April PlayStation Plus Games Unveiled

April PlayStation Plus Games Unveiled

Richard Walker

April's upcoming PlayStation Plus Monthly Games have been unveiled, serving up another three games from next week. Leading the charge is Dead by Daylight studio Behaviour's Meet Your Maker,  a post-apocalyptic FPS with an emphasis on user-generated content.

PlayStation 5 launch title Sackboy: A Big Adventure provides 3D platforming action for solo or co-op players, complete with local or online party play, and co-op only levels to tackle. And last, but by no means least, is hand-drawn RPG adventure, Tails of Iron, in which you play a Redgi, heir to the Rat Throne.

Essentially a 2D Soulslike, Tails of Iron's combat is punishing, but you'll need to master it if you want to topple the evil Frog Clan and its unscrupulous leader, Greenwart. Meet Your Maker, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and Tails of Iron will all be coming to PlayStation Plus for Essential, Extra, and Premium members from 4th April until 1st May.

That means you've still time to download March's PlayStation  Plus titles - Battlefield 2042, Minecraft Dungeons, and Code Vein.

  • Weak
  • Well, after the last great couple of months Sony just had to remind everyone that crappy games still exist.
  • I do like Sackboy a Big Adventure, but I have no interest in playing any of these games.
  • Tails of Iron is a solid game, if you are into the "souls like" titles.
  • How is getting a brand new game Day 1 on the service crappy and weak in any regard while also getting some decent titles? People really complain about anything. This seems like a decent month, nothing spectacular, I have been curious about trying Sackboy for some fun platforming.
  • sackboy is fun. Tails of iron is fantastic
  • Dont have any of the games. Will give em a try. Just waiting for Dead Island 2 to be released. I had it on pre order back in 2016. Lol.
  • Nice! I’ve had tails of iron in my radar for a while and I’m up for another little big!
  • @apabi Lol have you seen the trailer for that "brand new game"? It will be dead in 6 months.
  • I would have never known about tails of iron otherwise, and after seeing some game play it looks cool. Glad it's a freebie this month, and this is what PS plus should be used for.
  • Already got Sackboy, ah well.
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