• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Personal Estimate) (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 15-20 Hours (Personal Estimate) (Estimate Time to Platinum)
  • Offline trophies: 23 (9, 7, 6, 1)
  • Online trophies: 9 (6, 3)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 3, Weapons Expert, Ding, Confidence Boost
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty setting
  • Do trophies stack?: None
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheat codes
  • Special peripherals or multiple controllers needed?: None required.
  • Online Pass?: No but PS+ is required for online play


Worms Battlegrounds is a 2D style strategy game where the objective is to eliminate all enemy worms, completing side objectives along the way. Players of Worms Revolution on PS3 will be familiar with the mechanics of this game with the Soldier, Scout, Heavy and Scientist worms which all have their own unique traits that they bring to the battlefield. There are 3 glitched trophies but they are still obtainable, see Weapons Expert, Ding and Confidence Boost for more information.

It is also worth knowing that any trophies you try to obtain in offline Versus, the first player (red team) must be used to fulfil the requirements!

Step 1 - Complete the Story

Simply play through all the story levels and enjoy it as it poses little challenge and should take around 4-5 hours to complete.

By the end of this Step you will unlock:

Tara's in a Pinkle
Group Up
High and Dry
Not Again...
Temple Terror
Liking the Taste
Very Moreish

You should also try and go for:


Step 2 - Complete Worm Ops, Obtain Sergeant Swift and remaining misc/offline trophies

In this step you will want to complete all 10 Worm Ops in under 8 minutes total, see Sergeant Swift for details. Also earn all the other offline trophies on local play, just ensure the player 1 team is the one performing the actions required for whichever trophy you are going for and not the guest players.

By the end of this Step you will unlock:

Sitting Pretty
Long Winded
Prod off
Worm for the Job
Sergeant Swift
Man Vs Worms
Big Spender
Weapons Expert

Step 3 - Online Trophies

In this step you want to earn all the online trophies. All these trophies can be earned solo or boosted with a partner but An honest mistake requires 3 players minimum to boost. Boosting is recommended for Steamroller unless you are feeling confident or are a Worms prodigy. For boosting partners, please refer to the Worms Battlegrounds Boosting Thread.

By the end of this Step you will unlock:

First of Many
Make it Count
Best. Clan. Ever.
Confidence Boost
Remember Me?
An honest mistake
Worms Elite

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Alien Invasion DLC:


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Personal Estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 5 (2, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 3-5 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty setting
  • Do trophies stack?: None
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheat codes


The Alien Invasion DLC pack comes with 10 additional missions for Worms Battlegrounds and Bodycount mode, an endless deathmatch with increasing difficulty on each wave! This DLC comes with 5 additional trophies which are straight forward to earn and should pose little to no trouble for any Worms player.

Step 1 - Complete the Alien Invasion Missions

In this step just play through all 10 Alien Invasion missions, these are not that difficult at all and only level 9may take you a couple of attempts but make sure you go for Not a Scratch whilst doing so.

By the end of this step you will unlock:

Living in the Future
Not a Scratch
Houston We Have a Problem

Step 2 - Bodycount Mode

For this step you want to focus on getting 50,000 in a single match of Bodycount and accumulate 250 total kills in this mode, this will probably take a couple of hours.

By the end of this step you will unlock:

Big Hitter
Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

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Worms Battlegrounds Trophy Guide

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36 trophies ( 12  16  2  )

  • Easy, just unlock all the other trophies!

    This will pop when you unlock every other trophy the game has to offer!

  • Complete "The Mission Before Time".

    Story Related and cannot be missed

    You will unlock this trophy upon starting the game up and beating the 'Mission Before Time' level which acts as the tutorial.

  • Complete "Meat in the Middle".

    Story Related and cannot be missed

    You will unlock this trophy upon completing the level "Meat in the Middle".

  • Complete "Worm on Trap"

    Story Related and cannot be missed

    You will unlock this trophy upon completing the level "Worm on Trap".

  • Complete "The Class Act".

    Story Related and cannot be missed

    You will unlock this trophy upon completing the level "The Class Act".

  • Complete "Fugu Fountain".

    Story Related and cannot be missed

    You will unlock this trophy upon completing the level "Fugu Fountain".

  • Defeat the evil Lord Mesmer.

    Story Related and cannot be missed

    You will unlock this trophy upon completing the level Final Level and defeating Lord Mesmer.

  • Complete "No Zzz's in Escape" without taking any damage.

    To earn this trophy you must complete the level "No Zzz's in Escape" without taking any damage, this isn't too difficult. Bear in mind though if you make a mistake and take damage then you cannot restart the checkpoint, it will still count the damage you took at the end of the level results, thus voiding the trophy. Take your time with the ninja rope usage and jumping sections and take out all the worms quickly so they do not damage you.

    The most troublesome section is after you navigate the rotating blades and drop down to an area with 3 worms. To kill them and not take damage, fire punch the heavy on the left then fire punch the nearest on your right. Doing this will cause the worm on the far right to drop down, he will still be alive however. Make sure you move to the toward the end of the platform you are sitting on to the left or he may shotgun you through it, he should Skip Go. After that you need to fire punch the mine to the right so it falls down and detonates, the enemy worm will most likely be still alive but worry not as he will skip go again and you can lower yourself down and take him out with fire punch.

    Alternatively, HarryNinetyFour has created an excellent video guide showing how to get the trophy.

  • Complete all Worm Ops missions.

    Simply complete all 10 Worm Ops missions to earn this trophy. See Sergeant Swift for tips on completing each mission.

  • Complete all Worm Ops missions in under 8 total minutes.

    This is the hardest Trophy in the game. There are a total of 10 Worm Ops and you need to complete all of them in under 1 minute on average each. This may sound very daunting but rest assured that with patience and practice, this is easily achievable, below are my times and tips for each Op and tips for all Ops in general.

    Bear in mind that you can change worm class using after selecting the worm op you are attempting, some types are better than others, Scouts are very mobile and make better use of utilities, Heavy worms are slow but cause increased damage and have a larger blast radius with all weapons.

    NOTE: When you are using a weapon, from when you press fire and all the way until the end of your turn, this does not count on your time total. Only time spent staying idle, aiming, moving and navigating around the landscape count against your total time so you can use this to your advantage to get lower times by immediately firing your weapon at the start of your turn where appropriate.

    Bazooka Bonanza - 44.05s
    For this stage you need to try not to go for the utility boxes as much as possible as this is well you will add up time, stay where you for as long as possible picking off worms swiftly. Utilize the above tip and before long you will have a solid time. A Heavy could help here as the increased blast radius may knock enemy worms off easier.

    Wiggly Walking - 26.76s
    Using a Scout worm will help a lot here. See the springy lifts that shoot up after the water stops pouring? Once the water stops and the lift rises, double tap jump for extra height. Doing this means you can jump straight up to the worm you need to kill, without navigating through the various cracks and crevices on the right side of the map.

    Trepid Tunnellers - 46.06s
    Simply collect as many weapon crates as possible that are close to you, these contain Boggy B's and can be used to easily take out enemies that are across the map. Remember that after using and aiming the Boggy B's, this does not count as time. Using a Heavy worm here will help with the Boggy B's, but will be slow collecting the crates.

    Fort Fiasco - 58.41s
    For this Op you can just pick up the bunker buster and pick off every worm individually, as long as you don't take a long time aiming you will easily a achieve a time of less than a minute.

    Jittery Jetting - 36.10s
    Not too hard, you need to move fast but be wary of the mines scattered around and getting trapped above or under any of the wheels. Once you go up the first section and start going up the next, there will be a mine above you slightly to the left, trigger this mine and it will open a pathway straight up reducing time taken considerably. Use a Scout worm for this Op as they are the most mobile class.

    Pachinko Precision - 6.56s
    Aim upwards with the Holy Hand Grenade, throw it at full power and hope for the best. You will waste more time trying to be super accurate with your aiming, just spam it until all the enemy worms are dead which shouldn't take long. Make sure to use a Heavy worm here.

    Glorified Grenading - 1m 6s
    It gets a bit more difficult here. As each turn passes you will notice the platform you are on starts to lower, simply start with the worms higher up first and work your way down as the platform lowers trying not to waste too much time aiming or moving about.

    Don't worry too much if you miss a throw or two, although my time was without missing a single throw, a heavy worm will help here as they increase grenade blast radius.

    Maniacal Movements - 1m 10s
    This is the hardest challenge to get a low time on, there aren't many tips I can share here as it is highly skill dependent. Just move as quickly as possible on the first section as you parachute down.

    On the first ninja rope section move as fast as you can, do not worry if a mine hits you and you fall down near the water, as most of the time it will be quicker than being slow and careful here. The next ninja rope part following this is fairly easy, just be careful not to make a mistake when moving up so you don't fall and hurt yourself. Use a Scout as they are faster and make better use of utilities.

    Straight Shotgunning - 56.92s
    Not too difficult if you are good at using the shotgun. This is skill dependent but if you use the tip I mentioned about using your weapon and not taking a long time to aim, this shouldn't be too hard.

    Ray Race - 44.05s
    You will need to try this level a few times to get used to the Teleport Gun. The fastest way I found was to move down then up towards the section where the water pours down the middle of the map, fall down here and fire the teleport gun to land on the small mound to the right.

    If you are good at aiming then use the shotgun to take out the worms to your right and left, otherwise use the Teleport Gun to move closer to them or knock them in the water with Fire Punch. Using a scout worm is advised.

    HarryNinetyFour has created an excellent playthrough of all of the Worm Ops missions in order to get the fastest times required for the trophy.

  • Kill a total of 10 enemy worms.

    See Man Vs Worms

  • Kill a total of 100 enemy worms.

    See Man Vs Worms

  • Kill a total of 300 enemy worms.

    This trophy should come naturally after completing all Worm Ops and story levels. If you do not have the trophy by then you can play Local Versus to farm kills, just ensure you earn the kills as player 1 or it won't count.

    You can track your progress for this trophy via Help and Options => Player Stats from the main menu.

  • Kill 4 worms in a single turn.

    This is easily achieved in local versus by gathering several worms together and using a powerful weapon such as a Concrete Donkey or Banana Bomb on them.

  • Kill 5 worms with the Prod weapon.

    Self-explanatory. This is easily achieved in local versus by positioning 5 worms on the edge of the landscape and prod them in the water for an instant kill.

  • Purchase a Concrete Donkey from the in-game shop.

    For this trophy you must accumulate 100 coins in one game and purchase a concrete donkey from the shop. The shop is accessed by opening the weapons menu in game and scrolling to the bottom row of weapons below the main menu, highlighting over the Concrete Donkey and purchasing it with 100 coins.

    To get 100 coins: Create your own game style, edit the Object Options to make Coin Crates drop at 90% every turn, enter a local versus game and keep collecting them until you have 100 coins.

    Note that you cannot buy the Concrete Donkey on an underground map, this must be done on an outside map.

    Alternatively, HarryNinetyFour has created an excellent video showing how to get the trophy:

  • Parachute for 30 seconds and successfully land in a single turn.

    In order to obtain this trophy create your own game style and set girders on. When you start the game, simply go to the highest point of the landscape and place a girder as high up as the game allows. Now use a Jetpack to fly up there, jump off using a parachute making sure you hold up on the analogue stick so you fall much slower, you should be able to stay airborne for 30 seconds this way.

    Alternatively HarryNinetyFour has created an excellent video showing how to get the trophy:

  • Accumulate 300 or more health on a single worm.

    For this trophy you simply need to accumulate 300 health on one worm. It's best to get this in local versus play by creating a weapons scheme, editing the Game options, setting your worms health to 200 and Object Options to set Health Crates with a 90% drop rate every turn. Simply pick them up until you have 300 health on any worm.

    Alternatively HarryNinetyFour has created an excellent video showing how to get the trophy.

  • Deploy a legendary weapon that you received from a weapons crate or gravestone.

    In order to achieve this trophy you need to either use a Graverobber utility to dig up a dead worms gravestone, or collect weapon crates until you get one of the games "Legendary" weapons which consists of: Old Woman, Holy Hand Grenade, Banana Bomb, Bovine Blitz, Boggy B, Buffalo of Lies, Super Sheep, Concrete and Armageddon, use of them and the trophy will pop.

  • Deal 300 damage in a single turn.

    To get this trophy you need to deal a total of 300 damage to an enemy worm(s) in one turn. This can easily be obtained in local versus play by placing a pile of worms next to each other and using a banana bomb or concrete donkey.

  • Win a multiplayer match.

    Simply win any multiplayer match once which can be Ranked, League/Clan or standard multiplayer. You can boost this by creating a match then inviting a friend in and having them surrender.

  • Win a ranked multiplayer match.

    For this trophy you must win one ranked match, you can enter a ranked match via Playstation Network > Ranked Match. See Steamroller for the boosting method.

  • Achieve a win streak of 5 ranked online games.

    To earn this trophy you need to win 5 Ranked games consecutively without losing, this is highly skill dependent and very tricky without boosting.

    To boost you need 2 players, one clicks on "Create Ranked Match" while the other clicks on "Ranked Match". Both players must keep creating/searching for a match until they find one another and simply trade 5 wins each.

  • Create your own clan, complete with emblem.

    This trophy is earned by creating your own clan with an emblem. From the main menu select Battlegrounds > Customisation and select your emblem and complete your clan name.

  • Fully customise your worms.

    This trophy is obtained by customising your own team of worms.

    From the main menu select Customisation > Customise Worms, just select one from each of the 5 customisation options and the trophy will pop.

  • Win a Battlegrounds league Clan Match.

    Glitched see Ding for more info.

    To obtain this trophy simply win one League Match with your clan, click on Battle > Play League Match. Can be boosted in the same way as Steamroller.

  • Ding


    Level up with a clan.


    For this trophy you need to play so many matches as part of your own clan so you can gain community points and level up, progress can be checked in Clan Hub > My Stats, it will show progress toward the next level. I levelled up after 5 League match wins.

    This trophy is somewhat glitched whereby the servers do not currently acknowledge league match victories straight away. After checking your stats you may notice there is no record of your win, rest assured though as it can still be obtained if you start the game again after several hours or the following day by going in to the Battlegrounds menu. It will have added the community points and contributed to your clan level, still enabling you to earn the trophy.

    You can boost this in the same way as Steamroller.

  • Complete a multiplayer match using your personally created landscape

    This must be done with a friend in private match, if you try to do this in a public game with a random player the option to load a custom landscape will be greyed out.

    To create a landscape go to "Landscape Editor" in the customisation menu then create whatever you wish, select the folder icon at the top right of the screen and select save. Simply create a multiplayer match, invite a friend and choose load your own landscape and finish the game.

    It has come to light that, despite the trophy description saying multiplayer match, that this trophy can be earned in a Local Versus match. Credit to luckyegg for the discovery:

    I got "Show Off" in a local game (guest or online ID)
    I first edited a landscape on customisation then saved it. Afterwards I went to local versus and loaded the edited map, finished the match and the trophy popped.

  • Deal the winning blow with a resurrected worm.

    To earn this trophy you are required to use a Lightning Strike on a gravestone of one of your dead worms and then have this Worm kill your opponents last remaining worm.


Secret trophies

  • Use every weapon and utility in the game.


    As the description states, you must use every weapon and utility in the game at least once. You will use a large number of these playing the story and completing all Worm Ops, for any others you need to use you can create your own game scheme, edit the weapon options and set every weapon to be available and use whichever ones you have remaining.

    You can track your progress via Help and Options > Player Stats > Weapon Stats.

    There have been reports this trophy can be glitched for some users, this actually happened to me when my save was corrupted during Worm ops, this appears to have happened to a few users, but any weapons/utilities I had used were still counted on my weapon stats on a new save file.

    Also Harry94_ and a few other users have messaged me saying the trophy has popped for them despite NOT using every weapon and utility.

    Below is the confirmed work around for the save corruption:

    This happened to me, but this was because my save corrupted during Worm ops but it saved my stats, so I didnt know what weapon I used or not.

    My work around was to delete my save file, DO NOT sign in to PSN or just disable your internet, as the weapon stats tie to your PSN.

    Simply use every weapon and utility again and it should pop.

  • Kill an allied worm in an online match.

    This trophy is obtained in standard multiplayer by having at least 3 players.

    On the ready up screen before entering a match, you can press to change your team, you will notice the circle icon next to your name changing colour, simply have it match another players colour in lobby to pair up with them. Once the match starts simply kill one your team mates worms for the trophy.

    This has to be earned with a minimum of 3 players in a private match, or 2 players and waiting for a random to join in a public match.

DLC: Alien Invasion

5 trophies

  • Use all of the alien weapons

    For this trophy you must use all of the new alien weapons in the DLC, however I and others have unlocked this trophy by simply using the Plasma Blaster (bazooka) only.

  • Get a score of 50,000 in Bodycount in one game

    For this trophy you must obtain a score of 50,000 or more in a single Bodycount game. I recommend choosing the Japan map and going for as many multi and water kills as possible for higher points using air strikes, water strikes and so on. Once you have the required points you can just suicide to end the game.

  • Don’t allow the UFO to take any damage in level 6.

    This trophy is obtained in mission 6 and is easier than it sounds. At the start of the mission have a worm jetpack up to the centre of the level where the square of water is located, position yourself in the middle underneath and use Fire Punch, the water will pour out both ways and kill/damage several worms making this a lot easier. Also keep your worms away from the centre if you can so enemy worms do not target you and accidentally damage the UFO.

  • Kill 250 worms in Bodycount (multiple games allowed)

    For this trophy you must kill a total of 250 worms in Bodycount matches, thankfully this is cumulative so you do not have to earn this in one go. This will probably take around 2 hours, I recommend the Japan map and trying and get as many multi kills as possible, you should average 20-30 kills per match.

  • Complete all Alien Invasion missions

    To unlock this trophy you need to complete all 10 Alien Invasion missions. These are straight forward and rather easy, if you are struggling on level 10 you need to block the balloons from floating away, grab the utility crates from right near them and place two girders at either side underneath the balloons to block the UFO in.

    Alternatively see video below from Mapig TV:

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