Double Whammy Trophy in Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot

  • Double Whammy


    Destroy two core regulators at the same time.

    How to unlock Double Whammy


    This is done in the 3rd mission. At the end of the mission you'll be tasked with destroying glowing vertical pillars to take out power to the Brother III complex. You'll want to focus on a grouping of two which are on the same side. These are staggered in such a way that you should be able to fire a rocket at the one in the background of the stage, then fire your machine gun at the one in the foreground and destroy them at the same time. As long as the pillars are destroyed close together the trophy should pop. If you don't get it then try with a different set. The final two pillars are in the middle but I found them more difficult to time together.

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