Gold Medal Trophy in White Knight Chronicles

  • Gold Medal


    Raise Guild Rank to 12. A high honor from the Guild.

    How to unlock Gold Medal

    This is the one you will struggle with. You will need to get a total of 22 Million guild points to get this trophy. That is a lot and is what will take the most of your time. Once you reach Guild Rank 8 quests will start getting harder to complete. You will want to focus on quests such as Best Served Cold 2 (see tips and tricks for how to complete this solo at a lower level), Home of the Knave 2 and any other quests you find good. This will be very hard to do solo and will take you a long time (a good 400 to 500 hours to complete) but if you can persevere then you will have completed the longest trophy and will be in good standing for completing all the rest.

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