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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Poll)
  • Offline trophies: 22 (0, 7, 14, 1)
  • Online trophies:
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 1-2 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 playthrough of each of the 6 main Story Chapters, plus 20 minutes in Survival Mode
  • Number of missable trophies: 1 (Arcade Hero trophy_gold.png), but it is very easy to get on replay
  • Glitched trophies: Chapter completion trophies may glitch (see below)
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty options

Whiskey & Zombies is a top down twin stick shooter with some resource management/strategy and hack n slash features. It is an enjoyable enough game, for the price that it is (and the game is cross-buy, so you get both PS4 and PS5 version with your purchase). There is a definite learning curve as, although the Chapter objectives are very simple, figuring out how to approach each level can be a challenge.

Ultimately the biggest let down is the fact that the game respawns enemies infinitely, and your resources are limited, so the best strategy is almost always to figure out the level layout and just rush through, avoiding combat as much as possible. It's a bit of a shame as some of the levels do have quite a bit of exploration available, but you'll end up skipping most of it.

Survival mode would be overwhelming, except for a glitch that makes it a 15 minute exercise in babysitting a stationary character.

If you are interested, the game does have separate EU and NA lists, meaning there are 4 possible platinums available in this game.

Glitch warning:
There may be an issue with chapter completion trophies popping when they should. I did the PS4 version of this game first and the trophy for completing all levels popped when I completed Chapter 6, but the Chapter 6 trophy itself did not pop. There is a 7th Chapter that has no trophies, so initially I wondered if they miscoded the trophies, but completing Chapter 7 does not pop anything. Ultimately I had to delete my save file and play just Chapter 6 and the trophy popped as it should.

Playing through the game on PS5, all trophies popped when they should, in order - completing Chapter 6 pops both St.Louis Cemetery Completed trophy_silver.png  and The Great Southern Zombie Escape! trophy_gold.png  Ultimately it appears that Chapter 7 is not needed for the platinum.

I am not sure if my glitch was a one off, but looking on PSNP, a number of players have the trophy for completing all levels unlocked prior to unlocking one or more Chapter specific trophies. I am not sure if the glitch is caused by playing Chapters out of order (all 6 Chapters are unlocked from the beginning, and you can play them in any order you wish) or entirely random.

My recommendation is to play Chapter 1-6 in order. If any Chapter specific trophies don't pop, delete your save (after doing all other platinum requirements), and replay only the necessary Chapters on a fresh save file.


Step 0 - Play the tutorial

While there are no trophies for this, if you are playing the game for the first time, play the tutorial level so you have an idea what you are doing. The game doesn't really give you any guidance once you start the Chapters, so unless you're playing a stack, this is worth the 2-3 minutes of time investment.

Step 1 - Play the main campaign Chapters 1-6

This is the meat of the game. Almost every level has you needing to locate a truck and a stash of whiskey crates. Sometimes you have to brew them, sometimes it's just about locating them. One level is entirely on foot. But for the most part, your goal is to survive. You have your fists, melee weapons and a variety of guns. Ammo is limited, however, and melee weapons breakdown with use. Ultimately this means that you need to be efficient and not thorough as you go through the levels.

The main hook of this game is that you have to stay at least a bit drunk at all times - apparently in the zombie apocalypse, whiskey kills the zombie virus. If your intoxication level drops to zero, you will start to constantly lose health. Initially this is a bit awkward to balance, but once you get the hang of it you will be mowing down the undead while buzzed on hooch like a professional soccer mom.

There are 4 main characters available to use, each of which has slightly different abilities. The main differences come down to speed and alcohol tolerance. Damage resistance isn't a huge issue in most cases, as long as you run a fairly optimal route.

As a result I used Tammy Lou almost exclusively, although Grandpa may be a better option for the Cemetery level given it's tight quarters. Grandpa is also the only character who will not pass out if you over drink, which is very useful for farming the whiskey drinking trophy.

In the trophy guide I have provided a rough strategy for each Chapter along with an optimized video walkthrough. In most cases there are multiple ways you can approach the level, so my method is certainly not the only way to get the job done.

Trophies earned in this step - 10
First Kill trophy_silver.png 
Experienced Zombie Slayer trophy_silver.png 
Sledgehammer'd trophy_silver.png 
New Roads Completed trophy_gold.png 
Opelousas Completed trophy_silver.png 
Lafayette Prison Completed trophy_silver.png 
Atchafalayas Completed trophy_silver.png 
Backwoods Completed trophy_silver.png 
St.Louis Cemetery Completed trophy_silver.png 
The Great Southern Zombie Escape! trophy_gold.png 

Step 2 - Survival Mode

Your only goal here is to survive 20 minutes on the survival map. This is not cumulative, you must survive 20 minutes in a single run. This would actually be pretty difficult, save for the fact that there is a very large tree in the middle of the map that you can walk into - but zombies can't. So you can basically stand there without risk of being touched.

It isn't quite that simple, as you do still need to mind your health as it will drain if you aren't at least a bit drunk.

The best strategy is to grab the gear at the start of the map, drop the gasoline in the still so it makes more alcohol, then keep the zombies under control until around the 8-10 minute mark. At that point, if you have 3 whiskey in hand, you can just idle under the tree, taking drinks when your health gets to ~50% (about a third of a bottle should restore your health) and let the timer reach 20 minutes.

Trophies earned in this step - 7
Bayou Survivor Level 1 trophy_silver.png 
Bayou Survivor Level 2 trophy_silver.png 
Bayou Survivor Level 3 trophy_silver.png 
Bayou Survivor Level 4 trophy_silver.png 
Bayou Survivor Level 5 trophy_silver.png 
Bayou Survivor Level 6 trophy_silver.png 
Bayou Survivor Level 7 trophy_gold.png 

Step 3 - Clean up

It's possible you are already done, especially if playing the game for the first time, but if you are following an optimal route you probably have some zombie kills left to grind and quite a few whiskey bottles to drink. Stats are tracked on the main menu and at the end of Chapters/Survival runs. For whiskey, you need to drink 100 bottles which works out to 33 gallons.

The best way to grind is actually in Chapter 7 (which you don't otherwise need to play). Use grandpa, and load up the still with gas. You can now just stand beside it holding down l2.png to drink. Grandpa never passes out drunk, so you can basically hammer them back as they are made.  You will need to do some crowd control to prevent getting overrun by zombies, but this should only take 10-15 minutes to clean up (and the kills will go towards the 1000 you need anyway).

There is also a trophy for driving over 50 zombies which you probably got during the campaign, but otherwise can farm in Chapter 1. There is also the one missable miscellaneous trophy for activating the arcade machine in Chapter 1.

Trophies earned in this step - 5
Extra Experienced Zombie Slayer trophy_gold.png 
Whiskey Drinker trophy_gold.png 
Drunk Driving Expert trophy_gold.png 
Arcade Hero trophy_gold.png 
Master Of The Zombie Apocalypse trophy_platinum.png 


Whiskey & Zombies Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

22 trophies ( 14  )

  • Complete all trophies

    Congrats on the platinum. Now go get your liver checked and get yourself into rehab.
  • Kill a zombie

  • Kill 100 zombies

  • You will need a total of 1000 zombie kills. This is tracked across Campaign Chapters and Survival mode. Stats are tracked and displayed at the end of each Campaign Chapter (or when you are killed), and at the end of each Survival run. Don't worry about grinding this until you have completed everything else - it will most likely come naturally as you play through and unlock everything else. If not, you will be very close and can quickly grind it out in Survival or a Chapter of your choosing.
  • Unlock the arcade game

    This trophy is for activating the Arcade Machine in Chapter 1. From the starting point, make your way up the street until you reach the overturned bus that is on fire. In the upper left (north west) corner of this intersection is a store. Enter it, and go into the back room. Bust up the boxes that are on the floor to reveal a quarter. Pick it up and go back to the front part of the store. The Arcade Machine is in the lower left corner. Walk up to it and press square.png to put the quarter in and unlock the trophy.

  • Drink a bottle of Sledgehammer

  • Drink 100 bottles of whiskey

    Throughout the game you will be finding or brewing Whiskey. Essentially this is your health. While there is a separate health bar, you need to balance your intoxication constantly. If you are not at least a bit drunk, your health will deplete. Drinking will restore your health. Consuming Whiskey will increase your intoxication though, and with most characters if you drink too much, you will pass out and not be able to move. This is a death sentence if it happens around zombies.

    Ultimately you need to consume 100 bottles of Whiskey for this trophy. That is a lot. As levels are pretty short once you know what you're doing, you will probably only use a few on each Chapter. By the end, once you've done everything, you probably will still be at least 50 bottles short. The game does track this in the stats page, but be aware that it is listed as Gallons of Whiskey drunk. 3 bottles seems to be 1 Gallon, so you will need to reach 33 Gallons to pop the trophy.

    This will probably be the last trophy you need and there is a relatively quick way to farm it.

    Load up Chapter 7 (which you don't otherwise need to play) and select Grandpa. We are using him as he never passes out regardless of how intoxicated. Chapter 7 is basically a defense level. To complete it you are supposed to make 10 cases of Whiskey using the still beside the main house. We won't be doing that, however.

    Instead, use the gas cans from the main house and boat below the houses to fire up the still. It will now be constantly pumping out Whiskey. Stand beside the Whiskey case and hold l2.png. This will let you drink continuously. As long as there are no zombies around, you can basically drink as quickly as the still produces Whiskey.

    You will occasionally need to do crowd control, and you can reload your shotgun at the main house. If you make a full case of Whiskey, just take it off the still and drop it off the side and get back to drinking. If you die or get overrun, you can restart the Chapter and quickly get back to drinking.

    With this method, you should be able to grind out the bottles in 10-15 minutes. You can also use this to clean up any kills needed for the Extra Experienced Zombie Slayer trophy_gold.png trophy if you don't have that yet.

    I have posted a short video to show the setup for the above method below.

  • Survive New Roads alive!

    You know how most games ease you in with a nice short starting level to get used to the gameplay mechanics? Well, this game doesn't do that. Chapter 1 is actually the longest and hardest Chapter in the game. I'm not sure why they started it out this way, but here we are.

    For this Chapter, you are going to need to navigate a large city structure. Ultimately you need to find and repair a truck, and load it with 3 cases of Whiskey. There are a number of routes you can take, and lots of optional stores you can go in for supplies. Most of these also create checkpoints, so you can respawn there if you die.

    My recommendation is to follow this path. From the start, make your way up to the burning bus. Gather supplies as you go. Enter the store on the upper left corner. Grab a sparkplug and enter the back room here to get the repair tool (if you want the Arcade Hero trophy_gold.png trophy, get the quarter here as you go). Grab any supplies you want. Now exit and go back past the bus to the right. There are several buildings here and a truck in the street. Look at the building towards the bottom. There is a box (should be green). Approach it and press square.png to insert the spark plug and turn on the lights. Deal with the enemies in the building and proceed down until you end up in a garage with a super truck. We are going to take that, but first open the garage door by interacting with the green box on the inside wall of the garage.

    Get in the truck and drive in out and up to the bus. Get out here and head back to the right and into the shed near the broken down truck. There will be some supplies here including a gas can. Sometimes a minigun will spawn here which is super helpful. There will be an ammo refill here and you MUST use that to load up your automatic rifle. Take the gas can back to your truck and drop it on the truck to refuel (as a side note, there is a building next to the supply shed that has a case of whiskey - you can grab that, but there are more where we have to go anyway, so this is just going to take longer).

    Hop back in the truck and head left from the bus down the road. Run over zombies in the way (best place to get Drunk Driving Expert trophy_gold.png) but don't go out of your way to hit them. You have limited gas and truck health and we need to make it to the corner at the end of this stretch. You've arrived when you reach the section of road with the chalk hopscotch drawing. We are going to stop here. You are probably going to get swarmed, you best have filled up with ammo back at the shed. Our goal is to get into the store at the upper right corner here. This has a lot of supplies and is a checkpoint (if you die, there is a truck at the back that you can use for the next section).

    Clear out enemies and rush the store. Use the backroom if you need (on the left of the store), and resupply ammo from the crate inside the store on the right. There is gas, Whiskey and other supplies here. Clear out most of the zombies to catch your breath (technically this part is optional, but the last stretch has a lot of enemies so its worth the few minutes to do this).

    Once you are resupplied, gas the truck up, use the repair tool (hitting the truck with it equipped repairs the truck - don't ask me why, I didn't make the game) and head north from the hopscotch drawing. There will be tons of enemies, some gas on the right side of the street (running over this refuels your truck) and we need only go a short distance to reach a T junction. Stop here, with the truck facing to the left. Again you likely have a swarm to clear out, but you should have lots of ammo from the store.

    You need to carry on north from the T junction, onto a boardwalk into the water. There shouldn't be much zombie fodder here. You will reach a house with a barricaded door. Switch to melee and beat on it until it breaks. Enter the house and clear out a few zombies. We are almost done now. In the house will be our stash of Whiskey cases. Grab them one at a time and hoof it back to your truck.
    If you are efficient, there shouldn't be much in terms of zombie attention, but clear out any stragglers you need to. With all 3 cases loaded, you can hop in the truck again, drive a short way to the left and end the Chapter.
    It is worth noting you can actually start with any other Chapter if you are struggling, as all 6 Chapters are available from the start. Ultimately it won't help you as your characters don't upgrade or anything, but it may be easier to tackle this later once you are more familiar with the game. Again, this is the longest and hardest Chapter in the game.

  • Get your Opelousas stash back!

    Compared to Chapter 1, this is a breeze. A much shorter level, this one is about speed and crowd control.

    From the start, grab the supplies around your broken down truck and head right over the bridge. Keep your automatic rifle equipped, but try to dodge around the enemies on the bridge. There is a massive swarm when to reach the far side. Try to plow through them and reach the land - this will actually trigger a checkpoint. Honestly, it's fine to die here (maybe even easier) as when you will respawn, all your gear will be around you and the zombie hoarde is clear.

    Either way, make your way down into the field and hop in the truck. Use this to run over enemies if you did make it in one go, and drive up the right side of the house and park close to the back. Switch to melee to break down the door, and the Whiskey stash will be just inside. There is an ammo refill in the front of the house.

    If you are really quick, you might be able to get all 3 cases out and in the truck, but another zombie hoarde will quickly descend on the house. You will likely get overrun, so you'll need to do some crowd control. Rearm and drink up in the front of the house, exit via the front door (which you can open and close with square.png), and then thin out the zombies from outside. The hoarde tends to follow you, and moves slow so as soon as you have a clearing, rush back in the rear of the house and grab another case.
    Once you have all 3 on the truck, hop in and head a short distance to the right to end the level.

  • You've escaped Lafayette Prison like a boss!

    Of all the levels, I think I enjoyed this one the most. From the start, hop in the truck and pull foward to the steps of the prison. We need to open the guard house at the bottom of the stairs. There will only be a few zombies, but you start with no supplies. One of them will be a zombie boss (these have a green health bar over their head). You will need to chip away at him with melee until he goes down. He will drop a key.

    Use the key to enter the guard house for some supplies and an automatic weapon. Arm up, and head outside, up the steps and keep going up to find a door. Open it with square.png and close it behind you. Make your way along the corridor, clear out the few zombies inside, and you will eventually reach another door. Refill your intoxication before proceeding through (close it behind you) and you will find yourself in the prison courtyard.

    This is a large area with a ton of enemies. Conserve ammo, rush past them to the far upper right corner. You should come across another 'boss'. Take him down quickly for another key, this one to the super max section. There will likey be zombies everywhere, clear out what you need to get back to the door. Open it, get in and close it behind you to leave the horde behind.

    Work your way back down the corridor and back out to the guard house, killing any zombies that might have respawned. Pop into the guard house, you MUST restock your ammo to the max before proceeding.

    Once rearmed, hop in your truck, drive down below the guard house, all the way around the prison until you end up in the upper left area. There will be a guard tower and a structure  marked Super Max. Park the truck here, use the key to enter and make your way down to the cells. There are a ton of zombie bosses here. You need to interact with the red switch on the wall to open all the cells.

    As soon as you hit the switch, back track up the steps to your truck. If you do this properly, only 1 or 2 bosses will follow at a time. You will get overwhelmed if you try to take them all on at once.

    Lure the bosses up 1 or 2 at a time, take them out, reload and drink up as needed to heal. Once you clear them all out, you will need to wander through the cells to the bottom left area, where you will find the Whiskey stash. Haul them up one at a time to the truck, there should be no further zombies at this point. Once all 3 are loaded, drive the truck back around and out the front of the prison to end the level.

  • Make it back from the Atchafalaya swamps alive!

    This level is a mess. You are at a swamp and need to make it to the stash in the upper right section of the swamp. The logical approach would be to proceed to the buildings in the middle, which have supplies and a key to unlock a hoverboat. You can use this to reach the stash. The problem is, this spawns a ton of enemies and the boat draws in even more. Even worse, once you make it to the stash, you can't load the Whiskey on the boat - so you have to trek all the way back on foot to the truck. It really seems like the level was designed to use the boat, but they broke the mechanics. Oh well, time for plan B.

    From the start, grab the gear by the truck and head to the upper left area, away from the swamp. There is a shack with supplies, alcohol and lots of gas. Fuel up the truck with the gas and clear out the few enemies that come to investigate. Now, hop in the truck and drive down the path above the boardwalk into the swamp. It will take a bit of manoeuvering, since the truck handles like crap, but you can drive all the way above the buildings and boat house and into the area by the stash.

    You may need to run over a few enemies but for whatever reason they really seem to just ignore the truck. Park at the bottom of the stash house and walk up - there will be a boss and a handful of enemies to clear out but really resistance is minimal. Grab the cases and load up the truck and if you want throw in some gas - there are a number of cans in the stash.

    Now we need to drive out - this is actually harder than coming in, again because of the handling. But it can be done with a bit of perseverence. Make your way back above the boathouse, and through the marsh, navigating the stumps. It may be a bit frustrating, but still way quicker than hauling all the cases back to the start on foot.

    Drive up the hill beside the boardwalk, out of the swamp and keep heading left to exit the level.

  • Make it in and out of the backwoods and lived to tell the tale!!

    A much shorter and more straightforward Chapter than 4, this is another short crowd control level. Basically you need to gas up the still to make 3 cases of alcohol. Zombies will come at you in waves. You need to juggle getting gas to the still, getting cases to the truck, and staying alive.

    From the spawn, grab the gear and head left to the barn. Open the door and kill everything that attacks. You need to take down the boss, who will drop a key to a storage container just below where you started. Head back there and unlock it. Now, you can enter the container, and note that you can open and close the door to get a breather.

    Inside the container is some gas cans, ammo and an upgraded weapon. Grab what you want, open the door and kill anything that has collected. Once you have a path, grab a gas can and run to the still. Drop it in and it will start making alcohol.

    At this point you need to grab the other gas cans from the container, grab completed cases of Whiskey and get them to the truck. It's mostly a waiting game, but do try to keep the zombie horde controlled or you will be overrun. At some point, you will also need to repair the truck. I forgot to do this, and probably would be best to do it right at the start before even approaching the barn.

    In any case, once you have all 3 cases made and loaded on the truck, hop in and drive down and to the left to end this short level.

  • Cross over to the other side!

    This is it, the grande finale. The longest and hardest Chapter....oh wait - no, we already did that. This is actually a short on foot Chapter with no cases to collect. Go figure.

    Unfortunately there is an element of luck to the start here. From your spawn, grab your gear and head left to enter the cemetery. Grab a shovel from the area beside the entrance. Now your objective is to make your way around the cemetery and kill 3 named boss zombies. The last one will drop a key to the exit. The problem is,  you don't have a gun.

    Here's the luck part - as you kill enemy fodder, they drop guns, ammo, whiskey and melee weapons. But it seems somewhat random. You will need to use your shovel and melee to kill some zombies at the start - you need an automatic weapon and some ammo. It could take a few deaths until you get a good drop.

    Once you have what you need, you will need to work through the maze that is the cemetery. From the entrance, you'll need to head up for boss 1, then down and all the way left for boss 2, from there diagonally up and back to the right until you reach the top of the cemetary. Now head left and down to reach boss 3. Kill him for the key, and the exit should be just down and to the left.

    This is a very short level that can be done in just a couple of minutes if you get a good drop at the start. Follow the video below. This is also a Chapter where grandpa may be better to use due to his stronger melee.

  • Do the Great Southern Zombie Escape! Complete all levels

    This should pop when you complete Chapter 6, assuming you did the Chapters in order. There is a Chapter 7, but it is not needed for trophy purposes.

    Glitch Warning:
    The first time I played the game, this trophy popped, but the Chapter 6 trophy did not. Looking at PSNP, there are a number of users that have this trophy, but are missing 1 or more of the individual Chapter trophies. I am not sure what causes this glitch. If you get this trophy, but not all 6 of the individual Chapter trophies, complete all other trophies in the game, then close. Delete your save and from a fresh save, play just the Chapter where you have a missing trophy. This should pop it and your plat.

    I would also recommend doing Chapters in order - when I did that with the PS5 version of the game, everything popped correctly.
  • Stay alive for 2 minutes

  • Stay alive for 5 minutes

  • Stay alive for 7 minutes

  • Stay alive for 9 minutes

  • Stay alive for 10 minutes

  • Stay alive for 15 minutes

  • Stay alive for 20 minutes

    For this trophy you need to go into Survivor mode and, well, survive. For 20 minutes total. This is NOT cumulative - you must do all 20 minutes in a single run. This would honestly be quite hard, but we have ourselves a glitch!

    When  you start, you will be on a small island. There is a boardwalk connecting you to 2 other islands - to the north is a still and to the south east an island where boxes drop. Near the centre point of the boardwalk is a large tree. You can actually walk into this tree. Zombies can't though. So this is basically a safe point.

    Unfortunately you can't just stand there for 20 minutes, as you need enough alcohol to keep your intoxication level up, otherwise your health will deplete.

    The best approach is to grab the gear at the start, and run up to the still with the gas can to fire it up. Now initially not many zombies spawn. Try to keep them under reasonable control, moving around the map and refilling with ammo on the starting island as needed. You want to get to around 8-10 minutes with 3 full bottles of Whiskey. If you get lucky and a second gas can drops, then you can make a full case of Whiskey, which you can then move into your safe spot, making this even easier.

    At that point you can just go stand under the tree. Once your health depletes to around 50-75%, drink about a third of a bottle. Keep doing this and you should reach 20 minutes without ever needing to leave your safe spot.

    I have posted a video showing the intial setup to the 10 minute mark. From there it is just idling and keeping an eye on health/intoxication.

  • Kill 50 zombies driving

    For this trophy you will need to run over a cumulative total of 50 zombies while in a vehicle. It doesn't have to be in a single vehicle. You may well get this in Chapter 1, and in all likelihood will have it by the time you finish the main campaign. If not, Chapters 1, 2, 4 and 5 all have a number of zombies that you can run over and a truck. Chapter 2 is probably the quickest to use - rush across the bridge, straight to the truck and back up to kill the large horde.

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Whiskey & Zombies Trophy GUIDE FAQ

  • What is the estimated trophy difficulty for Whiskey & Zombies?
    The estimated trophy difficulty for Whiskey & Zombies is 3/10.
  • How many offline trophies are there in Whiskey & Zombies?
    There are 22 offline trophies in Whiskey & Zombies.
  • How many online trophies are there in Whiskey & Zombies?
    There are 0 online trophies in Whiskey & Zombies.
  • How long does it take to get the platinum in Whiskey & Zombies?
    The estimated time to get a platinum in Whiskey & Zombies is 1-2 hours.
  • How many playthroughs is needed to get a platinum in Whiskey & Zombies?
  • How many missable trophies are there in Whiskey & Zombies?
    There are 1: (Arcade Hero), but it is very easy to get on replay missable trophies in Whiskey & Zombies.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies in Whiskey & Zombies?
    Difficulty does not affect trophies in Whiskey & Zombies.
  • Are there any unobtainable/glitched trophies in Whiskey & Zombies?
    Chapter completion trophies may glitch (see guide)

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