Gun Shop Trophy in Zombie Apocalypse

  • Gun Shop


    Kill at least one zombie with each weapon type in any game mode

    How to unlock Gun Shop

    There are 11 different types of weapons. The Machine Gun, Hunting Rifle, Flamethrower, Minigun, Dual Uzis, Molotov Cocktail, Shotgun, Chainsaw, Grenade Launcher, Rocket launcher, and Zombie Bait. All of the guns will spawn some time within your gameplay. You start out with the machine gun and that is your primary weapon, so you will ofcourse get kills with that. Guns spawn by a blue circle on the ground, the gun will be inside the circle. Run over it to pick up that weapon. You will be able to use that weapon till the ammo runs out. You just need to get one kill with each weapon, so you will most likely get this throughout your gameplay. By day 29, you should get it.

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  • The bear is not needed for this trophy at all my friend has never thrown the bear because of the R2 button being broken and unusable and the L2 lol he hit 29 started using the minigun and it popped.

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