Dead Island 2 Goes Gold, is Now Set to Release a Week Earlier Than Planned

Dead Island 2 Goes Gold, is Now Set to Release a Week Earlier Than Planned

Richard Walker

In a move that we're sure is in no way to avoid a release date clash with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Dead Island 2 is now set to release a whole week earlier than previously planned, with the game's 28th April release date now brought forward to 21st April.

“You asked for it, you got it. Dead Island 2 went gold and it's coming out a week early,” developer Dambusters Studios declared from the game's official Twitter account. That puts a nice little buffer between the oft-delayed, long-awaited Dead Island sequel, and Respawn's follow-up to Jedi: Fallen Order.

Dead Island 2 will be taking the zombie apocalypse to the distinctly not-an-island region of Los Angeles on 21st April for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. You'll have your choice of playable survivors, too, which you can find out about in the ‘Meet the Slayers’ trailers here.

  • A week early, cool. Looks like a fun zombie game to play. I hope the missions are interesting. Going to get this day 1. Not sure which character I will play, probably try them all. Lol.
  • Nice!
  • That week definitely makes up for being delayed almost a decade XD
  • Ha. Thats funny. Didnt think about the 10 year delay. I think I had this game on pre order for like 2 years. Back when I got discs from Best Buy for the points. Going to take a day off of work and go Zombie slaying. 3 player online coop seems like the right amount.
  • I am sooo waiting for the reviews :D Sorry, but with that development history I don't think anyone should buy that day one.
  • I pre-ordered the Hell-A edition. Most collector's editions sell out the day they become available. Thanks, 10-year development hell.
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