Destruction Derby Trophy in Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot

  • Destruction Derby


    Launch an exploding car into a Zitadelle.

    How to unlock Destruction Derby


    In the first mission after you come out of the second underground garage area, the first being the start of the level, you'll run into 4 enemies around 2 cars with a Zitadelle coming towards you after a few moments. You'll want to kill the enemies and move one of the cars in front of the statue to your left with your ram attack. If the car explodes you'll either have to reload the checkpoint or try using the other car. Once you have a car in front of the statue then you want to circle behind the statue and wait for the Zitadelle to get close to the car then ram the car into the Zitadelle. The car should explode, thus destroying the Zitadelle and earning you the trophy. I did have a fair bit of trouble with this as the Zitadelle consistently would destroy the car or the car wouldn't explode so just keep at it. See the following video for an example:

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