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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Estimated Trophy Difficulty)
  • Offline trophies: 0
  • Online trophies: 11 (5, 5, 1) (Estimated Time to 100%)
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 10+ hours (varies depending on skill and willingness to purchase packs)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: At least 30 ranked duels, most likely more
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: You must duel in Ranked or Event Duels

Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh master Duel, Konami's online version of the TCG. The game is free to download but you can buy gems with money to purchase more card packs or other cosmetic items for your card sleeves, field, and Mates. You do not have to spend money as you can disassemble cards to purchase specific cards you want. Feel free to take your time to slowly progress to a deck you want. You will more than likely need 3 different decks to get all the trophies in the game as they have very specific themes and no deck can really do all the tasks required to 100% the trophies.

  • Play through Solo to get as close to 10,000 gems as possible.
  • Start by purchasing the bundle deals as the guarenteed cards in there are quite good.
  • Using the packs you unlock with the Bundle Deals start creating a deck.
  • Recommend working on the Tribute Summons first in lower rank as when you get into higher rank the free Monarch deck you get is not that good.
  • If you need a specific Secret Pack build 1 SR card from the pack with your SR card points to unlock the pack then use your gems to buy packs.
The game can be auto popped if you have already played it on Steam and have the achievements. You just need to link the Steam Account Data to your Sony account. If you started an account on the PS4 or PS5 you will not be able to Link the steam data to your Sony account and will need to start from scratch. If you do link it you will need to perform each action once for the game to register that you have done the amount required. Which means the only two trophies you need to do entirely over are Chain Blazer trophy_bronze.png  and Ultra Burst trophy_silver.png. The rest you just need to do 1 of. To Greater Heights trophy_gold.png should unlock once you do a single ranked duel even if you aren't in Plainum rank at the time.


Step 1: Introduction and Solo Mode

When you start up the game you will have to go through a small introduction of Yu-Gi-Oh and pick a deck to start of as your deck. They aren't very good so it doesn't really matter which you choose. Then start playing through solo mode to get more cards and gems to purchase card packs.

Trophies earned this step:
Welcome to MASTER DUEL trophy_bronze.png

Step 2: Build a deck and start playing in Ranked and go for Platinum Rank
I would recommend building the Sky Striker deck as it is quite good and learning it after getting your 20 Tribute summons with the Monarch deck. Once you have the Sky Striker deck you should be able to fairly easily get to Platinum V rank once you learn the deck.

Trophies earned this step:
Come Forth... trophy_bronze.png
Master of Special Summoning trophy_bronze.png
Chain Blazer trophy_bronze.png
Let's Duel! trophy_bronze.png
Beginner No More trophy_silver.png 
Master of Spells & Traps trophy_silver.png 
Ultra Burst trophy_silver.png
Necromancer trophy_silver.png
To Greater Heights trophy_gold.png

Step 3: Cleanup
At this point, if you built the Sky Striker deck, you should have everything except Burn It All. Build the Trickstar Deck and use the decks card effects to deal the effect damage to your opponent. Also if you didn't get any of the trophies in the last step you should get them here now.

Burn It All trophy_silver.png

Congrats on the 100%

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Trophy Guide

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11 trophies ( 5  )

  • Register the player name

    After doing the tutorial, you will be prompted to make a player name. This can be changed at any point so it doesn't really matter what you choose.
  • Tribute Summon a total of 20 or more monsters in Ranked/Event Duels

    The two styles of decks that mainly use Tribute Summoning are Monarchs and True Draco. The one you decide to use is up to you. Other decks can have the option to tribute summon but they are not the main way those decks function. The deck below is a not very good version of a Monarch deck but it should get you the 20 Tribute Summons fairly easily without much resources used.

    Low Budget Monarchs:
    Edea the Heavenly Squire x3
    Eidos the Underworld Squire x3
    Zaborg the Thunder Monarch x2
    Anchamoufrite x3
    Mobius the Frost Monarch x2
    Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch x2
    Granmarg the Rock Monarch x2
    Raiza the Storm Monarch x2
    Caius the Shadow Monarch x2
    Reinforcement of the Army x1
    Double Summon x3
    Card Advance x3
    Return of the Monarchs x3
    Reinforce Truth x3
    Infinite Impermanence x1
    The Monarchs Erupt x3
    The Prime Monarch x2
  • Special Summon a total of 50 or more monsters in Ranked/Event Duels

    Most decks have the ability to special summon creatures as that is the way to get out more than one creature a turn for most decks. See Necromancer trophy_silver.png for the Sky Striker deck that can special summon quite often.
  • Make a Chain of 5 or more effects (including both players have activated) in a Ranked/Event Duel

    When a card or creature effect is activated, there is the opportunity for the chain to keep going. You will want to get a 5 chain that involves both players. This will probably come naturally going for Platinum rank but if not, check out Necromancer trophy_silver.png for the Sky Striker deck or Burn It All trophy_silver.png for the Trickstar deck (Trickstar can easily hit 5+ on its own but needs the opponent to also do something).
  • Declare attack to monsters 100 or more times in Ranked/Event Duels

    Most of the time when you go to attack, you will need to attack a creature to be able to then attack their life points directly. Some creatures can bypass the opponents creatures and just attack directly. This will come naturally while going for To Greater Heights trophy_gold.png.
  • Duel in Standard 30 times or more in Ranked Duels

    Duel a total of 30 times in Ranked Duels, you do not have to win. Will come naturally when going for To Greater Heights trophy_gold.png.
  • Activate 100 or more Spell/Trap Card in Ranked/Event Duels

    Most decks use some amount of spells and trap cards. This will come naturally when going for To Greater Heights trophy_gold.png.
  • Defeat your opponent by dealing more than 4000 damage at a time in a Ranked/Event Duel

    For this, you will need to have the killing blow of your opponent do more than 4000 damage at once. The easiest way is with Accesscode Talker in the Sky Striker deck. See Necromancer trophy_silver.png for the deck list.
  • Special Summon 50 or more monsters from the Graveyard in Ranked/Event Duels

    Some cards allow you to special summon monsters from the graveyard, Monster Reborn being the most notible one. The Sky Strikers deck has an ability to bring back a monster when one of your Link creatures is destroyed which will get you this fairly quickly. The following deck is fairly expensive to make so will add in some alternatives incase you cannot create the full deck.

    Sky Stikers:
    Effect Veiler x2
    Maxx "C" x3
    Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit or Lightning Storm x1
    Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x3
    Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion or Cosmis Cyclone x2
    Sky Striker Ace - Raye x3
    Sky Striker Ace - Roze x2
    Nibiru, the Primal Being x1
    Raigeki x1
    Harpie's Feather Duster x1
    Monster Reborn x1
    Reinforcement of the Army x1
    Terraforming x1
    Pot of Avarice x1
    Sky Striker Mobilize - Engage! x2
    Sky Striker Maneuver - Afterburners! x2
    Sky Striker Maneuver - Jamming Waves! x1
    Sky Striker Airspace - Area Zero x2
    Sky Striker Mecha Modules - Multirole x2
    Called by the Grave or D.D. Crow x2
    Sky Striker Mecha - Hornet Drones x1
    Sky Striker Mecha - Widoe Anchor x2
    Sky Striker Mecha - Eagle Booster x1
    Sky Striker Mecha - Shark Cannon x2

    Sky Striker Ace - Kagari x1
    Sky Striker Ace - Shizuku x3
    Sky Striker Ace - Hayate x3
    Sky Striker Ace - Kaina x1
    Crystron Halqifibrax x1
    Knightmare Phoenix x1
    Sky Striker Ace - Zeke x2
    Knightmare Unicorn x1
    Selene, Queen of Master Magicians x1
    Accesscode Talker x1
  • Deal a total of 100K or more damage with card effects in Ranked/Event Duels

    Card Effect damage is not usually very good as you need a couple specific cards for it to work properly. Below is the Trickstar Archtype which can burn your opponent from 8000 lifepoints to 0 on turn 1 if things go well for you.

    Droll & Lock Bird x3
    Maxx "C" x3
    Trickstar Lilybell x2
    Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x3
    Trickstar Lycoris x3
    Trickstar Candina x3
    Trickstar Narkissus x3
    Trickstar Corobane x2
    Harpie's Feather Duster x1
    Terraforming x1
    Pot of Desires x3
    Trickstar Festival x2
    Trickstar Light Stage x1
    Trickstar Live Stage x2
    Dark Room of Nightmare x3
    Called by the Grave x2
    Trickstar Reincarnation x1
    Infinite Impermanence x2

    Trickstar Bloom x3
    Trickstar Holly Angel x3
    Trickstar Black Catbat x1
    Trickstar Crimson Heart x1
    Trickstar Divaridis x2
    Trickstar Foxglove Witch x3
    Trickstar Bella Madonna x2
  • Reach the Platinum rank or higher in Standard

    You must get to Platinum V rank. The ranks in Master Duel are Rookie -> Bronze -> Silver -> Gold -> Platinum -> Diamond. As you go up the ranks, you will most likely face better and better decks. The Sky Striker deck in Necromancer trophy_silver.png is one of the better meta decks and will be able to get you to platinum easily.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Trophy GUIDE FAQ

  • What is the estimated trophy difficulty for Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel?
    The estimated trophy difficulty for Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel is 3/10.
  • How many offline trophies are there in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel?
    There are 0 offline trophies in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel.
  • How many online trophies are there in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel?
    There are 11 online trophies in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel.
  • How long does it take to get the platinum in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel?
    The estimated time to get a platinum in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel is 10+ hours.
  • How many playthroughs is needed to get a platinum in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel?
    At least 30 ranked duels, most likely more.
  • How many missable trophies are there in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel?
    There are 0 missable trophies in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel?
    You must duel in Ranked or Event Duels.
  • Are there any unobtainable/glitched trophies in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel?
    There are no unobtainable/glitched trophies in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel.

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