Dead Space Remake Out Now for PlayStation 5

Dead Space Remake Out Now for PlayStation 5

Richard Walker

EA and developer Motive Studio have today launched Dead Space, a remake of the classic 2008 sci-fi survival horror, in which hapless engineer, Isaac Clarke, finds himself stranded aboard the USG Ishimura planet cracker vessel. On a Routine mission to repair the ship, Isaac soon finds himself having to endure no end of horrors, alone and trapped.

With the Ishimura's crew slaughtered and Isaac's significant other, Nicole, missing, you'll need to use all of the tools at your disposal (gimme that Plasma Cutter) and make it out alive. The alternative is a grisly end at the spiky appendages of a monstrous Necromorph, so, you'll need to ‘cut off their limbs’, and stave off encroaching insanity.

“When Dead Space launched in 2008, it immediately became a survival horror classic with its iconic sci-fi atmosphere and environmental narrative. Our most important goal in remaking the game almost 15 years later is honouring the legacy of the original, while enhancing it with the power of today’s hardware,” said Sr. Producer Phillippe Ducharme.

“​​If this is your first time stepping into Isaac’s suit, we hope it creates the same, lasting impression that it did for us when we played it in 2008,” he added. “​​If you are a returning player, our wish is to have delivered a game that lives up to your fondest memories, and that you’ll love picking up that Plasma Cutter once again.”

Rebuilt from the ground up using the Frostbite engine, Dead Space includes the voice of Gunner Wright of Dead Space 2 and 3 as Isaac, an alternative ending to discover, new UI map controls, an improved locator, a flesh peeling system to make dismembering Necromorphs even more gratifying, and a host of other enhancements.

Dead Space is out now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, priced $69.99/£69.99, with a Deluxe Edition featuring bonus cosmetic items for $79.99/£79.99. EA Play Pro members can also get the member-only Anodized Suit Texture, and three Unique Suits and two Suit Textures included in the Digital Deluxe Edition.

  • Struggling to not buy this tomorrow. Have you huys got your review coming out later today?
  • Guys*

    Come on admin still no edit button in 2023?
  • Is there no trial or demo whatsoever for EA Play users?
  • The changes to the gameplay within stages and back travel sounds awesome! And it got some update features from the 2nd game which is nice and all for it!
  • looking forward to the ps5 becoming available and affordable so i can play this
  • @5 Depending on where you live, if you live in a western country it is pretty much available every week at the bigger gaming/electronics stores. Affordable tho, that is a different story.
  • @1 Get it bought it’s absolutely fantastic
  • Best gaming purchase I've made in a long, long time.
  • This remake does the original justice. Made me feel like I was playing it back in 2008 again but with the QoL improvements they added from DS2
  • Going to wait a bit because I've got to knock out a long platinum first, but I can't wait to play this!
  • "It was discovered that the game contained race-swapped ads, race-swapped some characters, and turned some homosexual, toned down the gore, and in general made the female characters older and uglier.

    Some bathrooms in the game were labeled to be 'all genders' for no real reason other than to virtue signal to sentient basketballs and fairy dragons.

    Perhaps most heinous was the introduction of an optional 'warning system' (in an M-rated game) that spoils when big moments are going to happen for the sake of those sensitive to graphic or adult content, despite the fact that such a person willingly purchased a game containing said material."
  • Thanks @ Cirative. If anybody wants to see the full article with pics, here it is:

    Should've known something was up and there would be more "changes" when I saw they made Nicole ugly and old. They should have left just everything the same as the original.

    At least the "content warning" thing can be turned off in settings.
  • @cirative & dreadnaught. Are you actually complaining about characters changing race, unisex toilets and posters containing different races?

    What part of that impacts the game?

    The only character that should not change is isaac within the story
  • @ Xenofan ...

    Where am I complaining about anything?

    I just linked the article another user was citing, so that people could see the changes vs. the original.

    Saying that I wish they hadn't changed the original -- which was pretty close to being perfect as a game can be -- is a valid opinion. There is ZERO reason to change anything in that game other than the petty identity and cultural politics of the developers who are standing on the shoulders of people (artists, programmers, writers, etc.) far more talented than they.

    Focusing on the Nicole issue though ... in my understanding of the lore, Isaac is in his mid-40s whereas Nicole was in her mid-30s. I think this was pretty accurately represented, though in the original Dead Space 1, she maybe was a little young-looking for mid-30s ... but not out of the question. The characterization in Dead Space 2 was spot on, however.

    In the remake, Nicole looks like she's in her mid to late 50s, much older and less attractive than the original. And somehow, they've made Isaac look YOUNGER than the original. That makes ZERO sense, other than it is somebody's petty identity politics and wanting to make the "princess" of this game, so to speak, and old hag.

    It is hard to defend anybody changing ANYTHING about the original in terms of characters, art, ship design, etc., in my view. You may disagree, and maybe race-swapping and gender politics excites you. But what I was wanting out of this game is a next-gen realization of the game that I really enjoyed exactly as it was, with quality-of-life improvements.

    This is a reasonable expectation, because it was a true classic, as it was.
  • @dreadnaught-
    Must have misread your message intentions (my bad!)

    Agree on the nicole point entirely (though the story may explain at begging passage or via video logs why she is older).

    Yeah the original is my favourite playstation 3 game and i also loved the second (ea messed up big time with 3 but never played co-op and i fee that would likely have been the best way to play the third game.)

    Im not overly fussed on changes as long as no longer impacts story in this case it doesnt thankfully. As long as the story is good thats all that matters

  • Again we need an edit button
    *RIP missing comma’s
  • To no one surprise, the usual suspects already complaining about DSR with unisex bathrooms, race swap, the graffiti sign about capitalism, and 40 year old Nicole.

    Nicole and Isaac character models are based on their voice actress/actor Tanya Clarke and Gunner Wright.
  • Why would you care that they changed Nicole’s appearance and made Issac look younger. I mean seriously who gives a shit
  • Made Isaac look younger? He looks like an older Adam Sandler with ginger hair. Why the fuck has they gone and done this? Was Isaac's face based of a real model or something which they lost the rights to use?
  • Of course they had to alter the source material with their own world view.

    Jeez... some things never change.

    And those who dare to complain are instantly labeled...
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