Wizard Trophy in Wonder Boy in Monster World

  • Wizard


    Use all types of magic.

    How to unlock Wizard

    Magic is easily found in chests throughout the game, and sometimes enemies drop them when you kill them. All you have to do is use each type of magic at least once.

    There are 6 types of magic:
    Fire Storm

    NOTE: You can only get 1 Return magic, and it's found in a chest in the underwater labyrinth.

    Thanks to Mimming for pointing this out:

    To make it a lot easier for you, there is a hidden door to a secret chest in the pyramid which contains one of every type of magic except 'Return' (Fire, Thunder, Quake, Power, Shield).

    Stand exactly where I am in the next screenshot and press . There is a secret door that takes you up to the chest:

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