isaac Clarke's nightmarish ordeal through the USG Ishimura space station.

What exactly the new alternate ending will entail is anyone's guess (although we have spoilery theories that we obviously won't share here). Be wary that Dead Space footage has leaked on the internet, so there may be spoilers here and there.

Dead Space launches for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on 27th January.

  • One gun trophy only a silver this time..
  • Wonder how to unlock this alternate ending, given it's available on any difficulty.
  • Would have been nice to be surprised by this when playing the game... It's a secret trophy for a reason.
  • Impossible difficulty being permadeath is gonna feel truly impossible if it doesn't allot for saves. No way I have the free time for that sort of thing anymore.
  • Beware of spoilers ... right. I can't remember the last game I played that wasn't spoiled.

    Not from chatter online mind you, but these fucking trophies that require you have a wiki open so you don't screw up your run. Souls games are the worst for this ...

    That said, I'd much rather play a "spoiled" game than have to do multiple additional playthroughs.
  • My guess is the alternative ending being the original one and the game getting a new canonical endign that better ties it to the sequel (or rather its reboot).

    Well, that's on you then, though.
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