Bunker buster Trophy in X-Morph: Defense

  • Bunker buster


    Destroy the airbase headquarters during the Hawaii mission before the reinforcements are called in.

    How to unlock Bunker buster

    In the Hawaii mission, at the end of wave 3, a new portion of the map will open up to the north. This area will consist of multiple towers that will try and shoot at you, and a headquarters that you must destroy within a certain time limit. Head immediately for the headquarters (it looks like a hangar) and drop a fully charged dark matter bomb (R2). Then proceed to use bombs as you circle the headquarters. Do not worry about destroying the towers that are attacking you, but keep moving around the headquarters to evade incoming fire. The attacks will consist of lasers, which will only hit you if you stay in one place for too long, and standard gunfire. If you need to go into ghost mode briefly to avoid dying you can. If you fail this part, you can restart from checkpoint to re-do wave 3, or come back to this at a later point when you have more upgrades.

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