Item Maniac Trophy in White Knight Chronicles

  • Item Maniac


    Collect 600 different items. A gold ornament in the shape of a bag.

    How to unlock Item Maniac

    This trophy should come naturally while going for binds. You will need a lot of items in order to get that trophy and therefore this trophy will come alongside it. However 600 items is a lot and will take some considerable searching to find them all. To get items you need to search trees, rocks and many other objects around the world that sparkle, glow or have bugs flying around them. Remember that each item must be unique. You can guess approximately how many items you have by using the item storage page. As only unique items are shown (duplicates are represented by x # after the name) multiply the number of pages by 10 to approximately work out the number of items you have.

    Use the following list of items to find any items you are in need of. Only go for ones you need to collect for binding and if you still don't have enough, then and only then search for other items that you may not have found before.

    Item List Table - White Knight Chronicles Wiki - Neoseeker


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