Phibianacci's Diamond Trophy in White Knight Chronicles

  • Phibianacci's Diamond


    Bind 450 different items. A gem stone fashioned by Don Phibianacci himself. ...But why is it sticky?

    How to unlock Phibianacci's Diamond

    Binding in this game means collecting items and upgrading weapons and putting them together to make a new weapon. It's quite expensive if you try to buy all the items so you'll want to scavenge/harvest (collect from sparkling, glowing or otherwise emphasised spots) as much as possible, as well as relying on drops. Later on when binding you will need rarer items and will instead have to focus on killing specific enemies, or harvesting certain spots to get items.
    This is the last trophy you should focus on as it's in direct conflict with Gold Coin Purse. You will want to focus only on the higher level items you need to to be effective in combat.

    450 is a massive number of items to bind so you will want to make this the last trophy you do, so you can spend the 10 million that you have earned up to that point (or at least the 6 million) with no fear of it impairing your progress. You will still have to go out of your way to collect items but it is by far less strenuous when you have the money to spend. Although you will only have access to low level shops, you'll find that buying things like upgrade pearls will help you a lot when you have to.

    Below is a downloadable checklist which helps you to keep track of items you've bound previously, how many more you need to do, and suggests the "best" items for you to bind (the less extravagant, less expensive ones). Use it as best you can, and if you can't figure it out then it at least provides what equipment needs which items to make it.

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