Worms Revolution Extreme Trophies

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36 trophies ( 10  20  )

  • Earn every trophy

  • Show us how quick you learn and complete all the tutorial missions

  • Prove you’ve got what it takes and complete all campaign missions

  • War is hell, kill 300 enemy worms in online matches anyway, anyhow!

  • Enjoy the company of 20 others online

  • Get all worm classes (4 x Scout, 4 x Scientist, 4 x Heavy).

  • Kill 50 worms by sending them into the drink

  • Win 10 allied matches online

  • Got it upstairs? Show us by completing all the puzzle missions

  • 500 damage, in one turn? Go on then!

  • Smash up one of each type of physics object

  • Go for a swim... a 5 turn swim

  • Start as you mean to go on and complete any single player level

  • Kill 10 enemy Scout worms in online matches

  • Kill 10 enemy Soldier worms in online matches

  • Kill 10 enemy Heavy worms in online matches

  • Kill 10 enemy Scientist worms in online matches

  • Kill an enemy worm through a physics object squashing them

  • Kill a worm with an exploding physics object

  • Use the ultimate weapon, the Concrete Donkey

  • Win 5 games killing the last worm with a prod

  • Enter 10 fort games with the same fort

  • Repeat swing on the rope 5 times without touching the ground

  • Kill a worm using a weapon whilst on the parachute

  • Kill 10 enemy worms using a sentry gun

  • Kill 1000 enemy worms

  • Be greedy and collect 100 weapon or utility crates

  • Act like Florence and collect 100 health crates

  • Drop mines like nobody’s business, 50 in fact

  • Complete all the Mars downloadable content single player missions.

  • Use the Buffalo, Poison Gun, Lightning and Crate Strikes once.

  • Resurrect at least one worm using the Lightning Strike.

  • Kill at least one worm using the Buffalo.

  • Win at least 5 online games in the Mars theme

  • Complete all five Mars campaigns without losing a single worm.

  • Connect with a friend and unlock a gift in the Treasure area.


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Worms Revolution Extreme Trophies FAQ

  • How many Worms Revolution Extreme trophies are there?
    There are 36 Trophies to unlock in Worms Revolution Extreme. Of these trophies, 1 is Platinum, 5 Gold, 10 Silver, 20 Bronze.

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