Road Warrior Trophy in Wheel of Fortune

  • Road Warrior


    Visit all cities in Road Trip mode

    How to unlock Road Warrior

    In Road Trip mode, you play three rounds of Wheel of Fortune, meaning you visit 3 cities each time you play road trip mode. There are 11 cities in the game so it will take some time. I suggest taking notes on which cities you have visited. After each road trip mode, there is a summary where it says which three cities you’ve visited. To speed up the process a little, start a new road trip mode game and when you see the loading screen with the map of the United States, pay attention to what city is highlighted. If you've been there before, quit and start over again until you start in a city you haven't visited before. There is no way to control what the other two cities will be.

    Thanks to Vintsukka for the loading screen tip.

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