Road Map

-Estimated trophy difficulty: 3
-Offline: 12 (1 3 8 )
-Online: 1 (1 )
-Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 15 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable trophies: 0
-Glitched trophies: 0
-Do cheat codes disable trophies: No cheat codes available


Wheel of Fortune is based on the TV-show with the same name. It is a puzzle game where the goal is to select letters to help you solve the word puzzle. It’s an easy trophy game, but it might take some time to get 100%. This game is at it’s funniest when you play against friends or family. You are rewarded with trophies by cumulatively amass money, visiting the 11 different cities and how well you play.


Step 1 – Getting started

Start by creating your own character. This is important because you will want to use the same character all the time to save your progress.

Step 2 – Round related trophies

In this step, you’ll be playing road trip mode. If you choose to, you can also play single rounds as well, but playing road trip mode helps you later on. Now you will focus on getting trophies that is possible to get in one game or round, namely: Wheely Wheely Good, Lucky Letter, Ding Ding Ding Ding, Wheel Consistent, Wheel Spinner and Wheel Winner. Look at the trophyguide for help.

Step 3 – Road Trip
In this step, you’ll continue to play road trip mode to get the cumulative trophies. You’ll work towards getting $1,000,000 in total winnings, winning 25 games and visiting all 11 cities in road trip mode. See Inventor of the Wheel, Puzzle Master and Road Warrior in the guide for tips.

Step 4 – Online
In this short step, you have to win at least one online game. You can do this by joining a random game online or boost it by inviting someone on your friendslist. Look in the boosting thread if you want help with this.

Step 5 – Clean up run
If you did everything in step 3 and 4, it’s still a chance you miss one or more of the trophies in step 2. Focus on any trophies you are missing for 100% in this game.

[PS3T would like to thank Pesico for this Road Map]

Wheel of Fortune Trophy Guide

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13 trophies ( 9  )

  • $100,000 total winnings

    See Inventor of the Wheel.

  • $500,000 total winnings

    See Inventor of the Wheel.

  • $1,000,000 total winnings

    Make a character so your progression is saved. This is a cumulative trophy so as long as you keep using the same character, you’ll eventually unlock this one. One fast way to get this is by getting the $1,000,000 wedge in a game, then win the round and answer correct in the bonus round. Getting the $1,000,000 wedge is obviously based on luck, but since you need 25 wins anyway, the chance of getting it before that is good.

  • $50,000 winnings in one game

    You either have to play a great game, or you have to get a big bonus in the bonus round.

  • Win an online game

    Just win an online game either by joining a random game or boosting this one with a friend. See the boosting thread if you want help to boost. Boosting is best done if you are three people. Take turns so that everybody wins one game. When choosing single round, I got into a game immediately, but road trip seems harder to play online.

    Link to boosting thread: Trophy Boosting Thread -

  • Correctly select Q, X, or Z in a puzzle

    This one can be tough, but all you need is patience and concentration to spot the possibilities. You won’t get this by solving the puzzle. You have to spin the wheel and then select either Q, X or Z correctly.

  • Pick a letter that shows up 4 or more times in a puzzle

    To get this one, you have to spin the wheel and then select a letter that shows up 4 or more times. You’ll have to wait for a long puzzle and then select a typical letter. I always take the letter T first and have had success with that.

  • Win 10 games

    See Puzzle Master.

  • Win 25 games

    You have to win 25 games. If you have a hard time winning, try pausing the game and use Google or More Words for help. Offline wins count.

  • Pick 5 letters in a row in one puzzle

    You have to spin the wheel and select a correct letter five times in a row to get this trophy. Hope for a long puzzle and start by selecting probable letters like T, R, S and N and look for possible letters in the words.

  • Visit all cities in Road Trip mode

    In Road Trip mode, you play three rounds of Wheel of Fortune, meaning you visit 3 cities each time you play road trip mode. There are 11 cities in the game so it will take some time. I suggest taking notes on which cities you have visited. After each road trip mode, there is a summary where it says which three cities you’ve visited. To speed up the process a little, start a new road trip mode game and when you see the loading screen with the map of the United States, pay attention to what city is highlighted. If you've been there before, quit and start over again until you start in a city you haven't visited before. There is no way to control what the other two cities will be.

    Thanks to Vintsukka for the loading screen tip.

  • Win a round

    Simply solve a puzzle to win one round. This is probably the first trophy you will get.

  • Win a local game

    Simply play an offline game and win it.