Simply the best Trophy in X-Morph: Defense

  • Simply the best


    Finish all missions with a gold trophy.

    How to unlock Simply the best

    In order to get a gold trophy, you must earn 150,000 points in the mission. The two biggest contributors to this score will be core damage and time limit. You should aim for zero core damage, but in later levels this will be tough to achieve. As long as you keep core health at or above 75% you will most likely get gold as long as you focus on destroying attacking units as quickly as possible and don’t spend a bunch of unnecessary time between rounds building towers.

    The difficulty multipliers are as follows: easy (0.25x), medium (0.5x), hard (1.00x), brutal (1.5)

    It is impossible to get a gold trophy on easy because the score multiplier is so low. I was also not able to get any gold trophies on medium. Therefore I recommend doing all missions on hard (or brutal for earlier missions). The enemies will be tougher and you will have fewer resources, but if you build your towers appropriately and use your ship to prioritize and kill attacking units that pose the greatest threat to your core, earning the gold trophy is just a matter of planning and practice. I did not have any issues with time limit, however if you waste too much time between waves, or build insanely long paths for enemies, this will extend your time which will reduce your score. Core damage is still your highest priority! It is advisable to extend enemy attack routes as much as is needed to maintain core health. As I said, I did not have any issues with time limit, and I used towers to carve long paths for enemies. At the same time, I used my ship to try and destroy attacking units as quickly as possible.

    If you need help with getting gold trophies, see my playlist. I have every mission EXCEPT South Africa, Canada & Great Britain (1st 3 missions), but by using the strategies listed above and demonstrated in the videos for other missions, getting a gold trophy in these shouldn’t be a problem.

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