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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 38 (19trophy_bronze.png, 15trophy_silver.png, 3trophy_gold.png, 1trophy_platinum.png)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 80hrs+ (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 + Premium Adventure
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: There is a Japanese version but the list is very different.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No
  • Additional peripherals required?: No
Yakuza: Like a Dragon (known in Japan as Ryū ga Gotoku 7: Hikari to Yami no Yukue) is the 8th numbered entry into the Yakuza series. This game takes a major departure from the standards and norms of the Yakuza series. Featuring a brand new protagonist and a new turn-based battle system, Yakuza: Like a Dragon almost acts as a soft reboot to the series. In this game you will follow the adventures of Ichiban Kasuga, a Yakuza with a strong sense of family and brotherhood, who becomes involved in a number of strange and tragic events that all have a connection to each other. You will play as Kasuga as he sets off on his own personal adventure to solve the various mysteries around him and become a hero. In terms of the trophies, you are looking at one of the easier titles in the franchise. This game features many of the minigames and substories that Yakuza is known for, but this trophy list does not require you to do absolutely everything. The trophy list will have you dabble in almost all aspects of the game while only having you fully complete a few of them. However, the Western version of the game differs from the Japanese version in one major way. The True Final Millennium Tower was an extra dungeon later added to the Japanese version for an enhanced challenge. In the Western version, the True Final Millennium has been already added to the game without the need to download and is also a requirement for the platinum. This trophy is the only one that will require serious effort as you will need to spend quite a few hours grinding in order to have the necessary stats to get through it.
Step 1: Complete the game
Take this time to enjoy the story and familiarize yourself with the area of Isezaki Ijincho. Feel free to do any substories you come across and work towards other trophies as well. I recommend taking the time to do the business management minigame when you unlock it because it is a great way to earn a lot of money while working towards trophies. There are several trophies tied to you completing it so you’re not really losing out on anything by doing it. Either way, simply complete all 15 chapters of the game to unlock Premium Adventure mode.
Trophies Earned in this step:
  • For the Family trophy_bronze.png
  • Rock Bottom trophy_bronze.png
  • Heroes and Villains trophy_bronze.png
  • Soap on a Rope trophy_bronze.png
  • Smoked trophy_bronze.png
  • Ignition trophy_bronze.png
  • Three Spiders  trophy_bronze.png
  • The Statesman trophy_bronze.png
  • Time to Talk trophy_bronze.png
  • Illuminations trophy_bronze.png
  • The Dragon Stirs trophy_bronze.png
  • End of an Era trophy_bronze.png
  • Fate of Our Fathers trophy_bronze.png
  • The Torch is Passed trophy_bronze.png
  • Thank You trophy_silver.png
  • Stories to Tell trophy_bronze.png
  • Friends in Low Places trophy_bronze.png
  • Friends on the Force trophy_bronze.png
  • Friends Like Sisters trophy_bronze.png
  • Friends With Familiar Faces trophy_bronze.png
  • Friends in the Gang trophy_bronze.png
  • Friends from Work trophy_bronze.png
  • Awakening Dragon trophy_bronze.png
  • Rising Dragon trophy_bronze.png
  • Like a Dragon trophy_bronze.png
  • Sound Character trophy_bronze.png
  • Professional trophy_bronze.png
  • Master of Trades trophy_bronze.png
  • Jack of all Trades trophy_silver.png
  • Romance of the 10 Pieces trophy_bronze.png
  • Romancing the Forge trophy_bronze.png
  • Gear Fanatic trophy_bronze.png
  • Gear Hoarder trophy_bronze.png
  • I Wanna Be the Very Best trophy_bronze.png
  • Gotta Catch 'Em All trophy_bronze.png
  • Heir to the Legend trophy_bronze.png
  • Make that Money trophy_bronze.png
  • New Digs! trophy_bronze.png
  • Presidential Power trophy_bronze.png
  • Aggressive Executive trophy_bronze.png
  • Man About Town trophy_bronze.png
  • Fight on the Sidewalk! trophy_bronze.png
  • Treasure Displeasure trophy_bronze.png
Step 2: Clean up all miscellaneous trophies other than the True Final Millennium Tower
This step is essentially the clean up step. This might seem odd considering you need to do the True Final Millennium Tower but doing everything else will increase your level and job ranks to ultimately lessen the grind later on. Take this time to pretty much do everything the game has to offer including the Final Millennium Tower. After beating the Final Millennium Tower, you will unlock the True Final Millennium Tower. Make sure to complete all Dragon Kart races, complete the Business Management minigame (if you didn’t follow my advice to beat it during your story playthrough), raise your Part-Time Hero rank to Executive Hero, max all bonds, complete at least 10 vocational tests, and everything else that the trophy list requires you to do. Thankfully, things like the dragon kart races, intimate relationships and much of the other random tasks the trophy list asks you to do, are part of substories. So they will all count toward the 40 substories you need for the trophy. I recommend to wait before focusing on the trophy for maxing all personality traits as many of the other tasks you complete will result in stat gains. While intimate relationships require a maxed personality trait, you will likely have 2 or more maxed while completing substories and other tasks.
Trophies Earned in this step:
  • Stories to Live trophy_bronze.png
  • Stories of the Streets trophy_bronze.png
  • Food for Thought trophy_bronze.png
  • A New Legend trophy_bronze.png
  • A New Hero trophy_bronze.png
  • Ryu Ga Gotoku trophy_bronze.png
  • Super Human trophy_bronze.png
  • Job Hopper trophy_bronze.png
  • Life Experiences trophy_bronze.png
  • Career Counseling trophy_bronze.png
  • Pound It trophy_bronze.png
  • Fulfiller of Dreams trophy_silver.png
  • Certified Genius trophy_bronze.png
  • Pop the Cork trophy_bronze.png
  • Can Quest Hero trophy_bronze.png
  • Sleep Sheep Slapper trophy_bronze.png
  • Playing with Fire trophy_bronze.png
  • Honk-Honk Hero trophy_bronze.png
Step 3: Grind jobs to max for your party & complete the True Final Millennium Tower

Sadly, this is where your progress with the game will come to a standstill. In order to prepare for the True Final Millennium Tower, you will need to grind almost all jobs to max level for each of your party members. This is because the enemies are extremely rough which means you will need the permanent stat boosts from each maxed out job in order to survive. Look under Victory of the Millennium for a great grinding spot. Once your characters are properly leveled, go ahead and enter the Millennium Tower from the back which is the entrance to the True Final Millennium Tower. Clear the tower in order to claim your platinum trophy.
Trophies Earned in this step:
  • Victory of the Millennium trophy_gold.png
  • The New Dragon trophy_platinum.png

Yakuza Like A Dragon Trophy Guide

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63 trophies ( 58  19  )

  • Obtained all trophies.

    Congratulations! You've leveled up and became the hero you knew you could always be!
  • Completed 10 substories.

    See Stories of the Streets
  • Completed 20 substories.

    See Stories of the Streets
  • Completed 40 substories.

    In Yakuza, side missions come in the form of substories. When you see a white chat box on your map, that means there is a substory you can begin. A blue chat box indicates a substory in progress, and the location you need to go to progress it. Substories can involve regular fights, fetch quests, or even random minigames. If you plan on going for the platinum, you will likely earn this naturally because many things like Dragon Kart, intimate relationships, and other trophies are part of substories. There are a total of 52 substories, you only need to complete 40 of them for this trophy.
  • Maxed Nanba's Bond Level.

    Nanaba joins your party in chapter 3.
    You can strengthen bonds with characters by doing activities with them or by fighting with them in your party. The max bond level for all characters is 5, and you can check the bond status by checking the party tab in the pause menu. When a character is missing 20 points, you will not be able to gain any more bond points for them. To move to the next rank, you have to go to Survive Bar and talk to them to advance their personal story. Once you speak to them, you will automatically receive the 20 points and move to the next rank. Repeat this for levels 2-5 in order to max them out. This can be done easily if you have money to blow. Going to the hostess clubs like Lin Lin or Rose Blossom allows you to get massive amounts of bond points. If you max out the happiness meter for the hostesses you pick, you will gain a lot of affection for the party members you bring with you.  You can repeat this consecutive times for fast bond gains. Be aware that you only bond with Eri through the business management minigame, so do not bother doing any activities with her unless you just want to see dialogue.
  • Maxed Adachi's Bond Level.

    Adachi joins your party in chapter 2.
    See Friends in Low Places to read more about maxing bonds easier
  • Maxed Saeko's Bond Level.

    Saeko joins your party in chapter 5.
    See Friends in Low Places to read more about maxing bonds easier
  • Viewed more than 20 Table Talk scenes.

    Table Talk scenes are dialogue exchanges between the playable characters inside restaurants. In order to trigger one, you have to actually order off the menu as opposed to simply ordering the recommendation. I recommend focusing on this after you have acquired all party members so you have access to all Table Talks. Not all places offer Table Talks and Table Talks are only triggered by certain food orders so just keep buying all items on the menu whenever you arrive at a restaurant you have not eaten at. However, some places like Le Nouveau Hama and Eomeoni's Vow offer multiple Table Talks so if you get one, try again to see if you get another. There are a total of 30 Table Talks but you only need 20 to earn this trophy.
  • Raised Part-time Hero Member Rank to Senior Hero.

    Senior Hero is reached after obtaining 75 stars.
    See A New Hero for more information about Part-time Hero quests
  • Raised Part-time Hero Member Rank to Executive Hero.

    Part-time hero unlocks in chapter 5 through a substory. Once you join Part-time Hero, you will gain access to missions that will increase your rank, and challenges that will increase your personality traits. Missions will award you with stars, and when you collect enough stars, your rank will increase. In order to reach Executive Hero, you will need a total of 300 stars. You will definitely have to go out of your way to reach that amount because even doing all of the toilet paper quests, cat finding quests, kappa statues quest and marked rescue missions will not be enough. You will have to do a decent amount of the reportable rescue and support quests. Therefore you will have to defeat a certain amount of enemies to complete the rescue quest then report to a Part-time hero representative and/or acquire the listed items for a support quest then turn them in to a Part-time Hero representative. I highly suggest going for the support quests because theyre less time consuming than hunting down specific enemies. Support quests have you looking for things you can easily acquire by just finding them randomly, winning them from UFO catcher, having the manager of Survive Bar make them or buying them directly from stores. One great resource to use is shockinblue's Yakuza 7 Part-time hero guide from GameFAQs: Yakuza 7 Support Quests Guide. He made a fantastic guide that lists locations for the toilet paper quests, cat finding quests, kappa statues, and even where to find the specific items for the support quests. (Credit to shockinblue from GameFAQs)
  • Reached level 10 with Kasuga.

    See Ryu Ga Gotoku
  • Reached level 30 with Kasuga.

    See Ryu Ga Gotoku
  • Reached level 50 with Kasuga.

    See Ryu Ga Gotoku
  • Reached level 70 with Kasuga.

    To acquire this trophy you will have to reach player level 70 with Kasuga (Not job rank). Once you beat the game, you will likely be close to this because the final boss of the game is level 60, and the game hits a big difficulty spike in chapter 12 that will likely force you to level up to the mid-50s. If you plan on earning the platinum, you are going to naturally reach player level 99 (max level) since the True Final Millennium Tower will require several jobs maxed out, and player level is shared throughout jobs. A nice grinding spot for chapter 12 is the Sotenbori Battle Arena, but if you have beaten the game already, then you will want to grind levels in the Kamurocho Underground Sewers by defeating the Invested Vagabond on floor B2F.
  • Raised one of Kasuga's personality stats to max.

    See Super Human
  • Raised all of Kasuga's personality stats to max.

    The game will introduce you to Kasuga's personality stats which increase by selecting certain dialogue choices, performing various activities, and completing Part-time Hero challenges. Part-time Hero challenges are going to be the key to getting this trophy done. Make sure you focus on almost all other trophies first outside of ones like the intimate relationships (since they require a maxed personality stat) and the True Final Millennium Tower. This is because as you do the various substories and minigames, you will naturally complete challenges which earn you points towards your personality traits. Once you've done everything else, I suggest going to the Ounbara Vocational School and completing all of the exams. These exams are a quick way to get a nice amount of points towards multiple personality stats. If you've finished all exams and are still needing points, you can either check Part-time Hero challenges or you can farm Honk-Honk locations. You'll likely have way more money than you'll need so they should be a viable option. For example, the Honk-Honk man behind Sunlight Palace increases all stats by 10 for 100,000 Yen. So depending on the stats you need to max, you can farm specific Honk-Honk people by moving between their locations via taxi. Loading the map resets them and gives them a chance to spawn if they haven't. Unfortunately, you cannot use them consecutively, so you must use them once, then reload until they appear again. Once all personality stats are maxed at level 10, you will earn this trophy.
  • Changed Kasuga to three different jobs other than his starting job.

    See Life Experiences
  • Changed Kasuga to eight different jobs other than his starting job.

    You can earn this after reaching level 20 and having level 3 style, level 3 charisma, level 5 kindness, level 5 passion, level 7 intellect, and level 7 confidence. When you are first introduced to job change, you only have a limited number of options. Increasing player level and personality stats will grant Ichiban access to the rest of them. Once you have the required stats, just go to Hello Work and swap between all jobs consecutively to earn this trophy. The jobs that count are Enforcer, Fortuneteller, Host, Chef, Bodyguard, Breaker, Foreman, and Musician. Freelancer and Hero do not count because they are Ichiban's default jobs.
  • Changed all four party members to jobs different from their default jobs and won a battle.

    You can do this immediately after being introduced to job changes at Hello Work. Everyone starts with 1-2 alternate jobs they can swap to. Simply make sure all party members swap to a non default job, then win 1 battle to earn this trophy. 
  • Raised 1 job's rank to max.

    See Jack of All Trades
  • Raised 3 jobs' ranks to max.

    See Jack of All Trades
  • Raised 7 jobs' ranks to max.

    This trophy is a bit misleading due to the fact that the western version of Yakuza 7 has certain DLC and updates already added to the game. The requirements for this trophy follow the Japanese version which means a job is considered "maxed" at level 30. This trophy also counts for all party members. If you are going for the Platinum and max out all character bonds relatively early, you will likely get this naturally because having max bonds means even backup party members earn normal amounts of job exp and player exp. Since there are 7 characters, just having one job at level 30 per character will award you this trophy. Either way, once you have a total of 7 jobs at level 30 between all characters, you will earn this trophy.
  • Made 10 pieces of gear at Romance Workshop.

    The game will introduce you to Romance Workshop which is a place you can enhance and create gear for your party. The trophy description is a bit misleading because you do not have to only make new gear for it to count, enhancing gear counts as well. Simply create and/or enhace 10 pieces of gear to earn this trophy. I feel it's worth mentioning that items like Ichiban's hero bat and Zhao's default sword are some of the best weapons if you enhance them.
  • Fully upgraded Romance Workshop's equipment.

    When you go to Romance Workshop there is an option to fund the workshop to increase it's level. The max level is 4 which will earn you this trophy. Romance workshop starts at level 1 and upgrades to level 2 with 200,000 Yen, level 3 with 2,000,000 and level 4 with 20,000,000 Yen. This means you will need to donate a total of 22,200,000 Yen to earn this trophy. This amount is easily acquired throught the business management minigame.
  • Collected over 100 pieces of gear.

    See Gear Hoarder
  • Collected over 200 pieces of gear.

    You will likely earn this trophy naturally as long as you actually pick up items you find in dungeons. There is also no need to sell gear because you will earn massive amounts of money if you do the business management minigame in chapter 5. I barely looked for items and I still earned this trophy before beating the game. You can buy gear from shops, make them at Romance Workshop, find them in dungeons and throughout the city and earn some as rewards from quests. Head pieces, body pieces, foot pieces and accessories all count toward this trophy. Simply collect over 200 pieces of gear to earn this trophy. 
  • Registered over 100 Sujimon to the Sujidex.

    See Gotta Catch 'Em All
  • Registered over 200 Sujimon to the Sujidex.

    You will likely earn this trophy naturally as you progress through the story. You are introduced to Sujimon and the Sujidex in chapter 4. This is a clear parody of Pokemon and involves you defeating enemies and registering them to your Sujidex. As long as you do not actively avoid fights for the entirety of the game, you will get this. There are a total of 252 Sujimon, and all enemies count towards the Sujidex including bosses. As soon as you defeat an enemy, it is registered to the Sujidex and counts toward this trophy. Simply register 200 out of 252 Sujimon to earn this trophy.
  • Called for Poundmates 30 times.

    You will be introduced to Poundmates in chapter 4. Poundmates is an app you will download to your phone that acts as a summon during battles. On Ichiban's turn you can press square.png and then triangle.png to call Poundmates. You must then pay for a Poundmate who will  appear and perform an action that may either hurt enemies or help the party. You can unlock more Poundmates by going through the story and by completing substories. To unlock this trophy you only need to call a total of 30 Poundmates. They do not have to be different Poundmates, so you can call the same Poundmate 30 times if you wish. Just be aware, that there is a turn cooldown period before you can call the same Poundmate again.
  • Beat the Sotenbori Battle Arena.

    You will arrive in Sotenbori in chapter 12. Through the story, you will be introduced to the Sotenbori Battle Arena where you can battle through to earn nice prizes. The arena only has 30 floors and offers you a checkpoint every 5 floors. This means you can leave, replenish HP and MP then continue from a checkpoint. I suggest doing this once you are introduced to it because it's not hard at all and it's a great way to level up if you are underleveled for chapter 12. You do not have to complete the bonus requirements for all floors, you only to need to beat each floor to earn this trophy.
  • Completed the last dungeon in Premium Adventure.

    Once you beat the game, you will be given access to Premium Adventure which allows you to free roam and do side missions and activities. One other thing you can do is a post game dungeon called the Final Millennium Tower. The Final Millennium Tower basically has you replay the final dungeon of the game but with tougher enemies this time including clones of Majima, Kiryu, and Saejima. Honestly, I found this dungeon to be pretty simple since I did it after finishing everything else (other than the True Final Millennium Tower). If you are at least level 70 with a job at level 30+, you should okay to tackle this dungeon and have little to no issues. Once you defeat Amon on the top floor, you will earn this trophy.
  • Exceed 10 billion yen in capital for Kasuga's company.

    This trophy is earned through the business management minigame. You should focus on this trophy after making Ichiban Confections the number 1 company in Yokohama. To obtain this trophy, you need a total of 10,000,000,000 Yen on hand in the business management minigame. If you played it correctly, you should have been upgrading your businesses as your rank went up. If you invested in good employees and high-profit businesses, you should be making at least 200,000,000 Yen per business day so just keep going through work days and shareholder meetings until you have 10,000,000,000 Yen in capital
  • Moved Kasuga's company into a new office.

    This trophy is earned through the business management minigame.This trophy is earned automatically after getting Ichiban Confections into the top 50. Once you reach top 50, Nick Ogata will call you with his new conditions in order for him to invest in your company. One of which involves moving the business to a new headquarters. Inform Eri that you want to move the business to a new headquarters, and she will agree and earn you this trophy.
  • Raised Kasuga's company into the top company in Yokohama.

    This trophy is earned through the business management minigame which is introduced in chapter 5. You will meet Eri and become an owner of Ichiban Confections. You will then be tasked with raising Ichiban Confections' business rank. First you must reach rank 100, then rank 50, then rank 20, then rank 10, and finally rank 1. Basically the business management minigame works like this:
    The goal is to reach the target rank by the number of business cycles. A shareholder meeting marks the end of one cycle. The business management minigame is split into 2 sections: business management & shareholder meetings.
    For business management you essentially want to use capital to first buy employees to meet the 3 threshholds of the business. Each bussiness requires a certain amount of product, service, and notability. Once you meet the threshhold for each category, go ahead and start upgrading the sales volume to increase the threshhold. You can spend money to invest in the business's various categories which will raise the natural amount of product, service, or notability that the business has. This makes it easier to meet the threshhold. You can also invest in an emplyee to promote them allowing for higher skill levels in each category. However, you must also pay to train them or have them work in order to increase their level to reach those skill levels. Once you max out a business, go ahead and purchase a new one and repeat the process. Make sure that you are spending money to keep your employees happy as well. Employee moods tend to lower after every 2-3 business days. You can press square.png on the employee page to cure all employees at the same time. Eventually you will reach a point where you will want to sell an old business and buy a new one that has a chance for higher profits. Eventually it just becomes a game of earning money to then put back into better employees to increase their stats or putting it into a business to increase stats and threshholds. After around 5-6 business days, you will be invited to a shareholder meeting.
    Shareholder meetings seem complex, but are actually the easiest part of this minigame if you know how they work. Basically you get a number of shareholders who are going to ask you questions. You want to have a team of employees that is capable of answering their questions effectively and pleasing the shareholder. Questions/Answers work in a rock, paper, scissors fashion with there being 3 categories, where one type beats the second type and is weak to the third type. You want to use an employee with a type the shareholder is weak against so that you can break through the question faster. This is because you only have a limited time to answer the question, and using an employee costs motivation (the team meter at the bottom). Motivation builds naturally, but you obviously don't want to use it all at once because if you are forced into a question with a shareholder, you have to be able to at least break through their question so you do not lose approval rating. Employees have different stats, but the most important ones are type, cost, and charisma. All shareholder questions feature 3 points you must break through. Using an employee breaks through 1 point, but using an employee with a type they are weak against will break through 2 points instead. Therefore, when you engage a shareholder the strategy is always the same. You use an employee they are weak against to break through 2 points, then you use your lowest cost employee to break through the final point. After that, you enter a sort of damage phase where you please the shareholder instead of breaking through their question points. This is where charisma comes in. The higher an employee's charisma, the more they will please the shareholder with a single use. You get 4 employees to take with you, so you essentially want 1 of each type, then a 4th employee with the highest charisma. Besides all that, answering questions and time passing builds up the apology gauge. You can press triangle.png to use the apology gauge which damages all shareholders and even stuns them at level 2 and 3. Level 3 stuns for longer and honestly has a cutscene that makes it worth using.
    You can complete substories to recruit more people to your business but the game provides you with everything you need to succeed without all of that. As long as you are making sure to upgrade your businesses and meet all of their threshholds, you should be earning a nice amount of profit.
    Some other tips:
    • Always invest in advertisements. They give you a ridculous increase in profit that you will more than make back during your first day of business
    • A solid party for ANY shareholder meeting includes Omelette, Eri's mother, Miyakuni (fully upgraded is better), and any low cost employee type (red icon). Omelette is a business type (blue icon) and the lowest costing employee in the whole minigame so she is great for breaking the remaining shareholder point after you attack with the the type they are weak against. If they are weak to business type then even better for you. Eri's mother is a low cost profit type (green icon), and a low cost employee type (red icon) means all your types are covered. Fully promoted Miyakuni has 800 charisma which is very high so she is great for pleasing the shareholders once their points are broken.
  • Bought up over 10 companies.

    This trophy is earned through the business management minigame. You should earn this trophy naturally as you raise your business rank to number 1. In order to earn more profit, you should be buying extra properties and replacing older properties with higher profit ones. After buying a total of 10 properties/companies, you will earn this trophy.
  • Played over 10 minigames.

    You will likely earn this naturally since the Platinum has you play a large amount of the minigames that can be found in the game. Minigames include things like Dragon Kart, Business Management, Mahjong, Batting Cages, Golf, Shogi, Karaoke, and more. There are plenty of minigames to play so just play 10 of them and you will earn this trophy.
  • Obtained over 10 certificates from the vocational school.

    Ounabara Vocational School is unlocked in chapter 4 via a substory. It allows you to spend money in order to take an exam comprised of 5 questions about a particular topic. Answering at least 3 out of the 5 questions correctly means you pass and are rewarded with points towards your personality stats. The questions are not that difficult, and actually offer you enough time to do a quick search on the internet to find the answer you need. However, if you are struggling, you can purchase items from Ikari one of which increases the time for a single questions and the other eliminates answers from a single question to make it a 50/50 choice. You always see the correct answers at the end and each test features a pool of around 10 questions, so even if you fail the first time, you are bound to see some repeats and know the answers on your next attempt(s). There are a total of 21 exams (although you can only access #21 by completing the first 20), but you simply need to pass 10 of them to earn this trophy.
  • Beat all Dragon Kart cups and rival races.

    You unlock Dragon Kart in chapter 4, but cannot earn this trophy until chapter 15. This is because the final 2 rival races only unlock in chapter 15. For this trophy, you must win all 4 cups and all 6 rival races. Dragon Kart is basically Yakuza's spin on Mario Kart. You race in go karts and fire weapons at your opponents to hinder them. You can purchase new karts which have different stats and even upgrade them to make their stats better. I did this with zero issues using a fully upgrade standard kart. If you have the money go ahead and upgrade it right away and just start winning races. After beating the first 3 cups you will then be tasked with beating everyone in rival races. There are 5 of these you must win before you unlock the 4th cup but after winning the 4th cup you will unlock the 6th and final rival race. Simply win that rival race to earn this trophy. As stated before, just spend money to fully upgrade the standard kart and you should have no issues.
  • Beat all the can-collecting courses.

    You are introduced to Can Quest in chapter 3. Can Quest just involves you riding a bicycle around and collecting cans. As you do this other people will appear to ram you for cans or steal cans off the street. There are also garbage trucks that make you lose a lot of cans if you hit them, Tauriner drinks which allow you to boost and ram opponents to steal their cans, and a can girl who runs around dropping cans in piles of 3. By collecting a certain number of cans, you earn a rank which will then earn you an amount of points. You must collect the minimum amount of cans to complete the course. There are a total of 3 courses: Beginner, Normal and Hard. To earn this trophy you only have to beat each course with the minimum amount of cans. It is not required that you earn an S-Rank.
  • Watched all the movies at the theater without falling asleep.

    You unlock the Seagull Movie Theater in chapter 4 through a substory. The movie minigame essentially involves you playing a QTE game where you will press face buttons and directions on the D-Pad to fight off sheep who will try to put you to sleep. Whenever a sheep appears, press the corresponding button to fight it off and stay awake before it hurts your awake meter. Sheep that have the word "Rapid" mean you have to press the corresponding button 5 times before it will leave. Roosters are friendly and will help you wake up by smashing cymbals together. However, if you hurt them, they will hurt you instead. To win the minigame, just make sure you stay awake for the entire film. You can take damage to your awake meter, as long as you do not fall asleep. There are a total of 10 movies to watch, and the next one will unlock after successfully watching the previous one. Watch all 10 movies without falling asleep to earn this trophy.
  • Entered into intimate relationships with over two female characters.

    There are several female characters you are able to enteran intimate relatoinship with. Each one requires a maxed specific personality stat and a special condition. You can begin the substory with a certain amount of the personality stat, but you will not be able to max it out until you meet the extra condition and max the stat to level 10, so you are better off just waiting. Once you have the required stat and have done the extra condition, chat with them until you begin a substory. For most of them, you will ask them about their favorite flower which you will then have to buy them a bouquet of their favorite flower. The first time involves you buying/making 1 bouquet, the second time requires 5, and the third time requires you to buy/make 10. Thankfully, the Flowers 2 Go shop offers all the flower bouquets you will need so if you have the money just buy all 16 at once to avoid going back and forth. After talking to the character 3 times and delivering their bouquets, you will complete the substory and enter into an intimate relationship with them. The characters and requirements are as follows:
    • Sumire (Romance Workshop) - Lvl 10 Passion / Fully Upgrade the Romance Workshop / 16 Bonsai Trees
    • Saeko - Lvl 10 Style / Max Bond with Saeko
    • Eri - Lvl 10 Kindness / Max Bond with Eri
    • Moyakoshi (Ounabara Vocational School clerk) - Lvl 10 Intellect / Pass all 21 exams / 16 Bouquet of lilies
    • Iroha (bartender girl at Survive) - Lvl 10 Charisma / see at least 16 party chats / 16 Bouquet of roses
    • Ririka (Hello Work clerk) - Lvl 10 Confidence / Swap Kasuga to all 8 jobs / 16 Bouquet of pansies
  • Found all the people who will give you a honk-honk.

    Honk-Honks are Yakuza's equivalent of Dragon Quest's Puff-Puffs. They involve a scene that implies relations between Kasuga and the person giving the Honk-Honk. There are a total of 5 Honk-Honk people throughout the game. 3 are found in Isazaki Ijincho, 1 is in Sotenbori and 1 is in Kamurocho. This means that you cannot earn this trophy until at least chapter 15. Honk-Honks cost money but a re great way to increase Kasuga's personality stats, especially if you can find them multiple times. Honk-Honk people do not always appear so you may have to fast travel back and forth in order for them to appear. Their locations are as follows:
    10,000 Yen Girl south of Survive Bar (+10 Passion)

    50,000 Yen Girl in the subway near Wette Kitchen (+10 Passion, Charisma & Kindness)

    100,000 Yen Man behind Sunlight Castle (+10 to all stats)

    50,000 Yen girl in Sotenbori (+10 Confidence, Passion, & Charisma)

    30,000 Yen Girl in Kamurocho (+10 Intellect, Style & Charisma)
  • Someone got run over by a car in battle.

    You will likely earn this naturally. Enemies roam all around town and can possibly engage you near a street with driving cars. For this trophy, someone just has to get hit by a car during a battle. I got this trophy without even trying when I hit an enemy into the middle of the road and they got run over. As soon as anyone, friend or foe, gets hit by a car during a battle, you will earn this trophy.
  • Beat the True Final Millennium Tower.

    This trophy is the hardest/longest trophy in the game, and will likely be the last thing you earn. This trophy was originally DLC for the Japanese version of the game, but has been integrated into the list for the western version of the game and is required for the platinum. After clearing the Final Millennium Tower which is the first post game dungeon, the game will inform you that you may now access the True Final Millennium Tower which is the toughest challenge the game has to offer. In order to have the stats needed to clear this dungeon, you are going to have to max out several jobs. This is because jobs can go up to 99 and offer permanent stat bonuses after rank 30. This dungeon is gonna require you to max out almost every relevant job for your party in order to be able to survive. I suggest farming Invested Vagabond enemies in the Kaurocho Underground Sewers. There are 4 of them that appear on floor B2F and they offer around 400,000+ job experience when defeated. Boost this with things like job experience accessories and you will rank up almost every time you beat one. Be aware, however, that this is still a lengthy grind. Once you have the stats you think are necessary, go ahead and make a save outside the tower before heading in. This is because, just like the Final Millennium Tower, the True Final Millennium Tower offers no retries until the final boss. There is also no exit once you go in until you reach the end of a floor so if you find yourself unable to get through it, you can at least back out to the main menu and reload your save right before you went in. Once you've cleared this obstacle, the Platinum is yours.
    Some advice about the True Final Millenium Tower:
    - I highly recommend having the Mr. Masochist Poundmate from the substory. He reduces all incoming damage for a set amount of turns and it was practically necessary in order to survive an attack from the final boss.
    - Have a designated healer such as Saeko. The enemies in this dungeon hit very hard. One slap will likely take you down to around 60-65% depending on your stats. So you're going to want a designated healer who will likely be healing every turn. My recommendation is having Saeko with the Idol job.
    - Have a designated magic user like Nanba. Almost every enemy in the True Final Millenium Tower has a certain magic weakness which means magic users will be able to do some solid damage.
    - Assign Kasuga the Hero job. This grants him access to party healing and the Peerless Resolve move which allows him to take a fatal hit. This is especially useful if you run into hard hitting enemies that end up ganging up on Kasuga. Since it is game over if kasuga gets knocked out, this move can be very valuable.

Secret trophies

  • Completed Chapter 1.

    Story Related
    You will earn this trophy after completing Chapter 1: Light and Shadow
  • Completed Chapter 2.

    Story Related
    You will earn this trophy after completing Chapter 2: A Bloody Reunion
  • Completed Chapter 3.

    Story Related
    You will earn this trophy after completing Chapter 3: The Town at Rock Bottom
  • Completed Chapter 4.

    Story Related
    You will earn this trophy after completing Chapter 4: The Dragon of Yokohama
  • Completed Chapter 5.

    Story Related
    You will earn this trophy after completing Chapter 5: The Liumang Man
  • Completed Chapter 6.

    Story Related
    You will earn this trophy after completing Chapter 6: Ignition
  • Completed Chapter 7.

    Story Related
    You will earn this trophy after completing Chapter 7: The Spider's Web
  • Completed Chapter 8.

    Story Related
    You will earn this trophy after completing Chapter 8: Bleached Black
  • Completed Chapter 9.

    Story Related
    You will earn this trophy after completing Chapter 9: House of Cards
  • Completed Chapter 10.

    Story Related
    You will earn this trophy after completing Chapter 10: Justice Tempered By Mercy
  • Completed Chapter 11.

    Story Related
    You will earn this trophy after completing Chapter 11: The Odds
  • Completed Chapter 12.

    Story Related
    You will earn this trophy after completing Chapter 12: The End of the Yakuza
  • Completed Chapter 13.

    Story Related
    You will earn this trophy after completing Chapter 13: Coin Locker Baby
  • Completed Chapter 14.

    Story Related
    You will earn this trophy after completing Chapter 14: Passing the Torch
  • Completed the final chapter.

    Story Related
    You will earn this trophy after completing Chapter 15: To the Pinnacle
  • Maxed Joon-gi Han's Bond Level.

    Joon-gi Han joins your party in chapter 10.
    See Friends in Low Places to read more about maxing bonds easier
  • Maxed Zhao's Bond Level.

    Zhao joins your party in chapter 11.
    See Friends in Low Places to read more about maxing bonds easier
  • Maxed Eri's Bond Level.

    Eri joins your party after you get Ichiban Confections into the top 100 businesses in Yokohama. This is done through the business management minigame unlocked in chapter 5. Once you reach rank 100, you can talk to Eri at Survive Bar to have her join your party. Eri is unique because you only increase her bond rank through the business management minigame by increasing Ichiban Confections' ranking. Therefore, this trophy goes hand-in-hand with Presidential Power.
  • A creep crawled out of a safe for the first time.

    You will earn this naturally as long as you don't skip the safes you come across in dungeons and towns. Like in many RPGs opening a chest may cause a mimic to appear instead of treasure. This is the equivalent of that. You will find various silver and gold safes throughout the game. Inside the safe is chance for an enemy to appear. If an enemy comes out of a safe, you will earn this trophy. The dungeon in chapter 6 has a safe in the middle of a room that's hard to miss. It guarantees a creep inside when you open it with the silver key. There are also many respawning safes throughout the game so just open one and have a creep come out in order to earn this trophy.

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