• Estimated Platinum Difficulty: 5.5/10
  • Approximate Time To Platinum: 70-90 hours
  • Offline: 38 7 3 1
  • Online: N/A
  • Missable Trophies: 2 - Fashionista, Indomitable
  • Minimum Playthroughs Needed: 3
  • Difficulty Affects Trophies: Yes
  • Glitched Trophies: None
  • Cheats: None





3 Difficulties are available to you from the beginning: Easy, Normal and Hard. If you choose to start the game on Normal, should you die/fail any of the story or substory related tasks, you must NOT revert to Easy when given the option or you will miss out on Indomitable .

If you prefer a challenge, start on Hard instead, which will unlock the Ex-Hard difficulty upon completion. Indomitable can only be unlocked on Normal difficulty so either way you will still need to play the game on Normal at some point.

It is not necessary to complete Substories should you come across them in the story, but the rewards and experience gained can make the story-related parts much easier.


The Ultimate Skill trials are unlocked upon completing the game once. These are accessible through you main menu. This time around, there are no ranks introduced for each trial, you only need to complete all of them to unlock Heir to the Ultimate and the War God Talisman which gives you infinite Heat Gauge all the time. It'll make all your future fights much much easier.

To enable the War God Talisman, load up your Clear Save or Premium Adventure save (if you already started Prem Adv.), speak to Date at New Serena, and create another Clear Save. This time, start Premium Adventure from the main menu and load the latest Clear Save you made, you should get an email from Bob from Naomi's Palace asking you to see him to get the Talisman.


Once you have completed the story, you will prompted to create a Clear Save. With this clear save, you can roam Kamurocho once again and continue working on any Substories, Mini Games and other Miscellaneous trophies.

Upon completing all 62 substories, return to New Serena as Kiryu and you will be given a letter by Amon. This is a challenge to four 1-on-1 fights and 2 of the fights are particularly tough, so be sure to refer to Amon Defeated for preparation tips and strategies.

Please refer to the trophy guide for trophy requirements, and also our Substory List & Mini Guide, and Challenges Database for more specifics.

Missable Trophy - Fashionista . There are 23 types of outfits that you can purchase for your Trainee Hostesses and you must purchase at least 1 of each type before you turn all 3 into No.1 Hostess.

Once you're done with everything, talk to Date in New Serena to make a Clear Game save. This Clear Game save is basically NewGame+ which will allow you to retain your levels, money, and items when starting the game on other difficulties, but please beware everything else will be WIPED CLEAN, such as your substory completion stats, challenge completion stats etc.


Next, you will want to complete the game on Hard in order to unlock the Ex-Hard difficulty. If you already beaten that difficulty, then play on Ex-Hard instead. Enemies will hit harder and take less damage. There is one catch while playing on Ex-Hard - you DON'T get a RETRY option. If you fail or die at any point of the game, you have to start from your last save, so remember to save often. Again, you will have the opportunity to play Premium Adventure after completing Hard to mop up any of the Miscellaneous Trophies you have left. Talk to Date to create Clear Game save to carry over your levels, money and items over to the next game.


Depending on how you chose to play the game, this will either be your Normal or your Ex-Hard playthrough. Either difficulty should be a breeze at this point with your characters already at max level and you should have more than enough healing items, equipment and weapons.

PS: If you like the opening Theme "For Faith" and other songs, you can download it on the Y4 website here: Yakuza

[PST Would Like to Thank Yewjhin and Breadskin for this Road Map]

Yakuza 4 Trophy Guide

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49 trophies ( 38  10  )

  • View all Reminiscences from YAKUZA to YAKUZA 3.

    Upon starting the game up, you’ll be greeted to the game’s Main Menu. Simply select “Reminisce”, and view all scenes from Yakuza to Yakuza 3. You can press to skip watching them if you want and it will still count towards the trophy (the “new” just needs to be gone), but where’s the fun in that? The reason you’re playing a Yakuza game is partly for the story, no?

    Either way, the trophy will unlock as soon as you watched every scene, and exited back to the main menu.

  • Max out all characters to level 20.

    You will need to play and train each of the 4 characters up to level 20. Completing your first playthrough and all the substories should put you somewhere around level 16-18. Starting a Premium New Game will allow you to retain all your levels on your second playthrough so no grinding is necessary.

  • Clear Normal Mode without reverting to Easy Mode.

    You must complete the game on Normal to unlock this trophy. Starting your game on Hard will not unlock this trophy despite the higher difficulty. If you fail/die repeatedly in Normal mode a few times, you will be presented with option to revert to Easy Mode, choose NOT to do so and continue with the game instead.

  • Complete or finish four substories.

    Refer to our Substory List and Mini Guide for details.

  • Complete or finish twenty substories.

    Refer to our Substory List and Mini Guide for details.

  • Complete or finish forty substories.

    Refer to our Substory List and Mini Guide for details.

  • Order something at least once at each restaurant.

    You must order at least 1 item from each Eat-In menu as listed below (Pronto has 2 menus)

    • Sushi Gin, Showa St
    • Cuez Bar, Underground Mall
    • Cafe Alps, Nakamichi St
    • Watami, Nakamichi St
    • Pronto, Nakamichi St (Different sets of menu during Day and Night)
    • Smile Burger, Nakmichi St
    • Matsuya, Tenkaichi St or Taihei Blvd
    • Gelateria Kamurocho, Tenkaichi St
    • Bantam, Millennium Tower St. East
    • Kyushu No. 1 Star, Pink Alley
    • Shellac, Champion District
    • Earth Angel, Champion District
    • Kanrai, Shicifuku East
    • Underground Gourmet, Sewers near Eco-Store

    For restaurants like Smile Burger that give you the option to "take out", you must dine in in order for it to count. Eating the foods from your inventory will not count.

    You can check which restaurants you haven't eaten in in the Pause Menu, under Challenges. Items you've already ordered from restaurants will have a red checkmark beside them.

    If you're planning to complete the Dining Challenge (order one of everything at every restaurant), refer to our Challenges Database for a checklist.

  • Open five coin lockers.

    You can find locker keys all throughout Kamarucho; they’ll be glowing blue, as with other items. The keys can be in plain sight on the ground lying around Kamurocho, or hidden atop of roofs or trees. Some keys will require the use of first person view to pick them up.

    There are a total of 100 lockers you can open, but you will only need to open five lockers to unlock the trophy.

    For an easy way to scout out the keys, talk to the guy outside the Taihei Blvd. Lockers to obtain the "Locker Key Radar". It will beep whenever you’re near one.

    Refer to the Locker Key Locations.

  • Have a hostess wear a present you give her.

    See After-Work Hookup trophy below.

  • Have a hostess invite you on an after-work date.

    To have a hostess invite you out, you need to have achieved at least 8 Hearts with the specific hostess.

    You can earn hearts by ordering their favorite Food & Drinks, and giving the appropriate responses during conversations when you visit them in the clubs. You can also purchase clothes from Don Quixote or from Milestone (Underground Mall) and present them as gifts to the hostesses when you visit them again. Wearing items such as the "Popularity Bracelet", "Charisma Ring", and the "Charismatic Photo" will earn you hearts quicker when you visit them.

    Continue to raise your Heart meter higher until you receive a phone call from the hostess. At this point you will unlock After-Work Hookup, and if the hostess is wearing the gift you gave her, you will also unlock The Joy of Gifting as well. The hostess may wear your gift during your next visit, which will also unlock the trophy.

    Note: Saejima doesn’t visit Hostess Clubs, he's too manly.

  • Gather at least one outfit from each category in 'Hostess Maker.'

    Missable - While playing as Akiyama, you should have received a call from the manager of Elise, who asks for your help in recruiting new hostesses for the club.

    There are 3 girls that you can recruit and you can dress them up in different outfits. In total there will be 23 different types of outfits available.

    You start with a few and unlock more as you progress. You need to purchase at least 1 of each outfit type from the Dress-Up menu (not from shops in town!) BEFORE you get all three Hostesses to the No.1 rank; this mini-game ends after that and there will be no further opportunities to access the Dress Up menu afterwards.

    For the full list of outfits, refer to the Hostess Maker Guide below.

  • Receive business cards from all hostesses, including ones you train in 'Hostess Maker.'

    There are 3 Hostess Clubs in Kamurocho: Shine, Jewel and Elise. Completing the substories “Akiyama vs Hostess Clubs”, “Tanimura vs Hostess Clubs” and “Kiryu vs Hostess Clubs” will net you all the business cards from Shine and Jewel.

    To obtain business cards from Elise’s hostesses, you first need to complete Akiyama’s exclusive minigame Hostess Maker by finding 3 hostesses and training them up to the No.1 spot. Please refer to the Substory Guide on how to complete the 3 substories mentioned above, and the Hostess Maker Guide on how to complete the minigame.

    Each hostess can only be requested by a specific character:

    Akiyama - Erena (Jewel), Noa (Jewel), Rio (Shine)
    Tanimura - Chihiro Ikki (Jewel), Himeka (Shine), Nanami*(Elise)
    Kiryu - Maya (Jewel), Shizuka (Shine), Hiyori* (Elise), Kyoko* (Elise)
    *Only available after Akiyama trains them up to No.1 spot.

    You only need their original business cards; the business card you get from finishing their substories are not needed for the trophy.

    If when you received all business cards from each hostess and the trophy still hasn't popped, try going back into any of the clubs and select "No Preference". The trophy should unlock then.

  • Collect ten emblems from survivors during gang encounters.

    This Challenge is exclusive to Kiryu only. You will be approached by Akaishi from Kamurocho Guard in Theater Square who tells you that several gangs are showing up in town to defeat you. Each of these gangs have a theme and the members will always wear similar clothing (eg. Blue for Aqua Devils). In order to confront the Gang Leader, you must defeat the members wandering around Kamurocho or get an e-mail from Akaishi, before the location of the Gang Leader is revealed. If you're having trouble spawning gang members, enter and exit establishments to restart the map.

    Gang Leader Locations:

    • Aqua Devils - Underground Carpark, top right corner
    • Biker Gang - West Park
    • Kanto Gangsters - Kamurocho Rooftops East, top left area
    • Slumdogs - Nakamichi Alley near Kotobuki Drugs
    • Black Nightmare - South alley in Champion District
    • Purple Killers - Mach Bowling
    • Dark Clan - Underground Carpark / Champion District southern alley / Sky Finance Roof / Theater Underground B3

    After defeating Gang Leaders, survivors of the gang will appear less frequently on the streets, but if you encounter them again and beat them, they will give you an emblem after each fight.

    To spawn the next "colored gang", exit and enter buildings or roam around Kamurocho until Akaishi sends you an e-mail.

    Complete 10 fights to collect 10 emblems, to earn your trophy. It doesn’t matter which gang you fight.

  • Acquire the title 'Star of the Coliseum.'

    The Coliseum in Purgatory Underground is open exclusively to Saejima and Kiryu only. Here you will take part in tournaments and gain fame or points as you win. If you have any apprentices that have won the Rookie Tournament in Saejima’s exclusive minigame ‘Fighter Maker’, these apprentices will be available to you as a Tag Team Partner, and doing so makes this trophy alot more easier and faster to achieve. See Master in Training trophy below for more info on that.

    Keep winning fights to gain points and fame until you achieve the 3rd rank title “Star of the Coliseum” and the trophy.

    Note: Kiryu’s title is fixed at “Legendary Dragon” unlike Saejima’s title which changes with rank. Hence "Star of the Coliseum" can only be achieved by Saejima.

  • Have one of your apprentices win the Rookie Tournament in 'Fighter Maker.'

    You will be introduced to Fighter Maker in Sadoshi’s Dojo during chapter 4 of Saejima’s story. He is the only one who has access to this minigame. What this minigame entails is training a student into a top fighter so that he wins the Underground Fighting Tournament within 50 turns.

    Each turn you can choose 4 standard training modules to improve his Power, Speed, Technique and Max Health and 1 special module. For the special module you can choose options that will increase his Condition and Trust, fighting in mini Tournaments for Cash, Rest to regain Health, or participate in the Final Tournament.

    What you want to do is first improve his Condition and Trust, by doing Stretching module and going out on Meetings. Choosing the right dialogue options during Meetings will teach him new skills that become useful during a fight as well.

    Having a high Condition and Trust will increase the rate at which his stats improve. Once these two are at their max (Pink smiley for Condition and 2 Hearts for Trust), you’ll want to improve his basic stats and spar with him, while managing his health by resting every now and then. Zero health incur injuries and force him to rest until he recovers, in addition to resetting Condition/Trust. Once his stats can improve no further, send him into the Final Tournament and watch him bulldoze his way to win it and this trophy.

    For more details, refer to our Challenges Database.

  • Create one or more weapons for each weapon category.

    There are 10 categories of weapons that can be created at Kamiyama Works (Weapons) in Park Alley, and you will need to create at least 1 weapon from each category:

    • Bats/Clubs
    • Polearms
    • Blades
    • Hammers
    • Knuckles
    • Tonfas
    • Nunchaku
    • Kali Sticks
    • Guns
    • Others

    Refer to our Challenges Database for details.

    Create a weapon in each category, and the trophy will unlock.

  • Acquire three Revelations.

    You only need to acquire three Revelations to acquire this trophy. You can start acquiring Revelations in Part 1: Chapter IV when you meet Mack.

    Press to switch to first person view whenever you witness something of interest while roaming the streets of Kamurocho. If a button appears on the top right corner of your screen, it means a Revelation can be captured there. The character you’re controlling will take out his cell phone and capture the event; simply follow the button’s displayed on screen. Successfully enter the correct buttons for all three pictures, and you’ll be prompted with a three choice question. Answer it correctly, and you’ll have a Revelation and acquire a new Heat Action technique.

    Do refer to this post in the Challenges Database for the full list of Revelations available.

  • Become a VIP member at the massage parlor.

    The Massage minigame is available at Love In Heart on Senryo Avenue. Visit the parlor five times to get five stamps on your membership card and achieve VIP status.

  • Smash the ball three times in one match.

    The Table Tennis minigame is available at Yunosono Hot Springs situated at Park Blvd. Each session costs 1000 yen and is a best of 3-match. The first player to reach 11 points is the winner of the match. You tap for a Normal shot, hold and release for a Power shot.

    What you need to do is time your actions to hit the ball while it is “glowing”, which will be for a very brief moment each time it is returned to you. Each successful shot you make will generate Heat, more so if you use a Power shot. The longer the rally (i.e ball going back and forth between the players), the more Heat generated as well. When you Heat meter fills, you can press to smash the ball which will automatically win you that rally (and a stimulating cutscene).

    Perform 3 smashes in a SINGLE ROUND to unlock this.

  • Sing all songs at karaoke.

    This minigame is available at Karaokekan on Senryo Avenue, and is only available to Akiyama, Tanimura and Kiryu (Saejima’s too manly to sing). Each session lasts for 2 songs and costs 500 yen. The list of songs are:

    • Maiden-Colored Life
    • Machine Gun Kiss
    • Pure Love in Kamurocho
    • Raindrops
    • GET to the Top!
    • I Wanna Change Myself
    • Kamurocho Lullaby
    • Summer Memories
    • Where Has Your Touch Gone?
    • Saturday Night*Lover
    • Shooting Star

    Sing each song, using any character and the trophy will unlock. Singing with your date with a Hostess also counts towards this.

    Keep in mind that Akiyama and Tanimura only have 2-3 songs they can sing; the rest of the songs are all selectable as Kiryu. That said, you won't be able to unlock this trophy until you play as Kiryu in Part 4.


  • Achieve a hat trick in darts.

    Darts can be played in Bantam bar. Play a 01 games and choose the highest score 901. Hover the dart over the bullseye with , then pull down slowly and hold for 1- 2 seconds before letting go or pushing up slightly, this method will allow you to hit the target straight ahead 90% of the time.

    A good way to hold the controller while playing darts is to put the controller on your lap, and use your left hand's index finger and thumb for the . This should give you great control for the aiming.

    Hit the Bullseye 3 times in a single round (both inner and outer rings count in 01 games) to get a Hat Trick and this trophy.

  • Win the first point in Four-Ball pool.

    Four-Ball pool is available in Cuez Bar situated in the Underground Mall. This is a game between 2 players, where the objective is to hit your Cue Ball such that the first object ball it hits will hit a second ball, thus awarding you a point. There are 4 balls on the table: 2 Red Balls and 2 Cue Balls (you and your opponents cue which also acts as an object ball). It is quite likely that you will need to win the right to go first and/or play against Easy AI to be able to score the first point to win.

    Score the first point in a game of Four-Ball Pool, and the trophy will pop.

  • Achieve a turkey in bowling.

    The bowling minigame is available in Mach Bowl situated on the west end of Theater Square. Choose to play a 10-frame game to maximize your time. When you start, move all the way to the left, quickly tap twice to set your direction, and bowl at a power of between 90-98 to score a Strike.

    Alternatively, move to the right twice, quickly double tap and set a power of 95-98, which works just as well. Scoring 3 Strikes in a row is considered a Turkey which unlocks this trophy. Video by DanteDevil 12

  • Play all non-casino gambling games.

    Head to the Gambling Hall in Ryugujo, on Park Blvd, and play each game available at least once. The list of games are:
    * Cee-lo
    * Cho-han
    * Koi-koi
    * Oicho-kabu

  • Play all casino gambling games.

    Head to the Casino in Ryugujo, on Park Blvd, or the Casino in Purgatory Underground, and play each game available at least once. The list of games are:
    * Blackjack
    * Poker
    * Roulette
    * Baccarat

  • Play all minigames at Club SEGA.

    Club Sega is an arcade center that can be found on Nakamichi Street and Theater Square. Play the following games (win or lose) to unlock the trophy.
    1. UFO Catcher
    2. Boxcelios 2
    3. Boxcelios (play Boxcelios 2 three times as Akiyama to unlock)

  • Obtain the trophy prize in pachinko.

    This is the most frustrating trophy in Yakuza 4. Pachinko is a type of slot machine game where you purchase balls and roll them down the machine and try to get them into a pocket in the middle. For each ball that enters the Target Pocket, you get 1 chance to spin the Jackpot reel. You can accumulate up to 4 spins at a time, indicated by 4 square boxes that fill with red beneath the Jackpot Reel, so don't waste your balls trying to put as much as you can.

    The reel plays out like your common Slot Machine, where getting a combination of 3 identical numbers will send you into the next stage. From there, a cutscene will appear in the middle (best to stop the supply of balls with during this time) and you either press the Push button according to the button prompts or numbers that appear, or mash the Push button if it's a fight scene (no numbers appears).

    Successfully passing this stage will result in a Jackpot or Hyper Big Bonus. The Jackpot usually lasts for 16 rounds, and there will be a sentence with a numbers "1, 2...16" on the upper left of the Jackpot reel indicating the current round. Any of your balls that enter the Target Pocket and the bigger pocket just below during a Jackpot it will award you with more balls. By accumulating 3000 balls, you can exchange them for a "Trophy" prize at the counter, which will unlock this trophy. An illustration of the machine is displayed below:

    There a couple of cheat items that you should seek out and use to obtain this trophy, because the odds of achieving a Jackpot are 1/400. You should also wear the Lucky Bracelet accessory. What you're going to do is:

    1. Start a session using the 777 Stone (Increases odds of winning by 1.5x until you reach 1000 spins). Remember the Pachinko Machine No. that you're playing at.
    2. Set your speed control between 25-35%, sit tight and watch. Keep playing until you hit a Jackpot.
    3. Try to get as much balls into the Target Pocket during a Jackpot, ideally you should have around 1600+ at the end of the Jackpot. Stop your balls at this point.
    4. Press to stop playing.
    5. Start another session at the SAME Pachinko Machine, use "Get Rick Quick card" (From Underground Locker F4) this time which gives you an instant Jackpot on your first spin. Your balls from your previous session are retained, and now you must try to raise your total up to 3000 balls. Once you have that amount, quit and go to the Prize Exchange counter to exchange for "Trophy Prize".

    Alternative method by ZombieBP

    1. Obtain the "Get Rick Quick card (From Underground Locker F4)" on your first playthrough, keep it and complete the game
    2. Obtain a second "Get Rich Quick card" on your second playthrough (you can obtain all locker contents again on Premium New Game (New Game+).
    3. Start a Pachinko session using your 1st card for instant jackpot which should give you around 1500 balls, quit after the jackpot ends.
    4. Start a second session using your 2nd card for another instant jackpot which will bring you up above the 3000 balls required.
  • Achieve a promotion in shogi.

    Introduction to Shogi: Shogi for Beginners

    The Shogi minigame is available at Shoten from Part 1 Chapter 2 onwards, situated on the south-eastern part of Kamarucho, Senryo Avenue. Shogi is the Japanese version of chess, where advancing any of your pieces into the last 3 rows will give you the option to promote the piece into a higher ranked piece. Choose to do so to unlock the trophy. Two of the pieces that can move any number of tiles are shown below, the piece on the left moves like a Bishop in Western Chess, and the piece on the right moves like a Rook in Western Chess. The other pieces are limited to either 1 square per move, or can only move in 1 direction only.

  • Collect two of each different tile pattern in mahjong.

    This trophy is based entirely on luck, but don't worry you do not need any experience or prior knowledge in Mahjong at all to obtain this trophy. In mahjong, you start the game by receiving 13 tiles, you draw 1 tile at the start of each turn and discard 1 tile afterwards. To unlock this trophy, you must win by achieving the hand of “Seven Pairs”. Japanese Mahjong Hand "Seven Pairs"

    This means you need to have 7 different pairs to win (4 of the same tiles does NOT count as 2 pairs), which means you must not “Pung”, “Chow” or “Kung” at any point of the game.

    Before you begin the game, you should change the match rules to the following so that the rounds last longer and you have more time to gather the necessary pairs.
    * Match Settings - Half Game
    * Kuitan - Not used
    * 2 Fan requirement - Use
    * Red dora - Not used

    There are only 4 copies of each tile in the game. So, your basic strategy boils down to discarding any tiles that you have more than 2, as well as getting rid of the same tiles that your opponents discard so you don’t end up with dead tiles. When you have 6 pairs in your hand, there are 2 options: You draw the last tile to complete the 7th pair, press when the "Tsumo" prompt appears to declare a win; or someone discards the last tile you need, then and only then you can press when "Ron" prompt appears to take that tile he discarded and declare a win. Either option will unlock the trophy. This is what your hand should look like. If you're interested in knowing more about the game, see Beginner's Guide to Mahjong by barticle.

    Video by desginedmusic (1:40 onwards)

  • Successfully hit two panels at once at the batting center.

    The Batting minigame returns in the Yoshia Batting Center, situated in the north-western part of Kamurocho. Pick any difficulty you want (Easy is the left most door), hold your reticule steady while aiming at the thin lines in between the black panels and hit when the ball approaches (or immediately when your character stops moving) to bat the ball towards where you targeted. Successfully hit the sweet spot and trophy unlocks.

  • Golf and fish five times each.

    The Golf minigame can only be accessed by taking a taxi to the Golf Club during daytime and you can participate in tournaments or a practice session. Head over to the Docks by taxi at any time of the day and interact with the fishing rod. You will need to have bait in order to fish, which can be purchased from the Fisherman nearby. Play each minigame 5 times to unlock.

  • Possess 10,000,000 yen or more.

    You must have all 10,000,000 yen at once in order for the trophy to unlock. Fortunately, money carries across all playthroughs, provided you begin your new game with a Clear Data.

    Here are some methods of earning large amounts of money quickly:

    - Completing the game on the following difficulties will earn you a cash reward:

    • Clearing Easy Mode - 1,000,000 Yen
    • Clearing Normal Mode - 2,000,000 Yen
    • Clearing Hard Mode - 3,000,000 Yen
    • Clearing Ex-Hard Mode - 5,000,000 Yen

    - Tanimura’s substory ”A Dangerous Game” - Awards for 3,000,000 yen for choosing right options.

    - This is quite easy with the use of “cheat” items that you obtain from completing various substories or opening coin lockers. To use an item during a game, press before you begin during the betting screen:


    • Black/Red/Zero Jewels - will guarantee that the next spin lands on a number with same color as the jewel. The highest bet is 1000 chips, and if its Black or Red you get a payout of 2:1, if its green you get a payout of 18:1. You can get more if push your luck further and place all your bets on a single number instead for a higher payout but the odds are higher and you’re less likely to win.

    Blackjack (Max Bet - 100 Chips)

    • Blackjack Amulets - Guarantees the next 5 hands are Blackjacks, which have a 2.5:1 payout
    • Bust Amulets - Makes the Dealer go bust for the next 5 hands


    • Royal Joker Cards - Gives you an extremely favourable flop (three face up cards on the table), allowing you to raise your bet all the way and steal the entire pot in play. The AI will still call and even raise your bets despite their huge disadvantage.

    Baccarat (Max Bet - 10,000 Chips)

    • Banker/Player’s Piece - This makes the Banker or Player’s hand easier to get a natural 9 and win. The maximum bet is 10,000 chips and payout is 2:1 which makes this a lucrative way to earn money.
  • Traverse 100 kilometers or more.

    If you’re diligent in running around Kamurocho as you play through the story and when you're finishing up substories, you’ll get this naturally; never take the taxi if you don't need to.

    You can check your stats at anytime in any one of your hideouts. Enter the resting room inside your hideout (the door you use to save), and select Stats to find out how much KM you’ve walked.

    The trophy will unlock as soon as you've ran your 100th km; you don't need to go into the Stats to unlock it.

  • Knock over 100 people you pass by.

    As with the previous games, you can only knock down certain people roaming around Kamurocho. The best method as outlined by Dedemaru previously is to line up yourself behind the target, and run him over.

    This works best if the target is an old man, or ones carrying bags. Note that girls cannot be knocked over. Places like Tenkaichi St and Theater Avenue are good locations to do this.

    Knock over the 100th person, and the trophy will unlock.

  • Earn 1,000,000 yen playing as Akiyama.

    Money can be earned by winning Street Fights, completing Substories, or converting your Casino/Gambling Hall winnings into prizes and selling them for cash. In conjunction with the Tanimura Award trophy below, what you can do is take the 10,000 casino points earned by Tanimura and convert them into Platinum Plates. They cost 1500 casino chips each and you can sell them at Ebisu Pawn for 150,000 yen each while playing as Akiyama. Also see Walking Bank for gambling tips.

  • Purchase five hand guns playing as Saejima.

    You will find a weapons dealer on Kamurocho Rooftops East who will sell 2 different handguns to Saejima for 230,000 yen and 120,000 yen respectively. Purchase a total quantity of 5 handguns as Saejima to unlock this trophy.

  • Acquire 10,000 casino points playing as Tanimura.

    See Walking Bank trophy for gambling tips.

  • Destroy 100 weapons you pick up playing as Kiryu.

    You need to pickup 100 weapons during the course of the game as Kiryu, and use them up by hitting enemies with it or throwing it. Whenever you get into a Street Fight, look around for anything that can be grabbed like Traffic Cones, Bicycles, Signboards etc.. and smash your enemies with them.

    During Chapter 4, while making your way up Kamurocho Hills, you will come across lots of tools all over the place and you should make full use of them to take out the many enemies in this part of the story.

  • Collect all Memos in the Pause Menu.

    You collect Memo’s as you progress through the story and interact with people, and also as well as exploring the city. Like the trophy describes, you can check your progress at anytime by accessing the Pause Menu with

    As you’re wandering around Kamurocho, both on the streets as well as the rooftops, you’ll notice certain people at times will have a blue triangle on top of them. Talking to these people will unlock a Memo.

    Once you've gotten your last Memo, you must go into the Memo Menu in order for the trophy to pop.

    If you somehow missed a Memo, note the Memo's carry over to Premium New Games, so you can collect the ones you missed then.

    List and locations as follows. We apologize in advance as some of the locations are a little vague; we didn't keep track of the locations till later on:


    • Memos - Automatically unlocked
    • Save Points - First use of a save point
    • Action Icons - Talk to the man in front of Matsuya
    • Recovering Health - Talk to the woman in Champion District
    • Switching Main Characters - Talk to Date in New Serena during the Final Chapter
    • Main Characters’ Possessions - Talk to Akiyama in New Serena during Final Chapter
    • Using the L3 and R3 buttons - Talk to the man located on Showa St. East

    Pause Menu

    • Maps - Kamurocho Rooftops West, talk to a man without sense of direction
    • E-mail - Talk to the high school girl in Theater Square
    • Using Items - Talk to the map with the big jacket in Theater Square
    • Equippable Items (1/2) - Talk to the dangerous looking man in Shichifuku St.
    • Equippable Items (2/2) - Conversation between a man on Pink St.
    • Valuables - Park


    • Akiyama's Fighting Style - Automatically obtained in Part 1 Chapter 1
    • Seajima’s Fighting Style - Automatically obtained in Part 2 Chapter 1
    • Tanimura’s Fighting Style - Automatically obtained in Part 3 Chapter 1
    • Kiryu’s Fighting Style - Automatically obtained in Part 4 Chapter 1
    • HEAT Actions - Park
    • Kicking Objects - Talk to a man on Nakamichi St.
    • Destructible Objects - Underground Theater B3, electrical room

    Chase Battles

    • Chase Battles (Fleeing) - Kamurocho Rooftops West
    • Chase Battles (Pursuing) - Theater Square
    • Other Chase Battle Techniques - Kamurocho Rooftops West

    Leveling Up

    • Exp Points and Leveling Up - Kamurocho Rooftops East, woman near east-most entrance
    • Soul Points - Millennium Tower Underground.
    • Revelations - Automatically obtained when you first meet Mack as Akiyama
    • Daijiro Saigo's Training - Akiyama - Story Related, automatically obtained on Rooftops West as Akiyama
    • Master's Helper - Saejima - Story Related, automatically obtained as Saejima
    • Supporting Detective Nair - Obtained automatically after meeting Nair in Part 3 Chapter 2
    • Developing HEAT Actions - During Battles, unlocked when you level up a HEAT Action


    • First Person Mode - Go down manhole in Children’s Park, Shicifuku West St, and talk to old man down there.
    • Akiyama's Friends - Kysuhu No. 1 Star Ramen
    • Manholes - After meeting Kage the Florist in Chapter 4 of Saejima’s story
    • Lockers (1/2) - Talk to the man in front of the Taihei Lockers
    • Lockers (2/2) - Underground Mall, unlocked during a conversation with woman near the lockers
    • Substories - Shellac, speak to the informant Aoki there
    • "Complete" and "Incomplete" - Talk to a man outside Millennium Tower
    • Effects of Getting Drunk - Unlocked during a conversation with a woman in Bantam
    • Special Editions of Magazines - Talk to a man in Theater Square


    • Rooftops - Tenkaichi St., talk to a man staring at the sky
    • Underground - Showa St., unlocked in a conversation between a homeless man
    • Works Kamiyama - Theatre Square
    • NPCs Who Speak Foreign Languages - Talk to a man in one of the alleys
    • Little Asia's Adopted Son - Tanimura - Foreign teacher standing outside carpark on Shicifuku Street
    • Taxis - Talk to the man talking with a taxi driver in Hotel District
    • Naomi's Palace
    • MEB - Talk to the man inside MEB
    • The Coliseum - Unlocked when you use the Coliseum
    • Fighter Maker - Obtained automatically after agreeing to train Rookie Fighters at Sodachi’s Dojo
    • IF7-R - Underground Theater B1, unlocked when you talk to the scientist

    Street Fights

    • How to Avoid Street Fights -Speak with the volunteer again in Theater Square that gave you memo “Police Scanner”
    • Getting Help From People - Akiyama - Customer in Kyushu No. 1 Star Ramen
    • Police Patrols - Saejima - Automatically obtained in Part 2 Chapter 4
    • Police Scanner - Tanimuara - Automatically obtained in Part 3 Chapter 1
    • Gang Encounters - Kiryu - Obtained after saving Kamurocho Guard in Theater Square while playing as Kiryu


    • Getting Connected - Go to Naomi’s palace on Tenkaichi St. and speak to her until you unlock all three
    • Bonus Games
    • Online Rankings

Secret trophies

  • Acquire all trophies in the game.

    You are a true Yakuza to the core.

  • Clear Part 1 of the story.

    You’ll be playing as Shun Akiyama in Part 1. These are the number of substories available in each Chapter (in addition to any you did not complete previously).

    Chapter 2 - 7 New Substories
    Chapter 3 - 6 New Substories

    Chapters 1-3 are very straightforward and meant to introduce you to the world of Kamurocho, so just follow the red objective pointer on your minimap all the time.

    Chapter 4 - 3 New Substories
    Boss Battle: Minami is an agile fighter and he's tearing up your club. Once you have depleted his first health bar with combos, he will start to drink alcohol and spout Flames. Stay away from him when you see him start to drink from the bottle, then close in for the kill when he's done as he will be vulnerable for sometime after that.

  • Clear Part 2 of the story.

    You’ll be playing as Taiga Saejima in Part 2.

    Chapter 1 - No Substories
    Part of this chapter involves a Prison Break section where your objective is to break down doors while avoiding fire from the Sniper on a Tower. Hide behind crates and obstacles when you see the laser target turn red to avoid taking damage.

    Boss Battle: Guard Saito and his goons are trying to stop you from escaping. Make use of Saejima's Charge attacks to make short work of them, pickup the keycard from Saito to open the door and escape.

    Chapter 2 - No Substories
    This is a very short chapter, and you're thrust into a fight with Kazuma Kiryu. He's practically undefeatable unless you utilize your Charge Attacks, which makes the fight immensely easy.

    Chapter 3 -11 New Substories
    Unlike Akiyama, you need to steer clear of Policemen while playing as Saejima. The final section of this chapter involves a tournament with 3 cage fights with Ivan Ibrahimovic as the final challenger. Use the same moves as before and you'll win easily.

    Chapter 4 - 3 New Substories
    You won't have lots of room to move in this chapter as Police Lookouts are everywhere and you're limited to using Rooftops and Underground Sewers to move around. Upon entering Millennium Tower, you'll be confronted by waves of Yakuza, and finally Minami again. He's no different from the fight with Akiyama, so just beware of his Flame Breath attack and you'll be fine.

    Boss battle: Majima Goro, utilizes knife attacks and is very quick at evading. What you should do is wait for him to perform his lunge or leap attacks, sidestep them, drop in a combo and repeat. There will be a couple of QTEs during the fight: If you succeed, you get a huge boost to your HEAT gauge, if you fail you'll be on the receiving end of some serious damage.

  • Clear Part 3 of the story.

    You'll be playing as Masoyoshi Tanimura in Part 3.

    Chapter 1 - 4 New Substories
    Chapter 2 - 8 New Substories
    Chapter 3 - No Substories
    Chapter 4 - 4 New Substories

    Chapter 1-3 are again very straightforward so a walkthrough shouldn't be required.

    Chase battle: Avoid obstacles and keep on the tail of Sugiuchi's speedboat, press to fight at him when the reticule turns red to prevent him from firing back and slowing you down. When you're in close proximity, press to ram until he decides to pull over.

    Boss battle: Sugiuchi is a martial arts expert like Tanimura and tends to utilize the same Parry move. Unleash Tanimura's standard combos and Combo Heat actions, make sure you get the QTEs right to inflict maximum damage.

  • Clear Part 4 of the story.

    You'll be playing as the Dragon of Dojima, Kazuma Kiryu in Part 4.

    Chapter 1 - No Substories
    Boss battle: Guard Saito returns again with his goons. But Kiryu starts out with an array of HEAT actions and upgrades already available so you'll be able to dispatch them with immense ease.

    Chapter 2 - 10 New Substories Very straightforward chapter, head to Millennium Tower and chapter ends.

    Chapter 3 - No New Substories
    Boss battle: Akiyama and Tanimura are pushovers and this fight is like Man vs Boys. Unleash your array on combos and focus on one person at a time, you'll find the fight is much easier than you imagine.

    Chapter 4 - 2 New Substories
    Special battle - You'll be fighting you way up the Kamurocho Hills building and beset by waves upon waves of enemies with weapons. There are weapons on the ground as well which you should utilize, and unlock Kiryu award trophy in the process.

  • Clear the Finale.

    Talk to Date in New Serena whenever you are ready to proceed with the Finale. The Finale will give you a taste of what's to come when you go after Amon. There will also be new substories available for each character except Akiyama.

    Akiyama vs Arai

    • or works very well. This is a fairly straightforward fight.

    Saejima vs Kido

    • When Kido is in Heat mode, block all his attacks until he’s done unleashing his Heat, and he will tire. Use the opportunity to perform Essence of Clothes-lining > hold > as he falls down to make quick work of him.
    • Having Tortoise Spirit which increases your Heat gauge with each block makes this even more easier
    • Kido will recover his health twice, but the same tactics still apply and it shouldn't be a problem.

    Kiryu vs Daigo

    • Pretty tough fight, you can’t attack Daigo directly. Lock onto him and evade his attacks then quickly countering with 2-3 punches of your own. Anymore than that and he’ll hit you with a combo.

    Tanimura vs Munakata

    • The final fight, and rightly so, because it's a HUGE pain in the ass. You’re up against 3 of Munakata’s elite bodyguards, some 6-7 normal bodyguards and the man himself carries a pistol. His lackeys will either use fists or knifes and gang up on you all the time. Luckily they’re not infinite
    • Make sure to complete the QTEs, they help you get rid of the weaker bodyguards
    • Munakata will run when you come after him, you can probably get in a couple of hits, but you’ll also be quickly surrounded by the lackeys
    • You should focus on the normal ones (wearing black) first because Munakata will issues orders to the 3 elite ones time to time to either attack you or stand beside him.
    • Once you’re done with the black ones, take out 1 or 2 of the Elites, then go after Munakata or the last Elite. Defeat them all to complete the Finale.
  • Clear Extra Hard Mode.

    Extra Hard mode is unlocked upon completing Hard difficulty. Enemies will hit harder and take less damage, but otherwise the game is the still the same. If you're up for the challenge, you can try completing all the minigame Challenges to earn the Golden Gun, though it really isn't necessary unless you're a Completist.

  • Clear all Ultimate Skill missions.

    Upon completing your first playthrough, the Ultimate Skill missions will be unlocked and available from the Main Menu. Completing all of them will reward you with the “War God Amulet” in Premium Adventure mode and this trophy. Here are videos for the trickier missions:

    Brawl 6 - Pickup the Smoke Grenade at the back and throw it at the enemy with a gun for massive damage
    Brawl 7 - Use to lockon to opponent and you'll never slip

    Trial 6 - Run directly in between Minami and the mic to force him the other way

    Trial 10 - x4 (jumping punch) combo works very well in getting the enemies to writhe in pain on the floor, allowing you to use the Arrest HEAT move.

  • Defeat Amon and get through all the substories.

    The final substory, "Amon" will unlock after completing all of the other substories.

    Refer to the Substory List and Mini Guide for details.

    Note, that upon completing certain feats in the game, you will receive an e-mail to meet with Bob B at Naomi’s Palace, who will reward you with Unique Items, some of them can be very helpful.

    • Kokurenkai Belt - Complete Akiyama’s Substories
    • Kokurenkai Undergarment - Complete Saejima’s Substories
    • Kokurenkai Headband - Complete Tanimura’s Substories
    • Sacred Tree Shin Guards - Complete Tanimura’s training with Nair Saigo
    • Sacred Tree Arm Guards - Complete Saejima's "Master's Helper" Challenge
    • Sacred Tree Armor - Complete Saigo's Training
    • Rage Bracelet - Complete Kiryu’s minigame “Kamurocho Guard” by defeating the leaders of rival gangs.
    • War God Talisman - Complete Ultimate Skills in Main Menu
    • Substitute Stone - Find all Revelations

    Make sure to stock up on healing items, especially Staminan XX or anything better and have the best armor and accessories equipped.

    Each character has a unique weapon HEAT Action, so bring the appropriate weapon(s) for each person so you can sneak in a free HEAT Action during their individual battle; Akiyama (Kali Sticks), Saejima (Brass Knuckles), Tanimura (Tonfa), Kiryu (Sword, Kali Sticks, Nunchaku).

    Also, consider completing the IF7-R battles for each character to boost their HEAT Gauges efficiency.

    Here’s what we recommend for each fight. Please pay special attention to Saejima’s preparations which requires some crucial skills unlocked:


    Kazuya Amon vs. Akiyama

    • Have sufficient healing items and decent armor/accessories will do


    ]Jido Amon vs. Saejima

    • Probably the toughest fight, this is almost impossible on Hard difficulty. Jido Amon has the two health bars (200%) and the ability to regenerate hp gradually up to 150%
    • Have the Knee Charge ability, completed the Essence of Bell Ringing revelation, lots of HP items, 1-2 Sake (optional). Good DEF equipment is recommended.
    • What you want to do is grab Jido Amon, pull him such that his back is towards the wall, and hold until Saejiama launches his knee charge. Jido Amon should bounce off the wall, allowing you to perform Essence of Bell Ringing (preferably evolved to the second stage).
    • Drinking Sake during battle will increase you HEAT generation rate, 100% guaranteeing you a Heat action available after each Knee Charge
    • Avoid his counterattack after your HEAT move, grab him (he’ll repel your grab), and grab him a second time then repeat the Knee Charge move followed by the HEAT move again. Rinse and repeat. Try to perform all successive actions quickly to counter his HP regeneration.


    Amon Sango vs Tanimura

    • Have Tanimura equipped with items that protect against Guns, such as the SWAT body armor or Sacred Tree Set
    • When Amon is in HEAT Mode, he will perform the same parry move that Tanimura uses when you attack him and immediately launch a somersault kick behind your back. Counter this and attack him, then immediately press when he performs his parry to counter-parry his kick, then punch away. Keep repeating this and he’ll go down easily.


    Amon Jo vs Kiryu

    • Equip Kiryu with the Kokurenkai set, and have 2-3 Sake with you, along with lots of Staminan XX or better items.
    • The fight with Amon Jo is divided into 2 phases, the 1st phase he is practically harmless, as long as you drink sake, hold and press for the Heat move Essence of Drunken thrust.
    • The 2nd phase gets tricky, as he is able to take on the forms of the previous 3 Amons and their abilities - HP Regen in Jido’s form, and equipment - Sledgehammer and Guns too. What you want to do is deal maximum damage when he is Sango/Guns form, because its just not practical to go after him in Kazuya’s form (evades everything) and Jido’s form (HP Regen).
    • While he is in Sango’s form, lure him to the wall and attack him. He’ll parry and knock you into the wall, then try to stomp you. Keep pressing and Kiryu should be able to stand up before just as he finished the stomp move (which misses you) and send a combo his way. Rinse and repeat.
    • As Amon’s health depletes, he will start to call in Air Strikes (ridiculous!) that can take away up to 50% of your health, so beware.

    Don’t try to beat them on Hard mode, it’s possible but too frustrating. Play on Premium Adventure where the difficulty is automatically set at Normal, then go for it. You can even revert to Easy if you lost a few times and still unlock the trophy. Beating all 4 Amons will net you Divine Dragon Short Sword (Atk 120) after the fight, and Amon’s Sunglasses later from Bob B at Naomi’s place.

  • Pick up 20 pieces of trash around the city.

    Throughout Kamurocho, you’ll notice green glowing items lying beside garbage bins. Trash comes in all sorts of types. You can find trash bins with trash lying beside them through the streets of Kamurocho, between alleys, or in parks.

    Pick up 20 pieces in order to unlock the trophy. Trash picked up doesn’t need to be in your inventory. You can discard them or put it in your storage afterwards. If you keep the garbage you collected, you can convert them into “cash” at the Eco-Man in the sewers. You can use the points you have earned from recycling the garbage to buy items in the sewers.

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