DLC Added: Resident Evil 5

Had enough Resident Evil?  No, then good news is in store for you, the trophies for the upcoming DLC sets have been revealed.  There are 10 new trophies in all, bringing the total up to 71.  Remember those flashbacks to some random mansion, you'll get to play that level now in the first set, titled "Lost in Nightmares".  The second set had previously been a mystery, but it appears to be titled "Desperate Escape".  Based on the trophy descriptions, you'll be headed back to Kijuju.  The release dates given from Capcom are February 18 for "Lost in Nightmares" and March 4 for "Desperate Escape" on PSN.  Both release dates are for North America and the EU.  No pricing information is available, but if it turns out to be too much for you, both sets will also be available in the Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition that will be available on March 12, 2010.  Thanks to BeardedBushMan and Pesico for these new trophies.  Click on Read More to see the new trophies.
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