Platinum Crown Trophy in White Knight Chronicles

  • Platinum Crown


    A crown reserved for one who is perfect in every regard. Rumored to have once been worn by an ancient king.

    How to unlock Platinum Crown

    Unlock all trophies.


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  • it takes around 575hours+
  • For me, it was 553 hours. Just got it yesterday =p
  • i just brought this game, im going to platinum it, do people still play online?
  • yep i do, add me if you want to do some quests together: Donkey_68
  • I had about 40 playthroughs and haven't been able to get pass 14%
  • Its taken a long time but I'm almost there. this has to be my longest platinum trophy so far.
  • Why in the hall would someone play 600 hours xD i mean its a good game and all, but the new game plus is really bad xD after 10 hours running through kibbles and polkans (again) on their same levels as playtrough 1 btw.. I say time for part 2 xD stupid trophy list also...
  • It is possible to solo offline platinum this game on Guild Rank 12. Here is an International Edition video link :

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