• Estimated difficulty: 3.96/10
• Offline trophies: 38 (22 , 11 , 4 , 1 )
• Online trophies: 0
• Estimated time to platinum: 20 hours
• Minimum number of play-throughs needed: 2
• Missable Trophies: "Servant of the Dark", "Dark side", "Being good is easy", "Good girl", "It's hard to be a good girl"
• Glitched Trophies: None
• Do cheats disable trophies? N/A

Introduction: This is a slash and hack game. Period. For those who liked Devil May Cry or easy trophies, this is a perfect game for you. The story follows a young lady who is a treasure hunter and stumbles on a mysterious orb that plunges her into darkness. She must battle back against the darkness to save herself. It is extremely repetitive and hard to pick up for the second play-through.

Step 1 - First Play-through: Set the difficulty to easy and focus on all the trophies except for the ones that require you to complete the game on different settings with different endings. Focus on collecting souls, artifact pieces, and kills and getting the IMPOSSIBLE combo. Take note, you have to buy the dark magic and use Dark Form BEFORE defeating The Dark One in the Dark Temple. Remember to upgrade everything on this play-through AFTER you get "The best soul collector".

Step 2 - Second Play-through: Set the difficulty to Pro and pick the 3rd costume (armor). This is where you will get the remainder of the trophies. Focus on getting through the game and saving your souls for when they are needed. Buy Health Regeneration and only the spells you need. Save the rest of the souls for Health and Rage. Also, focus on getting to 10,000 kills.

Step 3 - Cleanup: If you don't have 10,000 kills by the time you complete the Hall of Columns, go back to that level and repeat it until you get the trophy. If not, start a new game on easy and play until you get the kills.

Some Notes: Remember to switch out Earthquake for Flash of Light when you get it (AOE Light Spell). Don't buy Dark Magic on your second play-through but buy it on the first one BEFORE the Dark temple. Use Light Form + Ray of Light against the final couple bosses for a quick win. Save your souls for the spells and upgrades you need, including health and rage.

List of spells you will need:

1) Fireball
2) Ice Arrow
3) Lightning Strike
4) Ray of Light

List of spells that are good to have:

1) Light Form
2) Light Blades
3) Lightning Blades
4) Earthquake
5) Flash of Light
6) Ice Flower

[PS3T would like to thank kiateyn for this roadmap]

X-Blades Trophy Guide

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38 trophies ( 11  22  )

  • Awarded for successfully collecting all trophies from X-Blades

    Collect all bronze, silver, and gold trophies.

  • Complete game at Normal difficulty

    See "It's hard to be a good girl"

  • Complete game at Hard difficulty

    See "It's hard to be a good girl"

  • Complete game at Pro difficulty

    See "It's hard to be a good girl"

  • Kill your first monster

    See "Famous monster eliminator"

  • Kill a monster in the air using blades

    In the first level after the first boss (Abandoned Coast) there are flying bugs that spawn after the crabs. Jump in the air and kill one using blades to claim the trophy.

  • Execute your first combo

    After the first melee upgrade, a screen will pop up and show you a combo that you unlocked. Use the combo on the next enemy you fight to unlock the trophy.

  • Complete level without losing your health

    See "Can you EVER touch me?"

  • Complete 6 levels without losing your health

    There are 4 trap levels in the game (regular and evening) that are pretty easy to not get hit. If you do get hit, just die and restart the level. Including acing the boss level, that is 5 you can do pretty easily. Another easy one is any level with only ground enemies that cannot shoot or have limited shooting enemies. Fork in the Road comes to mind as an easy level to ace or the level where you obtain Wide Shot for the first time (The Dungeon). Similar to the boss fight in the Underground Hall, you can stand in the initial hallway and defeat all enemies from afar.

    Credit goes to Vyrastas for The Dungeon and The Underground Hall.

  • Win a boss fight without losing your health

    The easiest boss is in The Underground Hall. It is a giant version of the lizard things. You can stand in the hallway and use the combo to kill it without entering the room. The boss is too big to come into the hallway.

    Another possibility is the spider boss. Stand on the stairs so you can target the spider but the spider cannot hit you with it's ranged attack. Use your guns to kill the little flying enemies around the spider to gain Rage. Now jump and shoot a Fireball over the railing, hitting the spider. Once the boss is down go up the stairs and take the smaller spiders out with guns. Once you defeat all the enemies, the trophy will pop up. It may take some time, but it's a sure way of getting this trophy. Also, this will count towards "Can you EVER touch me?".

  • Complete level using only magic

    I found this to be easy at Forks in the Road level. Just use Earthquake and press , fill up your rage, and use Earthquake again, over and over.

  • Complete game with a “good” ending at Normal difficulty

    See "It's hard to be a good girl"

  • Complete game with a “good” ending at Hard difficulty

    See "It's hard to be a good girl"

  • Complete game with a “good” ending at Pro difficulty

    This trophy is what you're aiming for on your second play-through. Set the difficulty to Pro and choose the 3rd costume (armor). Play smart and conserve your souls. Only buy spells you need to move onto the next level. If you don't have enough souls, replay the previous levels until you have a sufficient amount. Use heal and rage conservatively, the cost doubles with each purchase. For the last couple of bosses, use Light Form and Ray of Light together and it will shorten the battle considerably. DO NOT AT ALL COSTS BUY DARK BALL OR ANY DARK SPELL IN ORDER TO GET THE GOOD ENDING!

  • Learn all Dark spells

    Buy all three dark spells before The Dark Temple. Do this on your first play-through!

  • Learn all Light spells

    Buy all three light spells. Light spells are available after defeating The Dark One at The Dark Temple.

  • Defeat The Dark One at The Dark Temple

    When you get to the dark temple, you will fight the dark one. Finish the level and claim your trophy. Earthquake works well on this level, you can take out his minions as well as damaging him. To gain back rage just slash his minions a couple times.

  • Get IMPOSSIBLE hit counter

    This requires you to get a 150 hit counter. I found the easiest place to do it is at the Abandoned Coast. There will be a wave or crabs, a wave of flying insects, and then a wave of foot soldiers. Take out the first two waves and then run to the spawn location of the foot soldiers. Get your hit count up and if it seems like you are going to get hit, use Earthquake to knock the enemies down and then continue to hit them.

  • Execute Dark form for the first time

    On your first play-through, buy all the dark magic, bind dark form, and use it. You can't use or buy dark magic after the boss battle in The Dark Temple and do not buy dark magic on your second play-through. See "Servant of the Dark".

  • Execute Light form for the first time

    Once you defeat The Dark One, you obtain Light Form. Just equip it and use it.

  • Learn all shooting improvements

    Press and go to the shooting section. Buy all the improvements here after obtaining "The best soul collector".

  • Use every item at least once

    Press and go over to items. Use Heal, Rage, Max Heal, and Max Rage each once to get this trophy.

  • Collect 3 silver artifact parts

    See "Master of all skills"

  • Collect 3 gold artifact parts

    See "Master of all skills"

  • Collect 3 ruby artifact parts

    See "Master of all skills"

  • Get maximum Shooting upgrade level

    See "Master of all skills"

  • Get maximum Melee upgrade level

    See "Master of all skills"

  • Get maximum Airstrike upgrade level

    See "Master of all skills"

  • Get maximum Shooting, Melee and Airstrike upgrade level

    This is achieved by collecting 12 of each artifact type. Search every level for artifacts. There are 0 - 2 artifacts in each level. A good strategy is once you enter a level, exit it and see how many artifacts are in the level. Then, re-enter, complete the level, and then search for all the artifacts. They are easy to spot and a guide is not necessary.

  • Upgrade health regeneration level to maximum

    Press and go over to items. Buy the Health Regeneration Upgrade 1, 2, and 3 and the Rage Regeneration Upgrade 1, 2, and 3 for this trophy.

  • Learn all Special Form upgrades

    Just buy all special form upgrades. This has to be done on your first play-through because in order to get the good ending, you can't buy Dark Form.

  • Kill 100 monsters

    See "Famous monster eliminator"

  • Kill 1000 monsters

    See "Famous monster eliminator"

  • Kill 10 000 monsters

    By the end of your first play-through you should have around 5,000 monster kills. This trophy should be completed during the second play-through. If you don't have this trophy by the time you finish the Hall of Columns, then replay the Hall of Columns until you get the trophy. Otherwise you will have to start a new game to complete this trophy.

  • Collect 5 000 souls

    See "The best soul collector"

  • Collect 50 000 souls

    See "The best soul collector"

  • Collect 5 000 000 souls

    See "The best soul collector"

  • Collect 50 000 000 souls

    This is not as hard as it seems. This trophy should actually come naturally at The Hall of Columns if you only buy spells that you need. If you don't have this trophy after The Hall of Columns, replay the level until you do have it. Remember to upgrade everything AFTER you get this trophy since these trophies only unlock if you possess the souls, not if you spend them.

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