Gold Coin Purse Trophy in White Knight Chronicles

  • Gold Coin Purse


    Earn 10,000,000 guilder. A coin purse filled with...a ton of money!

    How to unlock Gold Coin Purse

    You won't get this trophy naturally. 10 million Guilder is a lot of money, even among online players and if you use some of your money to bind items you will find it depleting very quickly. Best Served Cold 3 is the best way to gain money where you will get approximately 25,000 guilder per run when selling items. However you can't do this solo until at least Guild Rank 11 so you will find that this is one of the later trophies. There is a trick which you can use where you make a separate, second save file and on that one you sell all your items. This may get you the trophy but leave you itemless, so you will have to load your first save file to get the items back. This will only work if you have been saving up items and have about 6 million already in your savings.

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  • This trophies quite annoying.
  • does your coin purse have to have that amount in all at once for the trophy to unlock or just the amount you've had through the whole game?

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