WARNING: The platinum trophy is no longer achievable for this game as the servers have been shut down, making the online trophies impossible to obtain.


Estimated Platinum Difficulty: N/A (Personal Rating 5/10)
Offline Trophies: 42 (1 , 10 30 1 )
Online Trophies: 7 (1 , 1 , 5 )
Estimated Time to Platinum: 50+ hours (mostly due to online trophies)
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 Attitude Era Mode playthrough, 1 year of WWE Universe.
Glitched Trophies: 'King of the World', 'Rising Star', 'Established Veteran', 'Welcome to the creators' circle'.
Missable Trophies: None
Online Pass needed? Yes, it is titled 'Online Axxess'. If you buy the game new, there will be a code on the back of the game manual, enter that and you get Online Axxess free. It costs £6.99 from the PS Store if you got the game second hand.
Other Information: Please note that game saves for this game are locked, and also take up 3GB. This means that they cannot be uploaded to the PS+ Cloud service nor transferred to a new PS3. (Thanks Terminator for confirming this) If your PS3 does die however, all trophies will be saved to your account meaning your trophies can be transferred to a new PS3.

THQ return with the release of the highly anticipated WWE '13, the latest game in the WWE series. It features the new Attitude Era Mode, which fans will enjoy as you get to fight using characters such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mankind, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Shawn Michaels, The Rock and the Brothers of Destruction in 5 different storylines.
There are also new 'OMG' Moves and special moves, all which lead to one of the best WWE gaming experiences anyone has ever seen.

Step 1- WWE Creations: First I would recommend getting the creation trophies out of the way, as you will need some of your creations for other trophies in the game (a created superstar, created arena and a created championship). First create a championship, give it to a superstar and you will unlock 'The Champ is Here!' Then create a front grapple, top rope and corner finisher, this will unlock 'This is special!' Then create a custom arena, which earns 'Arena Designer'. Remember to save each one of them. Then create a story with your arena or superstar, earning 'Made-up original story',and then create an entrance video for your custom superstar, this will unlock 'Check Out My Entrance Video!' Finally, go to the logo creator and use the paint tool to add anything to an original logo, then 'Paint Tool Magician' will pop and take a screenshot in Create a Highlight Mode. The trophies you can earn in this step are:

Made-up original story
Arena Designer
Check Out My Entrance Video!
Paint Tool Magician
This is special!
The Champ is Here!

Step 2- Attitude Era Mode: Your next job is to complete the Attitude Era mode. You need to actually complete the chapters and all the historical bonus objectives to earn the trophies. Also you will be able to unlock most things in the game by doing this.
There are 7 chapters you need to complete, they are: 'Off Script', 'The Great One' (featuring the Rock), 'Austin 3:16' (featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin), 'Rise of D-X' (featuring Shawn Michaels and Hunter Hearst Helmsley, (Triple H)), 'Brothers of Destruction' (featuring Undertaker and Kane) and 'Mankind' (featuring Mankind (Mick Foley). The trophies you can earn in this step are:

Rise of D-X scenario cleared!
Austin 3:16 scenario cleared!
Brothers of Destruction cleared!
Off Script scenario cleared!
The Great One scenario cleared!
Mankind scenario cleared!
Road to WrestleMania XV cleared!

Step 3- WWE Universe Mode: Now you have created your custom superstar and got all the unlockables from Attitude Era Mode, it would be best to complete WWE Universe Mode 3.0. First win a match with your created superstar to earn 'A Superstar is Born!' Then skip to WrestleMania and put your superstar in a match against the Undertaker. Winning gives you 'The Streak Ends' and 'A Once in a Lifetime Event'. Then win the WWE, ECW and WCW championships to earn 'Gold Standard'. You'll also need to win and then cash in Money in the Bank in WWE Universe also, earning you both MITB trophies. The trophies you can earn in this step are:

A Once in a Lifetime Event
A Superstar is Born!
Gold Standard
Mr. Money in the Bank
A Man who wastes no opportunity
The Streak Ends

Step 4- Online:
Now, the online part. Probably the hardest part of WWE '13. In fact, probably the hardest part of any WWE game for quite a few years. You need to grind 860000 Prestige Points to reach the maximum online rank and earn 'King Of The World' and win 10 ranked matches to earn 'A Winner is You!'.
Then you need to review 5 items and get your items downloaded 5 times for 'Critic' and 'Welcome to the creators' circle'. The trophies you can earn in this step are:

A fresh beginning
A Winner is You!
Rising Star
Welcome to the creators' circle
Established Veteran
King of the World

Step 5- Exhibition and Free Brawl Modes: Here is where a lot of the trophies in WWE '13 are earned. First, assign your created championship you created in Step 1 to a created superstar, choose a created arena then enter a match. You will get 'All Original Baby!' from doing this. Then attack your opponent with the championship to earn 'Create and destroy'. Then set up an I Quit Match and win to earn 'Negotiator'. Next, set up a normal match against an opponent with a submission finisher, you can earn 'Comeback!' and 'Reached the ropes!' Perform an OMG Move onto a barricade and then onto a table to earn the OMG Move related trophies. Use the limb target system to attack one of your opponents limbs 10 times ( followed by , , or ) Then choose a superstar like Big Show and choose your opponent as Paul Wight (the current superstar's Attitude Era version in other words), win and then choose Paul Wight vs Big Show and win, this earns 'I Just Keep Evolving!' and 'One of History's Greats!' Next, use Daniel Bryan to defeat Sheamus to earn 'Yes! Yes! Yes!'
Finally, go to Free Brawl and win by throwing your opponent through the window to earn 'The Rattlesnake is coming!?' The trophies you can earn in this step are:

One of history's greats
I Just Keep Evolving!
Create and destroy
All Original Baby!
Reached the ropes!
The Rattlesnake is coming!?
Fighting Smart
A Legend Begins
Yes! Yes! Yes!
It's like a car crash!
Oh my!
You can't let down your guard
Holy ****!
Invincible Man

Step 6- Clean Up: Now is the time to earn all the trophies you haven't yet earned. If you haven't already, land a catch finisher and reverse an opponent's finisher to earn 'You can't let down your guard' and 'Watch Out!' Perform a comeback to earn 'Comeback!', and make sure to break the barricade in two places, then perform four OMG Moves (one in the ring, two on the barricade and one on the table) to earn those trophies. Then break 50 tables, ladders and chairs (cultimative, not 50 of each item) If you haven't earned them already, the trophies you will earn in this step are:

You can't let down your guard
Ring Hooligan
Watch Out!

[PST Would Like to Thank sevenpanda for this Roadmap

WWE '13 Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
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49 trophies ( 10  36  14  )

  • Obtain all other Trophies.

    Congratulations on your platinum trophy! It is definitely a tough one to earn.

  • Win 10 ranked matches.

    Possibly Glitched- You need to win 10 ranked matches online, this will probably take some time as the online servers glitch and freeze quite a lot and it is very difficult to complete a match, never mind win one. So in that sense this requires a bit of luck as you need to find a session with decent connection and then win it.

  • Beat The Undertaker at WrestleMania with a Custom Superstar on Legend difficulty (single player).

    The trophy description for this one is slightly misleading. It must be done in WWE Universe Mode. It has also been reported that this trophy has not unlocked when using a downloaded created superstar, so I would advise using your own just to be on the safe side.

    A very easy way to do this is to skip to WrestleMania and then edit the match The Undertaker is in. Then add infinite finishers to your created superstar and hit it about 10 times on him for the win.You could also combine this with the Money In The Bank trophies, by winning MITB and cashing it in on Undertaker at WrestleMania (make sure to give him a World title before-hand).

    Remember that you need to be playing on Legend AI difficulty for this one (My WWE -> Gameplay -> Match Options -> In Game Options -> AI Difficulty to change the AI difficulty).

  • Achieve the maximum rank online.

    Glitched. This trophy has glitched for me and many others, due to an issue where your rank resets every time you quit the game. But for those who haven't experienced this problem,this is still the hardest trophy in the game. You'll need a massive 1,316,000 Prestige Points to earn the maximum rank, Hall of Famer. The online servers are awful and very laggy, which makes the trophy even harder to achieve. Also, THQ have recently sold the rights for the WWE games as they have gone bankrupt basically, so this may affect us even more. Luckily, you can create matches and boost this (see this thread): Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)).

    Each win earns about 2000 Prestige Points for most matches. Winning the Royal Rumble gives you about 10000 Prestige Points, however this game mode can take up to 30 minutes in some cases.

    Some tips that may help you:

    · When selecting your options for your search, put the connectivity strength about halfway. This increases your chance of getting a good connection and a good lobby.
    · Try match stipulations such as triple threat ladder matches and steel cage matches, these can be over pretty quickly and reward you decent Prestige Points.
    · Don't give up.

  • Earn the WWE, WCW, and ECW Championship belts with a single Superstar.

    You need to do this one in WWE Universe Mode. However you cannot do it straight away, you need to unlock the WCW and ECW Championships first. To unlock the ECW Championship, you need to win a title at the Extreme Rules PPV in April, it has to be done in Universe Mode. The WCW Championship is unlocked in the Attitude Era mode. Then win all three belts with one Superstar, doesn't matter who it is.

    Here is a very quick and easy method of how to earn this trophy once you have unlocked the titles (Thanks K as in Kyle):

    "After you've unlocked the WCW and ECW titles, just go to exhibition mode and set up a title match. Make note of who the WWE champ is - it was CM Punk for me. Turn double title match on ( ) and select the WCW and ECW titles (doesn't matter if they're vacant). Now select the triple threat match option and pick the WWE champ (CM Punk in my case) as your superstar. Give yourself infinite finishers and the match will be over in 30 seconds.

    No need to go through the trouble of setting up/editing the shows in Universe mode."

  • Win at least 20 matches on Hard difficulty or higher (single player).

    This trophy is not nearly as hard as it sounds. First you need to go to My WWE -> Gameplay -> Match Options -> AI Difficulty and change the AI difficulty to hard. The easiest way to do this currently is give your wrestler one finisher and set the match type to a finisher match via match options, and then repeat until you have won 20 matches.

  • Cash in a Money in the Bank and win using a Custom Superstar in WWE Universe (single player).

    Once you have won Money in the Bank at the Money in the Bank pay-per view (see 'Mr. Money in the Bank') you then need to cash it in on a World Champion. I would recommend cashing it in on a WWE or World Heavyweight Champion. Make sure to cash it in and win before the next Money in the Bank pay-per view the year after (this is when the contract runs out).

    Once you win the match this trophy will pop.

  • Achieve the rank 10 online.

    Glitched- See 'King of the World'

  • Break a total of 50 tables, ladders, and chairs by attacking with them (single player).

    You need to break 50 tables, ladders and chairs, you do not need to break 50 of each one, just 50 in total. I would recommend playing an Extreme Rules match, and keep bringing out chairs and attacking the opponent. Once you cannot find anymore chairs from under the ring, restart the match until you have 50, and when you get 50, the trophy will pop.

    I would advise putting the difficulty on Easy and setting the AI reversal slider 'Foreign Object Reversal' to low. This will make the trophy much quicker and easier.

  • Win Money in the Bank using a Custom Superstar in WWE Universe mode (single player).

    This trophy is a lot easier than it was in WWE '12. You can edit your superstar into the match as well, unlike WWE '12. Doing this does not disable the trophy, I attempted getting the trophy this way and it popped when I won.

    When you enter the match, immediately get a ladder from outside the ring and set it up. Don't worry about the other wrestlers, they will be fighting amongst themselves and probably won't attack you. Start climbing, and try to pull the briefcase at least twice before you fall off after the AI knock the ladder down. Then just repeat this and hopefully the briefcase should fall. It takes about 4-5 pulls to get the briefcase.

    This isn't a difficulty- related trophy, so you can set the difficulty to Easy to make it much easier.

  • Successfully perform a Comeback Move (single player).

    You can only earn this in single player, not online, as the trophy title suggests. Make sure you suffer quite a bit of damage, and then when the prompt appears, press to perform a taunt to your opponent and activate the comeback. Press again to activate the comeback mini game. Press the buttons on screen as quickly as you can, and when the comeback ends this trophy will pop.

  • Appear in WrestleMania using a Custom Superstar in WWE Universe (single player)

    You need to complete a match at WrestleMania with your created superstar to earn this trophy. I would recommend combining this with the 'The Streak Ends' trophy. Once you have completed the match this trophy will pop (you do not need to win).

  • Use a wake-up taunt, land a Finisher and immediately pin your opponent (single player).

    This is a very simple trophy, but may take two tries to work. First down your opponent with a signature move and press to perform a wake-up taunt. As soon as your opponent stands up, hit your finisher using , pin him and win the match.

  • Exhibition (Legend difficulty) - Defeat a Superstar with his Attitude Era version (single player).

    Here you need to beat a superstar with his Attitude Era version. The quickest way to get this is by playing The Rock vs the Rock 97-99, as both are unlocked at the start of the game. Remember that you need to play on Legend AI for this trophy.

    The easiest way to get this trophy would be to give yourself infinite finishers and then you can win the match in less than a minute. Or alternatively you could wait until you unlock Paul Wight, and then play Big Show vs. Paul Wight. Then give yourself infinite finishers and break the ring using an OMG Move, which will win you the match by KO. Vice versa for the next trophy, use Paul Wight instead of Big Show.

  • Exhibition (Legend difficulty) - With a Superstar, defeat his Attitude Era version (single player).

    See 'One of history's greats'

  • Win at least one match on Hard difficulty or higher (single player).

    See 'Invincible man'

  • Exhibition - Attack the same body part 10 or more times in a single match (single player).

    For this trophy you need to use the limb target system to attack the same body part ten times in one match. To activate the limb target system, get your opponent in a front grapple hold and press , then , , or . Rinse and repeat 10 times on the same body part for this trophy to pop.
    It must be done in Exhibition Mode (known as 'Play' on the main menu).

  • Exhibition - Force an opponent to quit in an "I Quit" Match (single player).

    First you will need to go on 'Play' and 'I Quit Match'.
    Even on Easy, it is very difficult to make an opponent say 'I Quit'. So I would recommend giving yourself infinite finishers and just keep hitting your finisher on the opponent. Choose a wrestler with a non-submission finisher, such as Big Show, Sheamus, John Cena etc. After every 5 finishers, ask the referee if the opponent would like to say 'I Quit', and there will be a short mini-game where the computer has to hit a certain thing on the pin meter to get up and carry on. If they do not do this, then the match will be over, you will win and this trophy should pop.

  • Compete as a Custom Superstar in a Custom Arena for a Custom Championship.

    You'll need to create an arena and a championship for this. Assign the championship to a created superstar next, and then press 'Play' via the main menu. Then when selecting the match type, select 'Speciality', then 'Title Match'. When you are choosing your arena, select a custom arena. Then just load up the match and this trophy will pop, you do not need to win.

    Alternatively you could assign the championship to a major/minor championship slot on WWE Universe Mode, then create a new pay-per view which has a custom arena. Skip to that pay- per view and enter the match, and this trophy will pop.

  • Play a match in an arena created in Create an Arena mode.

    See 'All Original Baby!'. This trophy can be combined with the trophy mentioned.

  • Achieve the rank 5 online.

    Glitched- See 'King of the World'.

  • Create a story including a Custom Superstar or a Custom Arena.

    For this trophy you need to add a created superstar or custom arena to any match or scene in Create-A-Story mode. To access it, go to 'WWE Creations' -> Story -> New. Then choose 'Raw' and select 'Add' and 'Match' when the prompt appears. Then when selecting the competitors, choose a custom superstar. Save the story and exit Create-A-Story mode and this trophy will pop.

  • Break a total of 20 tables, ladders, and chairs by attacking with them (single player).

    See 'Berserker'.

  • Crawl to the ropes during a submission (Single Player).

    This trophy is quite easy, you just need to select an opponent with two submission finishers (Daniel Bryan is the best wrestler to use). Then give him infinite finishers, and after the bell rings for the start of the match he should gut kick you and then lock in the No! Lock (better known as the Le Bell Lock). Then move the left stick to crawl towards the ropes, and when a rope break is called by the referee, this trophy will pop.

    Remember to tap , , and while doing this, however do not empty the 'Breaking Point' meter as this will break the submission and will mean you won't be able to crawl to the ropes and get this trophy.

    Also do not set the match to a submission match, as the rope break is set to off.

  • Win a match using a Custom Superstar in WWE Universe mode (single player).

    Very simple trophy. Just edit your created superstar into a match in WWE Universe mode and win that match. Set the difficulty to Easy if you are having any troubles.

  • Create an arena in Create an Arena mode.

    This is another very simple creation trophy. Go to: WWE Creations -> Arena. Then scroll across using and press the save button. Once you have returned to the main menu, this trophy will pop.

  • Create an entrance movie in Create an Entrance mode

    For this trophy, go to: WWE Creations -> Custom Entrance Video. Change anything you want and then press 'Save'. The entrance video will take about 5 minutes to encode (save) (this will depend on the remaining memory on your PS3). Once it has saved you will be asked to preview the video, press to save and return to the main menu and this trophy will unlock.

  • Use the paint tool to create and add an original logo to any original creation.

    This is a bit misleading, the trophy description is a bit unclear on what you have to do. Basically all you need to do is go to WWE Creations -> Logo and create an original logo. Save that, and then apply it to any original creation (this could be an arena, ring, championship etc.)

  • Create a front, top-rope, and corner special move.

    For this one, you'll need to go to WWE Creations -> Special Move. First create a complete front grapple finisher, and save it. Then create a top rope finisher and corner finisher. It has to have at least three parts to it. Save each finisher, return to the main menu and this one will pop.

  • Create an original championship belt in the Championship Editor.

    'Create-A-Championship' is new to WWE '13. Unfortunately, you can only edit certain parts of it. However for this trophy, all you need to do is edit any part of the championship, save it, and then assign it to any superstar, diva or created superstar and the trophy will pop.

    To get to the Championship Editor, go to My WWE -> Title Management -> Create Title.

  • Exhibition (Title Match) - Attack your opponent with a custom belt (single player).

    After you have created your championship, go to 'Play', then 'Speciality', then 'Title Match'. Select the superstar that holds your created championship to use, and start the match. Remember to set it to an Extreme Rules match (or any stipulation that is no disqualification). As soon as the bell rings, run out of the ring, and your opponent should follow. Then, to the right of the announce table, is the championship. Pick it up, and hit your opponent with it. If the trophy does not pop first time, try to get a clear hit in the head for it to unlock.

  • Take a screenshot in Create a Highlight mode.

    For this one, you first need to begin a match. As soon as the match begins, pause the match and enter 'Highlight Reel'. Save that clip, and then exit the match.

    Next go to WWE Creations -> WWE Highlight Reel -> New -> Load Saved Clip. Load the video/clip you have just saved, then scroll down to where it says 'Screenshot'. Press on this, save the screenshot and this trophy will pop.

  • Play in an Online match (Player match/Ranked match)

    Easy trophy, just enter any ranked match or player match online, and complete it. The online servers are very glitchy and laggy, so this may take a few tries. Once you are back to the main online hub, this trophy will pop.

  • Your Community Creations content has been reviewed at least 5 times.

    Possibly Glitched- If you are an excellent creator, you should get this pretty quickly. If you are not great at creating like me, you should visit the boosting thread located here: Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)

    You need 5 reviews on your content, some people have been reporting that they have had more than 5 reviews and not got the trophy, that is why it is listed as possibly glitched.

  • Review 5 or more user-created content items in Community Creations.

    Simple trophy, just go onto: Online -> WWE Community Creations. Then post a review on 5 different items. Review logos and screenshots as these are the quickest to load.
    Once you have reviewed 5 items this trophy will pop.


Secret trophies

  • Clear the "Off Script" chapter.

    This one is slightly different to the other Attitude Era trophies, you actually need to unlock this by clearing a specific story in Attitude Era Mode. Clear this chapter and this trophy will unlock.

  • Clear the "Road to WrestleMania XV" chapter.

    See 'Rise of D-X scenario cleared!'

  • Break the ring with an OMG Move (single player).

    You need one stored finisher to be able to use this. A stored finisher is a finisher you haven't yet used.

    You also need to pick a super-heavyweight in order for this to work, so Big Show for example. Irish Whip your opponent into the corner of the ring using , then press when the prompt appears to perform the OMG Move. Once the ring is broken and you have got up you will earn this trophy.

  • Clear the "Mankind" chapter.

    See 'Rise of D-X scenario cleared!'

  • Successfully reverse a Finisher (single player).

    This is a very difficult trophy as it requires you to reverse an opponent's finisher, the reason this is so difficult is that the time you have to reverse it is very small, so it is extremely hard to do this.
    I achieved this in the Attitude Era Mode with HBK when my opponent attempted a ground finisher, I think it is easier to reverse a ground or top rope finisher but to be honest none are very easy to reverse.

    I would face an opponent who has a top rope finisher, such as Justin Gabriel. When he hits the move, press at the exact right time to reverse the move. Doing it while standing will earn 'You can't let down your guard' as well.

  • Clear the "The Great One" chapter.

    See 'Rise of D-X scenario cleared!'

  • Exhibition - Break the barricade in 2 places in the same match (single player).

    You need two stored finishers to be able to do this particular OMG Move. I would recommend giving yourself infinite finishers before you start the match, and when the match starts just run out of the ring towards the announce table. Now set your opponent up with an Irish Whip, and Irish Whip him into the one of the corners of the barricade left or right of you. Walk up to your opponent, who should have their back towards the barricade, and press to hit an OMG Move, This then breaks the barricade.

    Repeat for the barricade on the other side, and this trophy will be yours once your opponent has gone through the second barricade.

  • Land a Catch Finisher (single player, Exhibition Mode only).

    Catch finishers are new for WWE '13, and they are very difficult to achieve. I would recommend picking Undertaker and putting him against either Justin Gabriel, Hunico, Rey Mysterio or Sin Cara.

    Next you will need to build momentum, before the match starts change momentum rate to high if you are having any difficulty doing this (My WWE -> Gameplay -> Momentum Rate).

    Then when you have a finisher, hold to perform a stronger Irish Whip, try to stand near the ropes if possible. Your opponent will get up, and should perform an apron attack. Then when he is in the air, press at the perfect time to catch your opponent and perform your finisher. This may take quite a few tries for the AI to jump into the ring off the apron. Just be patient, and eventually the AI will jump into the ring off the apron.

  • Clear the "Brothers of Destruction" chapter.

    See 'Rise of D-X scenario cleared!'

  • Win by throwing an opponent through the window in Backstage Brawl (single player).

    This trophy can only be achieved in Free Brawl mode. To begin a free brawl, go to Play -> Speciality -> Free Brawl. Give yourself infinite finishers, and run towards where the window is (your opponent should follow). The window is near the parking lot. Then just Irish Whip him a few times into the window, and then press to perform your finisher which will send him/her through the window.

  • Clear the "Austin 3:16" chapter.

    See 'Rise of D-X scenario completed!'

  • Use Daniel Bryan to defeat Sheamus (single player, Exhibition Mode only).

    You have to use Daniel Bryan to get this trophy, and it must be in Exhibition Mode ('Play'). Play on Easy AI difficulty to make it quicker and easier to get this trophy, then set momentum rate to high.

    Now just beat down Sheamus until you get the No! Lock finisher, lock it in. Now he may get out of it, so straight afterwards lock him in a standing abdominal stretch to win.

    Or alternatively you could just use infinite finishers, keep beating down on Sheamus, lock in the No! Lock, then when he gets out of it just keep on applying it until he taps out. Once you have won the match and returned to the main menu this trophy will pop.

  • Break the announcer table with an OMG Move (single player).

    Like the other OMG Moves, you need a stored finisher to perform it. Again, like the others, it would be best to give yourself infinite finishers before the match begins. Then run out of the ring (your opponent will follow you) and Irish Whip him into the announce table where the commentators sit. Then, when the prompt appears, press to perform an OMG Move. Your wrestler will proceed to then slam your opponent through the table. When this sequence and replays have completely finished, this trophy will unlock.

  • Clear the "Rise of D-X" chapter.

    Attitude Era Mode is new for WWE '13, you need to complete each specific chapter to get the corresponding trophy. You must complete all the historical bonus objectives for each match to unlock each trophy.

    Note that some people have reported a huge delay in the trophies unlocking after they have completed the chapter- up to 12 hours in some cases.

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