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51 trophies ( 38  11  )


Secret trophies

  • Get eliminated in a race on Novice difficulty.

  • Use Photo Mode to take a photo.

  • Win any race with Pilot Assist on.

  • Execute your first successful barrel roll.

  • Win a Campaign, Racebox or Online race using each HUD style variation.

  • Win a Campaign or Racebox race with the motion sensor option set to 'pitch and steering'. Directional buttons, Left Stick & Pilot Assist cannot be used to obtain this trophy.

  • Get at least 500 loyalty points for each team.

  • Execute 100 successful barrel rolls.

  • Complete 20 two-player, split-screen races.

  • Absorb 500 items.

  • Finish an eight player online race with all players using ships that are displaying Campaign Skins.

DLC: Fury Expansion

13 trophies

  • Reach stage 10 without firing on any track, in any Detonator event.

  • Score a hit with every round in an entire cannon clip in any Detonator event.

  • Destroy all 14 bombs in any Detonator event.

  • Win a single player, Racebox, Zone Battle event with a target of 40 on Talons Junction (Forward).

  • Pass through 15 Zone Barriers in any Zone Battle event.

  • Win any single player Zone Battle event with a minimum target of 25 without absorbing.

  • Eliminate 18 opponents in a single player Eliminator event.

  • Hit 5 different opponents with rounds from the same Cannon clip in a single player Eliminator event.

  • Stay locked onto an opponent with a Missile or a Leech Beam for 30 seconds in a single player Eliminator event.

  • Obtain 50,000 points on each of the following tracks in Zone Mode - Pro Tozo, Mallavol, Corridon 12 and Syncopia.

  • Attain and view every stat in the game.

  • Successfully perform a barrel roll whilst navigating the Amphiseum (Reverse) shortcut in any event.

  • Obtain a medal in every cell in the Fury Campaign.

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WipEout HD Trophies FAQ

  • How many WipEout HD trophies are there?
    There are 51 Trophies to unlock in WipEout HD. Of these trophies, 1 is Platinum, 5 Gold, 7 Silver, 38 Bronze.
  • Are there any secret trophies in WipEout HD?
    There are 11 secret trophies in WipEout HD. Our trophy list contains a full list of all secret trophies in WipEout HD.

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