Winter Sports 2011 Trophies

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50 trophies ( 40  )

  • Win all the Trophies in Winter Sports 2011.

  • Steal the flag 3 times in a multiplayer match (online).

  • Use 5 turbo strips in a row spending no more than 3 seconds between strips (online multiplayer).

  • Score three times in a row (Capture the Flag, multiplayer online).

  • Finish a coins contest with exactly 49 coins in multiplayer (online).

  • Perform all tricks in one race at Snowmobile (single player).

  • Activate and deplete 49 fully charged slipstream boosts (single player).

  • Slide 49 times for at least 5 seconds on rails (Snowboard Cross, Freeride, single player).

  • Perform a perfect start at Snowboard Cross, Downhill, Freeride and Snowmobile (single player).

  • Perform a perfect start at Short track, Biathlon and Bobsled (single player).

  • Hit five targets in a row without holding your breath at Biathlon (single player).

  • Don't miss a single target at the shooting range in a Biathlon race (single player).

  • Jostle your opponents 49 times (single player).

  • Win 10 races without jostling any opponents (single player).

  • Perform 49 Frontloops without crashing (single player).

  • Perform 49 grabs without crashing at Snowboard Cross (single player).

  • Don't fall or stumble during a Figure Skating event on at least medium difficulty (single player).

  • Don't miss a single move during a Figure Skating event on at least hard difficulty (single player).

  • Activate double mode 5 times during a Figure Skating event (single player).

  • Win a race without ever getting jostled by an opponent (single player).

  • Remain in the air for at least 3 seconds at Snowboard Cross or Alpine Skiing (single player).

  • Buy all Snowboard Cross, Alpine Skiing, Biathlon and Ski Flying upgrades.

  • Buy all Bobsled, Figure Skating, Short track and Snowmobile upgrades.

  • Buy all upgrades.

  • Win the Boon Cup.

  • Win the Modo Cup.

  • Win the Noctis Cup.

  • Win the Race Cup.

  • Win the Penta Cup.

  • Win the Oldschool Cup.

  • Win the Go for gold Cup.

  • Win the 49Games Cup.

  • Finish the career without ever using a wild card.

  • Win all cups in the career.

  • Reach level 3 in career mode.

  • Reach level 8 in career mode.

  • Reach level 13 in career mode.

  • Reach level 17 in career mode.

  • Reach level 20 in career mode.

  • Complete 5 challenges of any kind.

  • Complete all challenges.

  • Complete all Boss challenges.

  • Complete all Gold Rush challenges.

  • Complete all Trickser challenges.

  • Complete all Pin Point Trickser challenges.

  • Complete all Touchdown Zone challenges.

  • Complete all Tornado challenges.

  • Complete all Close Contact challenges.

  • Complete all Jet challenges.

  • Complete all Abacus challenges.

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Winter Sports 2011 Trophies FAQ

  • How many Winter Sports 2011 trophies are there?
    There are 50 Trophies to unlock in Winter Sports 2011. Of these trophies, 1 is Platinum, 3 Gold, 6 Silver, 40 Bronze.

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