- Estimated Trophy Difficulty: N/A (Personal guess would be 2)
- Offline: 13 (0, 1, 1, 11)
- Online: 0
- Approximate Amount of Time to : 1 Hour
- Minimum Number of Playthroughs: Depends on skill level
- Missable Trophies: 0
- Glitched Trophies: 0
- Do cheats disable trophies?: None Available
- Does difficulty affect trophies?: NA


Welcome Park serves as a, FREE, tutorial tool on the PlayStation®Vita system. It's comprised of 5 mini game sections that can be completed in any order you wish.

Step One: Complete each challenge

Play through each challenge going for time specific trophies. Since there is no story mode each challenge can be played over and over with the exception of the 3 challenges in the "Digital Chase" area, these must be played back-to-back, however you can restart the "Digital Chase" challenges at any time.

Step Two: Clean up

Assuming you've acquired all of the time specific trophies you COULD be done with the game. If you're not, chances are you only have the "Digit Chase Prize" and "Welcome Park Master!" trophies left. See below for specifics on each trophy.

[PST Would Like to Thank jefxfree for this Roadmap]

Welcome Park Trophy Guide

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13 trophies ( 11  )

  • Collect all the trophies in Welcome Park

    This functions exactly like a platinum trophy; once all of the other trophies are obtained this one will pop automatically.

  • Play through all the tutorials in Welcome Park

    You do not need to get the trophies for each specific tutorial to get this trophy, but you MUST complete the tutorial. Going into, then exiting, will not work. You must reach the final score board.

    NOTE: The “Digit Chase” area has 3 separate tasks that must be completed: digit chase tap, digit chase flick and drag, and Digit Chase Rear Touch Panel challenges.

  • Complete Digit chase in 1 minute or under

    This trophy is one of the three tough ones in the game. You must complete digit chase tap, digit chase flick and drag and Digit Chase Rear Touch Panel challenges in under 1 minute.

    Target times:

    • Digit chase tap - 29 seconds
    • Flick and drag - 14 seconds
    • Rear Touch Panel - 14 seconds

    The times above are the most you want to get in each area to still qualify for the trophy. However my times were a bit different. I was able to do the chase tap and rear touch challenges much faster but the flick and drag took me a bit longer or it may differ slightly for you. See the other trophies if you need help with a specific challenge. Do note that this trophy won't pop until you view your results.

    This is optional but if you would like to check to confirm they have the trophy or not, then use this online Seconds calculator (credit to Blaze Naruto Shippuden for this): Seconds Calculator

  • Complete Digit Chase Tap Stage in 30 seconds or under

    This one is pretty easy, but it will probably take you a few tries to get. You must tap on numbers in order but as you go it gets a little harder, but not much. Sometimes a number will appear on top of itself so you will need to tap that number twice before moving onto the next number. Then towards the end of the challenge the number will appear twice on the screen; at this time you must use two fingers to tap both of the numbers at the same time.

  • Complete Digit Chase Flick and Drag Stage 20 seconds or under

    This one was the hardest of the three challenges in the digital chase area for me, what you need to do is to spin a carousel of numbers around and peel them off the screen in order. The problem is that it always seemed to spin too slow or too fast. Getting it to spin where you want it fast enough, without over-spinning, takes a few tries of practice.

  • Complete Digit Chase Rear Touch Panel Stage in 20 seconds or under.

    For this one you need to tap the rear touch pad to send a ball flying through rings above it in numerical order. This one is easiest to accomplish by rapidly tapping BOTH of the circles at the same time. I got this trophy first try when I did it this way.

  • Complete a Snap + Slide puzzle with 15 pieces in 50 seconds or under.

    The first thing you want to do is to save (or just zoom in with your browser) and zoom in on this image:

    Start up the camera in the Snap and Slide area and notice the grid shape, what you're going to want to do is to zoom in the image above so that each number is in one of the boxes in the grid on the vita.

    I tried this a few times with images but found that I never got the time fast enough, however using this image I was able to complete the 15 piece puzzle in 42 seconds.

  • Complete a Snap + Slide puzzle with 14 pieces in 40 seconds or under.

    See "Snap + Slide 15 Piece Prize"

  • Complete a Snap + Slide puzzle with 8 pieces in 30 seconds or under.

    See "Snap + Slide 15 Piece Prize"

  • Complete a Snap + Slide puzzle with 7 pieces in 20 seconds or under.

    See "Snap + Slide 15 Piece Prize"

  • Get 500 points in Skate Axis.

    This trophy requires that you tilt the PlayStation®Vita side-to-side to avoid bouncing balls and tilt it backwards to jump to collect stars. As long as you pay attention you will get this trophy first try. There's really nothing to it.

  • Create 20 Sound Balls in Sound Loop.

    This one is really easy to get. Just record 20 sounds on one stage all at once, you don’t have to record anything specific. Just press the record button for one second 20 times and the trophy is yours.

  • Use Hello Face to bring 3 faces to life .

    Another easy one. Simply draw 3 circles arranged like smiley face using pen and paper, or even photoshop, then take a picture of it three times and the trophy is yours.

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