• Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (personal estimate) (Estimated Difficulty)
  • Offline trophies: 34 (16, 12, 5, 1)
  • Online trophies: None, everything can be done locally
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 15-20 hours (Estimated Time)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 + some level replays
  • Number of missable trophies: None, chapter select is available
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty selection
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: None available
  • Extra peripherals needed?: As there are several trophies that require multiple players, you either need a party of up to four players online, or up to four controllers for local co-op.

Zombie Vikings is a sidescroller beat em up, in the veins of good old Double Dragon or River City Ransom, with up to four players in either couch or online co-op, or a mix of both. If you like this type of games with handcrafted graphics, weird physics and glitchy cameras, you will have a blast.

In terms of trophies the game is pretty decent, not too challenging, but you will probably replay levels more than once. Some stuff will require four players, although it's very doable with just two actual players and two idle controllers, or even four controllers if you have patience.


Step 1: Finish the story

Finish all 27 levels at least once. Keep your eyes open for sidequests (A Helping Hand), and try to achieve every level specific trophy when you reach their respective level (Flattened, Nice to Beak You, Space Butterflies, Go Unicorns!, Stealth Tactics, House Cure). You can always come back for these in a later step if you miss them the first time around.

Playing co-op is up to you; just remember that every sidequest rewards will be dispersed between players, and you will have to redo some of these sidequests to earn the rewards. Make sure you and your friends acknowledge that and write down what you miss.

During this step you should earn:

Space Butterflies
Go Unicorns!
Nice to Beak You
Stealth Tactics
House Cure
Zombies Roll-Out!

Step 2: Finish multiplayer related trophies and quest

This step could be swapped or merged with Step 3 at will, but just to make it clear, there are some trophies which requires two or four players. You should take care of them. There is also a sidequest which can be completed with three players but four will make it easier, and make sure you earn the reward yourself.

During this step you should earn:

In My Face
Mid-air Collision
Sharing is Caring
We Call This Pöng
Perks of Being a Zombie
I Hope It Doesn't Stain
You are Not Supposed to be Here
I Can See my House From Here
They Also Use It on New Years Day
Is Such a Thing Even Possible?

Step 3: Finish the remaining quests and miscellaneous trophies

You should have got most of these during Step 1 and 2, but it is time to replay levels if you have missed anything. The first few levels are good enough for kill related trophies, as they have a lot of easy enemies. Complete the Fe stage as well to get the related trophy.

During this step you should unlock:
Are You Sleeping?
Born to Fly
High Level Tactics
Fowl Play
Mighty Blow
A New Beginning
Treasure Hunter
A Helping Hand

Step 4: Unlock the remaining swords and runes

Even after doing all this you will probably fall short on cash to buy everything, so you will have to farm it. Make sure to buy every character specific rune, and check that you aren't missing any weapon tied to sidequests in case you did the quest in co-op.

During this step you should unlock:

Big Spender
Master at Arms
Zombies of the Year

[PST would like to thank GastNDorf for this Roadmap]

Zombie Vikings Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

34 trophies ( 12  16  )

  • Unlock all trophies

    Like every other platinum trophy ever, you have to unlock all trophies to get this one.

  • Have 6 enemies stunned at the same time

    When an enemy is stunned, he has a kind of whirlwind on his head. There are several ways to stun enemies: some attacks specific to characters, or weapons that have the effect. A good way to do this is to equip the weapon Shock and Awe, which stuns any enemy you attack with a sprint attack ( + while running ). Then just find a level which has at least 6 grunts together (the first levels are best for this).

    Here's an example in video, provided by CHEMIC P:

  • Kill an enemy with their own projectile

    A good portion of enemies throw items at you, mostly bombs. Just catch one and throw it back at him. You should get this naturally, as it's the only way to defeat some foes.

  • Revive a friend by throwing both parts into each other mid-air

    (Offline or Online)

    You need at least two players for this, but it's easier with three. When a player dies, his head gets separated from his body and he can't move, he can only vomit. You need to re-attach both parts to revive him. If you are a party of three, just have two players taking one part each, and throw it at each other at the same time. With two players, have both parts stand close to a wall. Throw one against the wall to make it bounce and quickly throw the other.

    Due to the clunkiness of this game's physics, chances are you get this trophy without trying if you throw both parts quickly in the same direction.

  • Defeat an enemy by throwing a friend's head into them

    (Offline or Online)

    You need at least two players for this. When a player dies, his head gets separated from his body and he can't move, he can only vomit. When this happens, take his head and throw it repeatedly on an enemy to kill it.

  • Catch the same enemy three times without them touching the ground

    For this trophy you just have to catch an enemy (you can only catch lightweight ones), then throw it against a wall to make it bounce. Quickly grab it in mid-air and repeat three times to earn the trophy. Keep going at it to also earn Born to Fly while you're at it.

  • Make an enemy bounce on 4 others

    To make an enemy bounce, just throw it on other enemies. You'll know you're successful when you see the enemies took damage. Just get to a group of 5 enemies, grab one and throw it on his friends. This is probably best done in the earlier levels.

  • Keep an enemy airborne for 4 seconds

    For this trophy, you can just throw an enemy to a wall and catch him mid-air when it bounces, then throw it again quickly. See Ball-sense for more details.

  • Strike a frozen enemies back and forth 10 times

    (Offline or Online)

    There are several ways to freeze an enemy. You can throw a snowball at him, which you find in the later, snowy levels, or you can use the sword Freeznir which lets you freeze enemies when you catch them long enough.

    You need at least two people to do this trophy. Have one person freeze an enemy, then leave it on the ground. Strike it towards your friend and let him do the same, then repeat it ten times. It may be cumulative, as my friend and I got the trophy without trying during the confusion of a boss fight.

    Here's an example of what to do provided by CHEMIC P:

  • Have all players hold an enemy before it touches the ground

    (Offline or Online)

    You can do this trophy with only two players. Just grab any enemy and throw it towards your teammate to let him catch it. Alternatively, just let him grab it while you're still holding it.

  • Get revived 50 times

    (Offline or Online)

    When a player dies, his head gets separated from his body and he can't move, he can only vomit. Just die from any hazard and let yourself get revived by your teammates 50 times. If you play the whole game in co-op you may get this trophy naturally. If not, just grind it anywhere, anytime.

  • Have the crushers defeat 10 enemies

    The crushers can be found during the level Berzerker factory. Just as the name suggests, they are big heads that crushes stuff in rhythm on conveyor belts. For this trophy, just lure enemies under them to get them crushed. You have several opportunities during the level, so it shouldn't be a problem.

  • Have Beaknose defeat 10 enemies

    Beaknose is a gigantic bird which only appears in the level The Squawk of Beaknose. He shows up during most of the level and tries to peck on your worm pal. Use this to your advantage by throwing the worm on enemies to let Beaknose hurt them. There are more than enough opportunities during the level to do so.

  • Clear the Tavern Brawl in Richside unscathed

    At the end of the level Beating brats in Richside you will visit a tavern with drunken supporters. After the cinematic, they will try to crush you. This is not an actual fight. You can't beat them at all, so what you have to do for this trophy is to survive long enough to get kicked out. The way to do this is to dodge them (with ) right at the beginning, then run towards the far right of the bar, and then dodge them again when they come at you and run to the far left, and just keep going like this until it ends. You can also jump over them, but I don't recommend it because they could still hurt you mid-air. If you get hurt even once hit, and restart the checkpoint or you will have to do the whole level again.

  • Kill an enemy by throwing a chicken at them

    On a couple of levels you can find chickens hanging around peacefully, and they will escape when you approach them. For this trophy, just grab one of them and throw it repeatedly on any enemy until he dies.

  • Hit a frozen enemy into 5 other enemies

    There are several ways to freeze an enemy. You can throw a snowball at him, which you find in the later, snowy levels, or you can use the sword Freeznir which lets you freeze enemies when you catch them long enough. For this trophy, find a group of at least six enemies, freeze one of them, then kick it with your sword in direction of the others.

  • Win a duel to the undeath

    (Offline or Online)

    You need at least two players for this. When you finish a sidequest, you get rewarded with a sword. But when you play in coop with other people, only one person can get it, and you have to duel to know who will. If you're with a friend he can let you beat him down without fighting back to get this trophy quickly and then let him win the next one.

    Warning: When you finish a sidequest but don't earn the weapon yourself, sometimes you can still buy it afterwards. But some other times, you just won't unlock it at all, but the sidequest will still show as completed on your map which can be problematic to track what you miss. I have no idea whether it's a bug or intended, but in any case I suggest you write down the weapon you missed and which levels they're in, so you can play the levels again.

  • Defeat a boss with zombie vomit

    (Offline or Online)

    Two players are required for this trophy. In order to vomit, you either have to let yourself die so your head falls off, or you can use the vomit run, which lets you vomit while being carried. Proceed with your preferred method, and then find an easy boss like the one in the very first level, fight him until he has low health, and let your friend carry you to properly vomit on the boss until it dies.

  • Perform the 4 player charge attack on the stitch zombie

    (Offline or Online)

    Four players are required here. In many levels you can find a pair of totems with smoke around them; this is a place where you can fuse every player into a big pile of flesh which does monstrous damage. To get this trophy, have all four players fuse together, and do the charge attack. To unleash the charge attack, every player must keep pressing at the same time until all the colored circles on the monster disappear, and release it to do the attack.

  • Kill 3 heavy enemies at the same time

    Heavy enemies are the one you can't grab. For this trophy, you just have to kill three at the same time. You should have get this trophy naturally during your playthrough. It's actually harder to plan it, as those guys have quite a lot of health points. You should ultimately get this during the end boss as there are a lot spawning there, and the boss usually sweeps the terrain to kill everything, which should unlock the trophy for you.

  • Find the super secret developer area

    (Offline or Online)

    You need four players for this trophy. The secret developer area is located in the level Ship of stools. In the level you will slide on a green fluid waterfall, and you can either go to the left or right. Take the left path, open the flesh wall and you will find some kind of contraption.

    Have someone grab a chicken, and then pile the zombies up by grabbing each other so the chicken's bearer can throw it on the target that's next to the ceiling to deploy the first drawbridge. Throw another chicken on the water jet in the middle of the screen, so it gets launched on the drawbridge. Do the same for 3 of your teammates, and do another tower of 3 zombies with the one on top throwing the chicken on the second target. The fourth zombie can gather with the group safely now, and the door with the Zoink symbol engraved on it should open, revealing several chests and the trophy unlocking.

    Here's a video of arrebato26 showing how to do it (with a slightly different method of what's intended):

  • Form a zombie tower of 5 with a guest of your choice

    (Offline or Online)

    You need four players to do this trophy. Simply pile the zombies up by grabbing each other with the one on top holding either an enemy or a peaceful NPC. You will unlock it naturally while going after You are Not Supposed to be Here.

  • Escape the fishturd cannon unschathed with 4 players

    (Offline or Online)

    You can find the fishturd cannon near the end of the level Pinky's secret. After being pursued by an angry mob, you will find yourself in a pit with a clay statue and the mob shooting you with... fishturd? Anyway, all you need to do is to dodge the fishturd falling on you and then grab it to throw it on the statue until it gets destroyed, revealing a secret escape. Just be careful because the fishturd explodes after a while, and the timing varies. Just make sure to never get close to a turd when it starts glowing.

    I can't really confirm this, but it seems you don't need four players to do it. If you play with four, I recommend you only have one people throw the turd, while the others stand in the bottom right corner of the screen; they won't get hurt there. This will save a lot of trouble.

    Here is a video of CHEMIC P doing it solo (but he doesn't unlock the trophy so I can't confirm it works, it works the same with four though):

  • Win against the Butterflies in Söcker without letting the other team score once

    This trophy can be done in Unicorns vs Butterflies. This is a boss stage, but it's actually more like a mini-game. You have to play a match of what could be a mix of soccer and American football, and in order to score you just need to throw the ball in the snake's mouth in the opposite camp. For this trophy, you have to score 10 points while not letting the other team score any. If they score, just restart. Playing with at least two players is strongly advised, with one holding the enemies far from the ball by attacking them, and the other recovering the ball to score. Of course more players will make this easier.

    There's another match in the level Slumming it in Brokeside, but this one doesn't count for the trophy so don't bother.

    Here's a video of CHEMIC P to give you an idea of how to make it through:

  • Complete the secret Fe dream sequence

    Fe is a secret level with totally different content and gameplay compared to the rest of the game. To unlock it, you first need to unlock the legendary pickaxe in Tomb of Bork through natural progression. Then you need to go back to the level Pinky's Secret with the pickaxe equipped. Not far from the beginning there is a branching path that goes to the bottom of the screen (there's a shop with "surf shäck" written on it in the decor at the same place). Destroy the boulder at the end of the path to access a sidequest. Finish it (you need to lure a big guy enemy to the cauldron using water jets). Now finish the level to unlock the Fe stage.

    All you need to do in this level is to finish it: walk on the frozen lake to trigger a cinematic, climb a kind of mountain path filled with monsters up to the summit in order to plant a seed which grows into a tree, climb the tree and bump into the creatures' cage to free them.

    Here's a video provided by CHEMIC P showing how to unlock the level and finish it:

  • Complete the gnome cave without ever being detected

    This can be done at the end of the level Gnomes of Loothood: you know you're at the right place when the gnomes start a sort of tribal chanting. All you have to do is to recover a key the gnomes hold without being touched by the spotlights. If you get touched, the spotlight will glow red. There are three sequences to do, with checkpoints at the start of each, so if you miss one you can restart the checkpoint anytime without losing progress. Sometimes you won't see the red glow because you touched it really quickly, so if you have any doubts it's safer to restart, or you might have to replay the whole level again.

  • Spend a total of 30.000 gold in the store

    You will unlock this while going after Master at Arms and Runemaster as you need about 35000 gold to buy everything.

    The best way to farm gold is to repeat the level HMS Serpentanic, in which you can win about 1000 gold at each go; equip Lootnir for better effects (+10% gold).

  • Defeat the Common Cold without hitting him with your sword

    Common Cold is a boss found at the end of Common Cold Mountain; he looks like a burly badger with a ridiculously big nose. For this trophy you can't use your sword at all during battle, but special abilities ( ) are fine. But the best and fastest way is to lure the boss in the lava to the right of the arena while he is sliding on his chest, which will make him take a lot of damage.

  • Finish the Berzerker Factory without one player touching a conveyor belt

    (Offline or Online)

    You need at least two players for this trophy. If you have played the level, you will indeed wonder if such a thing is even possible, although it is. The trick is to read the description in the most literal way possible: only one person can't walk on conveyor belts, but all his teammates are free to do so. As such, you have to designate at the start who will do so, and carry him safely through the conveyor belts. Later in the level there will be enemies on the belts, I advise you just dodge them until you pass the belt, and then start fighting. Of course with more players, they can help clean the enemies out. If the carried zombie falls on a belt for some reason, just hit restart at checkpoint; it won't void the trophy.

    Once you finished the trophy, every teammate should earn the trophy, as long as only one character did not touch the conveyor belt. A good rune to use here is the one giving you more speed while carrying a teammate.

    This is a video from Tim Malouff showing you how he did it:

  • Finish the story!

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    For this trophy, you have to finish all 27 levels in the game. See trophy A Helping Hand for a list.

  • Unlock all weapons

    (Offline or Online)

    You have to unlock and buy every weapon to earn this trophy. You will unlock weapons either through natural progression or as a sidequest reward. The characters also have their own starting weapon. See A Helping Hand to see where to unlock some of them. One of the weapons, Gnominicon is rewarded from a sidequest that needs at least three players; see A Helping Hand.

    Here's a visual list of weapons provided by Miss Cassiopria:

  • Unlock all runes

    You have to unlock and buy every rune. And just like the weapons, you unlock runes through natural progression or as a side quest reward. The only rune you get as a quest reward is the charge rune; the rest are unlocked in the store for finishing levels. Some runes are character specific, so check each character if you are missing any runes.

    Note: If you don't unlock the rune of Mastery after you finish the game, it could be related to playing coop. If that's the case, beat the end boss again solo, which should make it available for sale.

  • Complete all sidequests in the game

    (Offline or Online)

    Most levels have a sidequest in it, which is given to you by NPCs of all sorts. You can recognize them by the black square with an exclamation point in it over their head. Most of them aren't directly in your way, so keep your eyes open for branching paths. Quests consist in solving a puzzle, bringing back an item, fighting, etc. You will be rewarded with a weapon or a rune for free, although if you play in co-op you have to beat your teammates to earn it (see Holmgang).

    You'll know you've finished a sidequest when the level has a crown above it on the map, or else it will say there's a sidequest remaining.

    Here is a list of levels, how to beat some tricky sidequests and what you earn. The list is non-exhaustive because the info was gathered after I beat the game. Feel free to share if you have info not shown here.

    Level 1: Rise From Gravethorp: bring back a skeleton to his grave further in the level -> Rest in pieces
    Level 2: Boss - Escape From The Maggot King
    Level 3: King Fluffy's Snugglery: bring back the cat's ribbon -> Plaguenir
    Level 4: Mew York: Escort the blind witch to his "cat" further in the level -> Stinknir
    Level 5: BonBon Bog: Bring the giant cat under the bridge a barrel of cats -> Kitty popnir
    Level 6: Boss - Molgaga's Crib
    Level 7: Unwelcome To Fishgaard: Lure the monster out of the sea with meat, then cut the duck on his head -> blunt fish trauma
    Level 8: Inky - Pinky's Secret: Lure the tough guy to the cauldron -> Unlocks the Fe dream sequence
    Level 9: Jerkbait Beach: grab the submarine out of the water with Seagurd's special ability -> Fishstyx
    Level 10: Boss - High Tides At The North Sea
    Level 11: Beating Brats In Richside: collect five pokegnome cards found in barrels, targets... -> Charge rune
    Level 12: Slumming It In Brokeside: Reach the target, you need at least three players -> Gnominicon
    Level 13: Boss - Unicorns VS Butterflies
    Level 14: The Mushroom Mines: ??? -> Blastnir
    Level 15: Tomb Of Bork: Bring back a skull to Yorick (this is not one of the mummy heads which are key items) -> Legbreaker
    Level 16: Berzerker Factory
    Level 17: One Too Many For Ramona
    Level 18: Gorki's Backyard
    Level 19: The Squawk Of Beaknose: Bring an egg to the giantess, the egg is next to her on the left, you can only move it with Seagurd's special ability -> Giant's Nail (Aka Naglnir)
    Level 20: Boss - End Of The World Lagoon
    Level 21: HMS Serpentanic: burst the piñata by throwing anything at it -> undead swordfish
    Level 22: Ship Of Stools: retrieve the four scouts and bring them to their second tent -> Knot sword
    Level 23: Gnomes Of Loothood: Race against a gnome, careful of the snowballs, you have only one try -> Lootnir
    Level 24: Gates Of Hellheim: Bring three snowballs, one is next to him, another in the upper right corner, the last one down the cliff -> Freeznir
    Level 25: Common Cold Mountain: freeze the enemy with his own snowball and throw it in the giant cocktail -> Bloody Martin
    Level 26: Peaks Of Pain
    Level 27: Boss - We Are All Going To Hell

  • Open 25 chests

    You should unlock this trophy during your first playthrough, but keep in mind this is one of the only trophies you have to do by yourself, meaning that if a teammate opens a chest it won't count towards your 25. If you don't have this after finishing the game, you should get it while going after Big Spender, as the HMS Serpentanic has several chests in it.

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