• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 51 (34, 15, 1, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: Around 15 hours give or take exploit usage.
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: None, Chapter Select is available.
  • Glitched trophies: N/A
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, ÜBER difficulty required for Über hero
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats
  • Special peripherals needed: N/A


Wolfenstein: The New Order is an old school FPS that takes place during an alternate history where the Nazi's won WWII. The game is set in the 1960s and you play as Captain B.J. Blazkowicz, a US Army Ranger who is on a mission to launch a counter-offensive against the oppressive Nazi army. An army that now includes robots, drug infused super soldiers and armored dogs. Grab your duel automatic shotguns with shrapnel shells and your med packs because the proverbial is about to hit the fan.

Notes: This guide was written using the default controller settings for he PS4 version. All controls are the same for the PS3 version except the / and the / buttons are swapped.

Some people have experienced an issue where if the game has crashed or closed in error, they lost their Chapter progress. The good news here is Wolfenstein uses two save files. One for your Profile which saves perks, collectibles and level progression and the other for Chapter progress. Don't fret too much if your Chapter progress has been corrupted, you will only have to restart the Chapter via Chapter select. More info can be found here: LINK

Step 1: Play through the campaign on ÜBER difficulty

Play through the campaign on ÜBER difficulty. ÜBER difficulty is The New Order's highest difficulty level but it is not nearly as difficult as the name suggest. Even on this difficulty level your character can still take a quite a bit of damage and most enemies are only slightly stronger. As long as you play smart, move cautiously, use cover with the advantage of the 'lean' mechanic and use stealth when available you should not have much trouble. See Über hero for more information and tips.

During this playthrough you should make sure you complete as many challenges as you can to unlock the various perks and their corresponding trophies. Restarting checkpoints and deaths do not reset progress so grinding out a particular perk/trophy at an advantageous checkpoint is recommended. In addition to the trophies you receive, the perks you unlock make the game easier and more enjoyable. You may not be able to unlock all of the perks during this initial run but there is Chapter select so after finishing the game you can return to previous missions to grind out any missing perks.

In addition to unlocking perks you will also need to collect various collectibles. Timelines do not affect collectibles so you can choose to save whomever you like. Some collectibles are located on your map but others will only be shown to you once you stealth kill certain commanders or complete side quests. Because of the high number of collectibles it is recommended that you follow PowerPyx’s comprehensive collectibles guide or Harry94's excellent collectibles guide with text and pictures. As with the perks, none of the collectibles are missable due to Chapter select.

During this Step you will unlock the following trophies:

Fergus saved or Wyatt saved
Vive la resistance!
Power to the laser
Hidden in the deep
London uprising
Super hero
Über hero

Unless you are saving the collectibles and perks trophies for Chapter Select clean-up, you will unlock the 7 collectible and 32 perk unlock trophies as well.

Exploit Notice: Alternatively, you can save yourself some time by using an exploit which only requires you to beat the final Chapter on ÜBER difficulty to unlock the two difficulty trophies. To use this exploit just finish the game on Can I Play, Daddy? (very easy) difficulty then from the main menu use Chapter Select to load up the final Chapter, now replay the final Chapter again on ÜBER difficulty to unlock the Super Hero and Über hero trophies. More details about this exploit can be found under the Über hero trophy description.

Step 2: Clean-up via Chapter Select

First things first you will need to load up the first Chapter via Chapter select and make your way to the decision but this time choose to save the opposite person you chose to save during your playthrough. This will unlock Fergus saved or Wyatt saved.

Unless you completed a perfect run, you will need this Step to clean-up any remaining trophies you may have missed during your playthrough. Use Chapter Select to clean-up these trophies but do not start a new game or new game+. Collectibles are listed by Chapter and each one has a unique name so they are easily identified in the collectibles menu. Some perks can only be unlocked during certain circumstances while others can be unlocked practically anywhere, see the corresponding perk trophy descriptions for more information.

Important note about perks:

Thankfully this game saves everything you do as soon as you do it. This means you can farm perks whenever you see fit. For instance if a perk requires you to kill a certain enemy five times with a certain weapon type, you can kill that enemy with that weapon type then restart the checkpoint repeatedly to unlock that trophy/perk. If you find yourself in an advantageous situation where you feel you can fully unlock a perk, by all means take advantage of it. You can check your perks progress at anytime by pressing the on the PS4 and on the PS3.

After completing both of these Steps, congratulate yourself on your new shiny .

[PST Would Like To Thank M-Easy for this Roadmap]

Wolfenstein: The New Order Trophy Guide

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51 trophies ( 15  34  8  )

  • Collect all trophies

    You Inglorious Bastard, you eliminated the Nazi threat in a way that would make Quentin Tarantino jealous.

  • Complete game on any difficulty

    Story related, cannot be missed. You'll unlock this trophy after defeating the final boss.

  • Complete game on I AM DEATH INCARNATE! (or ÜBER)

    See Über hero

  • Complete game on ÜBER

    ÜBER is this game's highest difficulty level, it's not overly difficult but it does have its fair share of problem areas. With that said, the same methods that help with other First-Person Shooters holds true here as well. If you choose to play the game legit and wish to survive ÜBER make sure you follow these tips:

    • Take cover and if you can keep your distance! Obviously cover is very important and you should use it all the time but beware of wooden cover because it has a habit of being destroyed. Use to lean out of cover to pick enemies off. Distance is also very important in this game. The enemies' aim gets progressively worse the farther away you get from them. Use this to your advantage.
    • Stealth, stealth, stealth! Using the stealth approach whenever available will make your life much easier. Use the stealthy approach anytime you can, I cannot stress this enough.
    • No need to rush and retreating is your friend. This game does not have infinite enemy spawn points so there is no need to rush to the next checkpoint. If you find yourself a nice piece of cover then stay there until the enemies push up to you and if your nice cover point is ruined, you can always run back to previous locations to regroup and heal. A bonus you get for running away is once you return to the area you fled, some enemies like to group up as if they were standing at an invisible barrier and make good grenade fodder.
    • Some times rushing is good! Occasionally you will find yourself in a huge fight that can be skipped by running to the next door, checkpoint, cutscene, even the end of the level. If you find yourself bogged down at a checkpoint for too long give running past all the enemies the old college try.
    • I know this sounds obvious but aim for the head. Quick kills on regular soldiers are critical and the head is the weak point on most if not all enemies.
    • Use your grenades. The grenades in this game are pretty good but with that said, since there is no way to "cook" your grenades it's best to use them offensively as they won't save you in a jam.

    Exploit Users: As mentioned in the Roadmap, you can use an exploit that lets you forgo playing the entire game on ÜBER. Using this exploit you can beat the game on very easy then use Chapter Select to only beat the final Chapter on ÜBER to unlock this trophy. Yes, all of your perks and upgrades carry over. Directions on how to use the exploit are below.

    • Complete the game on very easy (or any difficulty you prefer)
    • After the credits you'll return to the main menu
    • From the main menu choose "Chapters"
    • Now select Chapter 16
    • Choose ÜBER as the difficulty
    • Complete the final Chapter and let the credits roll.
    • Done

    You can discuss this exploit here: LINK

    If you used the exploit then the final Chapter and especially the final boss may be extremely frustrating for you, because you don't have experience of completing the previous 15 Chapters on ÜBER. You may feel a bit shell shocked, you can't take nearly as much damage as before and some enemies are nearly 3x as strong as they are on the lowest difficulty.

    Use my above listed ÜBER tips to get through the Chapter. Below I've posted two videos; one showing you a way to complete the final Chapter quickly and relatively easy and a video showing how to quickly defeat the final boss on ÜBER.

    Once you know what to do the final Chapter is surprisingly short. You can sprint past the first fight. Once outside you can pick off the enemies one by one with the LKW. Finally, from the doorway, you can use the laser MG-60 dropped by super-soldiers to clear out the final room one by one. Retreat to refill your gun when low. The super-soldiers and robots will not follow you outside, they cannot advance from the hallway so they are easy to pick off but beware that regular and shotgun soldiers will follow you so watch your back. At the end, saving your friend is simple as you just have to throw two grenades at him then follow the prompt:

    There are two phases to the boss fight. The 1st phase is simple. Shoot or throw grenades at the boss to immobilize him as you make your way up to the cannons. In the 2nd phase make sure you keep moving/strafing as you shoot him in the face, preferably with rockets. Use grenades to stun him:

  • Collect 25 gold items

    See Secrets revealed IV

  • Collect all gold items

    See Secrets revealed IV

  • Collect all letters

    See Secrets revealed IV

  • Solve the first Enigma code

    See Secrets revealed IV

  • Solve the second Enigma code

    See Secrets revealed IV

  • Solve the third Enigma code

    See Secrets revealed IV

  • Solve the fourth Enigma code

    There are a total of 132 collectibles to acquire over the game's 16 Chapters. There are 50 gold items, 72 enigma codes, and 10 letters. In addition to finding the collectibles you will also need to crack four enigma codes, the clues for which were found in said collectibles. The solutions can be found below.

    Enigma Solution #1:
    01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09
    08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02, 01, 09

    Enigma Solution #2:
    02, 04, 06, 08, 01, 03, 05, 07, 09
    07, 05, 03, 01, 08, 06, 04, 02, 09

    Enigma Solution #3:
    03, 06, 09, 03, 06, 09, 03, 06, 09
    06, 03, 09, 06, 03, 09, 06, 03, 09

    Enigma Solution #4:
    04, 08, 03, 07, 02, 06, 01, 05, 09
    05, 01, 06, 02, 07, 03, 08, 04, 09

    Click here: LINK to use PowerPyx's comprehensive collectibles guide to assist you in your hunt of the 132 collectibles, he also has the solutions for all 4 Enigma codes. If you prefer text and pictures in addition to videos then you can check out Harry94's excellent collectibles guide by clicking here: LINK

  • Unlock stealth perk 1

    Stealth perk 1 is Scout I and it is unlocked by stealth killing an enemy Commander.

    This perk is essentially unmissable. During Chapter 1 while you are making your way to the bunker via the trenches the game will instruct you on how perform a stealth kill. Immediately after seeing the prompt you will enter a room where a Commander conveniently has his back turned to you as he is barking out orders over the radio. Simply walk up to him and press to unlock this perk/trophy.

  • Unlock stealth perk 2

    Stealth perk 2 is Knife Throwing and it is unlocked by performing five silent takedowns.

    This can be done during Chapter 1 in the trenches. Shortly after stealth killing the clueless commander mentioned in the above trophy description you can stealth kill the enemy right above him. Now go outside and press to crouch walk, while crouching stealth kill the next four enemies you see including another oblivious commander. If you fail, simply restart the checkpoint or let yourself die.

  • Unlock stealth perk 3

    Stealth perk 3 is Knife Sheath + and it is unlocked by performing 5 stealth kills with thrown knives, see Knife sheath ++ for more information.

  • Unlock stealth perk 4

    Stealth perk 4 is Knife Sheath ++ and it is unlocked by performing 20 stealth knife kills.

    This can be done anywhere and should be unlocked during natural progression. I wouldn't recommend grinding these out in any one location but be sure to use as many stealth knife kills as you can during the game's many stealth sections. Also make sure you pick up any thrown knives as they are recoverable, whether they hit an enemy or not. Knives are hard to find sometimes so recovering them where possible is recommended.

  • Unlock stealth perk 5

    Stealth perk 5 is Silent Shot and it is unlocked by getting 10 silent kills using a silenced handgun.

    This can be done after obtaining the handgun silencer, which is found in Deathshead's compound in Chapter 1. Once you have the silencer (which is found in the same room as letter 1 – Oskar's letter) you can choose to grind out the kills in one location but it isn't needed. If you do choose to farm it, a good place will be in Deathshead's compound a bit after you scale the wall. Once you pull the lever, drop down and stealth kill all the soldiers and armored dogs in the area with your silenced pistol. It should only take you two turns to unlock this perk/trophy.

  • Unlock stealth perk 6

    Stealth perk 6 is Vampire and it is unlocked by performing 5 stealth takedowns with overcharged health. These kills can be done in a variety of places throughout the game.

    A good early place to farm them is at the beginning of Chapter 2. As you make your way down the stairs, crouch and go into the room to your right. Directly in front of you will be a +40 health pack, pick it up to overcharge your health. Now stealthily takedown the enemy right in front of you then continue forward and take out the next guy. There is another +40 health pack next to where he was standing. Pick it up and go left and stealthily takedown as many more soldiers as you can. If you get 5 then you are done, if not then simply restart the checkpoint and repeat the process.

  • Unlock stealth perk 7

    Stealth perk 7 is scout II and it is unlocked by stealth killing 5 Commanders.

    There are multiple locations where commanders are found, thus this can be done anywhere and should be unlocked during your natural progression of the game but if you find a good grinding spot then by all means unlock this perk early.

  • Unlock stealth perk 8

    Stealth perk 8 is Assassin and it is unlocked by performing 50 stealth kills either by melee or with a ranged weapon on enemy soldiers and by performing five stealth kills either by melee or with a ranged weapon on 5 Kampfhunds (armored dogs).

    The 50 soldiers should not be a problem and you should get these by natural progression. A good spot to farm the Kampfhunds is during the Deathshead section of Chapter 1. After scaling the wall and pulling the lever you will drop down into a stealth area, here you can stealth kill a sleeping armored dog with your silenced pistol because it will walk to the right and lay down.

  • Unlock tactical perk 1

    Tactical perk 1 is Deadeye and is unlocked by performing 3 headshots with the assault rifle and 1 headshot with the handgun.

    You'll unlock this very early on in the game either in the trenches or soon after when you enter Deathshead. You will acquire the handgun from the first commander you kill. To equip it hold , cycle through the weapon wheel with then release whilst over the handgun.

  • Unlock tactical perk 2

    Tactical perk 2 is Quick draw and is unlocked by performing 40 headshots while aiming down sights.

    This is one of the trophy/perks you will unlock by just playing through the game normally but it's best to get it out of the way early. I suggest you "double up" on perks by using your handgun and assault rifle to get these headshots, because another early perk require you use these two weapons so why not kill two birds with one stone?

  • Unlock tactical perk 3

    Tactical perk 3 is Quick Regeneration and is unlocked by overcharging your health to reach 200 HP. Overcharging is when you pick up a health pack when you already have 100% health. There are various locations throughout your playthrough where you can overcharge your health by well over 100 HP.

    The first very easy spot to do it is towards the end of chapter 3. After you have cleared out the west side of the compound you are supposed to return to the car but before you do make sure you have 100% health. Now detach the turret and use it to open the secret area below the eastern compound, this is the same area where you pick up the gold medallion. Refer to PowerPyx's collectibles guide: click here for the exact location.

    Once you are under the compound go left and break open the two crates sitting there. In one of them there is a +80 health pack and around the corner to the right it a +20 health pack. Before you pick them up go outside and back to the top of the compound. To the right of where you took the turret there is a crate, break it open for a +40 health pack. Pick it up and quickly run back below the compound and pick up the +80 health pack to unlock this trophy/perk.

    Another guaranteed spot you can overcharge well over 200 is during Chapter 6. After you drop the elevator and take the counterweight up you will view a cutscene. After the scene is over you will be in a lab, this lab has two +80 and multiple +20 health packs in it so reaching 200 will be no problem here.

  • Unlock tactical perk 4

    Tactical perk 4 is Gun magazine + and is unlocked by getting 15 kills from cover using the handgun.

    This can be done by nearly anywhere in the game and there are countless opportunities. To get cover kills take cover behind a pillar or any chest high wall or crate, hold and use the to lean out and fire your weapon.

  • Unlock tactical perk 5

    Tactical perk 5 is Shotgun magazine + it is unlocked by indirectly killing 10 enemies using the shotgun shrapnel mode. This can easily be done at the beginning of chapter 11. You start off this chapter with a shotgun with 20 shrapnel shells locked and loaded. You toggle shrapnel and regular shells by pressing on the D-pad. To kill indirectly with the rounds, shoot at the ground or walls to force the pellets to bounce around and kill any enemies unlucky enough to be standing near the area of effect. Once the Chapter starts, shoot at the ground near the first enemy to kill him. Now leave the Commander alone so he calls in reinforcements. Now kill off the reinforcements until you run out of ammo or unlock this trophy/perk. If you need more kills or if you accidentally kill the Commander, then restart the checkpoint.

  • Unlock tactical perk 6

    Tactical perk 6 is AR magazine + and is unlocked by performing 80 kills from behind cover using your assault rifle, you should unlock this trophy/perk by normally playing though the game.

    The AR is the most common weapon in the game so ammo is abundant. The AR is also a very good all around weapon. You can "double up" working on perks by dual-wielding your ARs while killing enemies from behind cover; doing so will also help you unlock the Dual-wield expert trophy/perk as you need Dual-wielding kills.

  • Unlock tactical perk 7

    Tactical perk 7 is Marksman magazine + and is unlocked by performing three kills using the Marksman without exiting the scope.

    This can be done by in various places from Chapter 8 onwards. There is an easy place to do this in Chapter 12. After you drop down to the bridge you will see two soldiers trying to help up a super solider. Walk towards them, scope your weapon by holding and kill the two soldiers. Now look up and slightly left and you will see a group of soldiers spawn. All you need to do is kill one of them while staying scoped to unlock this perk/trophy:

    Another place where this can be easily done is in the beginning of Chapter 14, here you automatically start out with a sniper rifle. Simply look through the scope and kill 3 enemies.

  • Unlock tactical perk 8

    Tactical perk 8 is Quick reload and is unlocked by getting 100 kills with the AR, 50 kills with the handgun and 25 kills with the marksman rifle.

    This is one of the trophy/perks you will unlock by just playing through the game normally. You will undoubtedly complete the AR and handgun kills within the first few Chapters but you will have to wait until chapter 8 to use the Marksman rifle. Once you have a marksmen rifle, simply kills 25 more enemies to unlock this perk/trophy. Both regular and laser Marksman rifle kills count.

  • Unlock assault perk 1

    Assault perk 1 is Double reload and is unlocked by Dual-wield killing 10 enemies.

    This should be the first perk/trophy you unlock. Very early during the beginning of Chapter 1 you will have to lean down and kill an assault enemy. Once you kill him you can pick up his rifle, now continue to kill the few enemies that spawn and pick up their assault rifles as well. Once you pick up two then you can Dual-wield them. Now simply kill every enemy you meet in the trenches while Dual-wielding to unlock this perk/trophy. You should have it well before you reach the bunker.

  • Unlock assault perk 2

    Assault perk 2 is Endurance I and is unlocked by killing 3 enemies by sprint-sliding.

    You sprint-slide by pressing to sprint, while running press to slide. While sliding, fire your weapon by pressing . You can do this anytime but you should knock it out early. As soon as you finish the Double reload trophy, start on this one. Again you will be finished with it before you reach the bunker.

  • Unlock assault perk 3

    Assault perk 3 is Scavenger and is unlocked by killing 3 enemies in a row using dual-wielding assault rifles without releasing the fire buttons.

    This can be done in a multitude of places throughout the game. When you see three enemies grouped up press and hold and to fire both weapons at the group until they are all dead. A good spot to do this is in Chapter 1, in the trenches; in the area where you meet the third commander.

  • Unlock assault perk 4

    Assault perk 4 is the Bullet feeder and is unlocked by getting 20 kills while using a mounted turret.

    A quick and early place to farm this is while you are clearing out the Deathshead courtyard in Chapter 1. Hop on the turret to the left and kill all of the enemies on all levels. Once Fergus complements you on your Nazi killing abilities, restart the checkpoint and repeat the process until you unlock this perk/trophy. Don't move on yet because you can unlock Endurance II in the same place.

  • Unlock assault perk 5

    Assault perk 5 is Endurance II and is unlocked by killing 5 enemies within 10 seconds using a detached turret gun.

    A quick and early place to unlock this perk/trophy is while you are clearing out the Deathshead courtyard in Chapter 1. Grab and detach the turret from the left and walk right as far as possible before being stopped by some rubble. Now look down and kill the three enemies in the open then immediately look up two stories and kill the two center enemies who are not behind cover. If you don't kill them fast enough simply restart the checkpoint. Refer to the following video if you need visual help:

    Another good spot for this is in Chapter 3. In the beginning of the mission, after torturing the Nazi officer, you will be in an area that has a mounted turret on a bridge. Get the turret and wait until there are enough enemies then kill 5 of them within 10 seconds.

  • Unlock assault perk 6

    Assault perk 6 is Autopanzer and is unlocked by emptying a fully powered LKW into an enemy without missing.

    You won't get the LKW until about mid-way through Chapter 6. And the first chance you have at unlocking this perk is at the end of Chapter 6. The end of the Chapter will have you fighting large amount of enemies in a hanger once you clear them out you will fight two large robots. You can empty the LKW (if needed there is a charging station in the middle of the hanger) into one of the robots to unlock this perk.

    This can also be done very easily during the final boss fight. In the beginning of the fight the boss will surround himself in a protective sphere, shoot this with your fully charged LKW (Laserkraftwerk) weapon until it is empty. Refer to the following video if you need visual help, it has spoilers so beware:

  • Unlock assault perk 7

    Assault perk 7 is Battery + and is unlocked by killing five enemies via the LKW's reflection upgrade. Credit to Blaze Naruto Shippuden for this walkthrough:

    There are 7 upgrades you can find throughout the game but only need to find 2 of them to get the Reflector upgrade. I was able to get the trophy during Chapter 10 since I found upgrades previously (they're quite common to find). Once you have Reflector, simply aim at an enemy's feet and the beam will bounce off ground surface and continue in the direction a new direction which should hit the enemy you aimed at. The beam is much weaker due to the bounce effect but two hit should be enough to finish off the standard enemies. Do this a total of 5 times, then the perk and trophy will unlock.

    Credit to 360GameTV for the video:

  • Unlock assault perk 8

    Assault perk 8 is Dual-wield expert and is unlocked by killing 100 enemies using Dual-wielded weapons and killing 25 enemies with the LKW. You gain the ability to Dual-wield weapons very early on in the game so as long as ammunition allows you to, use dual-wielding weapons as much as you can until you reach 100 kills. The LKW is unlocked about halfway into the 6th chapter. The LKW shoots laser beams and is very powerful so getting 25 kills with it should come quickly but be careful with your ammo consumption because the only way to refill the LKW is to charge it at a wall outlet.

  • Unlock demolition perk 1

    Demolition perk 1 is Throwback and is unlocked by killing 2 enemies with a single grenade.

    This can easily be unlocked nearly everywhere as you progress though the game. Your first chance will be early in the first Chapter as you navigate the trenches, press to throw grenades.

  • Unlock demolition perk 2

    Demolition perk 2 is Grenade pouch + it is unlocked by getting 10 grenade kills.

    This can be done nearly anywhere. The grenade that kills the enemy does not need to be yours, indirect kills made by dropped enemy grenades count as well. Throughout the game there are countless opportunities to unlock this perk/trophy.

  • Unlock demolition perk 3

    Demolition perk 3 is Grenade pouch ++ and it is unlocked by killing a Commander with a grenade.

    This can be done by nearly anywhere in the game where a commander is patrolling. Throughout the game there are countless opportunities to unlock this perk/trophy, you can choose to farm it on a commander early on in the game as well.

  • Unlock demolition perk 4

    Demolition perk 4 is Bullseye and is unlocked by killing 5 mechanical enemies with grenades.

    This won't be possible until Chapter 3 and a good farming spot is at the beginning of Chapter 3 when you get to the open area after torturing the Nazi officer, pick up the grenade by the wooden hut (to the left of the gate you entered). Now get detected and some flying drones will attack you, throw the grenade at them and they will automatically "suck in" the grenade so you cannot really miss them. Restart the checkpoint and repeat. Note: You can pick up two additional grenades in the center complex that you would have to pick the lock to enter.

  • Unlock demolition perk 5

    Demolition perk 6 is Rocket magazine + and is unlocked by killing five enemies within 10 seconds using Dual-wielded rocket launchers.

    You don't get the rocket magazine until early in Chapter 12. From here on out there are various opportunities to kill a group of five. One good spot is at the end of Chapter 15. Another spot that works great in the beginning of Chapter 16. Here you will have plenty of rocket ammo for your assault rifle. Equip two rifles, select rocket ammo and kill any 5 enemies within 10 seconds.

  • Unlock demolition perk 6

    Demolition perk 6 is Vaporize and is unlocked by indirectly killing 5 enemies with their own dropped grenades.

    To indirectly kill an enemy with a dropped enemy grenade you need to shoot an enemy after he has pulled out his grenade and is about to throw it at you. One good spot to farm this type of kill is the 3rd checkpoint of Chapter 1. You will head up some stairs to destroy your first cannon. Once you are upstairs about 4 enemies will greet you from behind a turret. Taking cover to the left will force the enemies to get angry and they will start spamming you with grenades. Shoot them as they are about to throw the grenades to have them drop one and kill their allies who are standing near them. Refer to the following video if you need a visual aid:

    Another great place for this is in Chapter 3. After clearing the first area of enemies, you will have to get back to the car. After a short car ride you will have to enter a building. Stay outside for now and only aim at the enemies from cover. One of the enemies will almost instantly try to throw a grenade at you. Shoot him a couple of times and he will drop the grenade. Since there are multiple enemies close together in this room, you should easily get 3 or 4 kills in one try. Restart the checkpoint to farm more of these kills if needed.

  • Unlock demolition perk 7

    Demolition perk 7 is Sentinel and is unlocked by getting 5 kills with thrown back grenades.

    A great place to farm this trophy/perk is the same place as the alternate method location for Demolition perk 6 (see Vaporize). Except this time you will have to wait for the enemy to throw the grenade. When you see an enemy about to throw a grenade back up from the door and get into position, when he does throw it press very quickly to throw it back. Make sure you are aiming high enough to throw the grenade far enough to kill them. Since there are multiple enemies close together in this room, you should easily get 3 or 4 kills in one try. Restart the checkpoint to farm more of these kills if needed. Refer to the following video if you need a visual aid:

    Alternatively you can follow this method:

    I just wanted to post a ridiculously easy way to get the Sentinel perk and, of course, the trophy.

    Instead of waiting for enemies to toss grenades at you and hope you can find and throw back them and kill them, put the game on the easiest difficulty and go to any chapter with access to grenades and easy enemies. Chapter 1 works fine.

    Now throw your own grenade into the ground right at your feet, the pick it back up with square and throw it at the enemies. Yes, these kills count even though you are the one throwing the grenades and picking up your own instead of the enemy.

    On easy this basically means you can walk up to a group, throw your grenade at your feet, pick it up, and toss it straight back to the ground and get the five kills. You most likely won't even die, I didn't. That is how I unlocked the perk and it took less then 2 minutes.

  • Unlock demolition perk 8

    Demolition perk 8 is Hardened and is unlocked by getting 50 grenade or rocket kills.

    This should come naturally as you progress though the game. Grenades are useful in this game and rockets are amazing so they should be used liberally.


Secret trophies

  • Save allied planes

    As soon as the game starts you will have to clamp a hose and cut free some cargo. Once you return to the cockpit you will be tasked with protecting the air convoy by shooting down some enemy planes with your plane's .50 cal guns. This trophy will unlock after you have shot down a few of the enemy planes. If you don't unlock the trophy before the next checkpoint then simply restart the level and try again.

  • Choose to save Fergus

    At the end of Chapter 1 you will have to choose who will be tortured to death. To unlock this trophy, look to the left and press over Wyatt's face.

  • Choose to save Wyatt

    At the end of Chapter 1 you will have to choose who will be tortured to death. To unlock this trophy, look to the right and press over Fergus' face.

  • Locate the resistance

    Story related, cannot be missed. You'll unlock this trophy near the end of the 4th chapter.

  • Find the Laserkraftwerk

    Story related, cannot be missed. You'll unlock this trophy about halfway through the 6th Chapter.

  • Locate the underwater stash

    Story related, cannot be missed. You'll unlock this trophy at the end of Chapter 11.

  • Defeat the London Monitor

    Story related, cannot be missed. You'll unlock this trophy as soon as you defeat the Chapter 14 boss.

  • Release friend

    Story related, cannot be missed. You'll unlock this trophy during Chapter 16, right after you do your best Dr. Jack Kevorkian impersonation and just before the final boss fight.

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