Capcom Showcase Announced For Next Week

Capcom Showcase Announced For Next Week

Matt Lorrigan

Capcom is the latest video game publisher to announce that it is hosting a digital showcase next week.

In the absence of E3, Capcom is still hosting a new Capcom Showcase in its usual slot, with this particular showcase set to celebrate Capcom's 40th Anniversary, as well as sharing new information about Capcom's “upcoming releases and future titles”.

The Capcom Showcase will take place at 23:00 BST / 15:00 PT on Monday 12th June 2023, with a runtime of around 36 minutes, although exactly what games or announcements to expect have not been revealed.

Given Capcom's excellent track record in recent years, we're hoping the Japanese publisher can surprise and delight us once again. Dino Crisis remake, anyone?

  • Hoping to see Pragmata and Deep Down
  • Dragon's Dogma 2 Release Date and Monster Hunter 6 announcement, please.
  • Dino Crisis pretty please
  • RE4 dlc for sure

    Maybe something about Mega Man from left field
  • Maximo!
  • Would love to see something from Pragmate, it has been too long since the reveal. Also wouldn't mind new Resident Evil and Devil May Cry news.
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