Equipment Maniac Trophy in White Knight Chronicles

  • Equipment Maniac


    Collect 500 different types of weapons / armor. A gold ornament in the shape of a sword.

    How to unlock Equipment Maniac

    This trophy will come alongside binding, however while you are expected to bind 450 different types of weapons and armour, this only means use 450 different recipes and chances are you will only create 300-350 unique pieces of equipment. Don't worry however. There are plenty of equipment pieces that you can purchase from shops. There are 4 types of shops, weapon, armour, accessory and binding. Purchase weapons, armour and accessories (especially accessories) that you haven't heard the name of before and you should get this trophy if you don't get it through binding. Accessories are the best way to boost this trophy as you won't be buying duplicates as the only accessories you can bind are capes and glasses. Rings and Earrings you will not have created, and there are lots of them for sale.

    Be aware that you can only hold 250 pieces of equipment in your storage at once (minus inventory slots) so you will have to sell some of your equipment in order to get this trophy.

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  • Your equipment storage can only hold a max of 250 so if you reach the max sell/donate your older gear that you won't be using for more room. *Achievement/Trophy Hunters*

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