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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Estimated Difficulty)
  • Offline trophies: 44 (29, 11, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0, but all can be earned in co-op (Boosting Thread)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 35-50 hours (Estimated Time)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 5 + 50 Relic Missions (If you have the Slayer Edition or Witch Hunter DLC need to play through the story again as the Witch Hunter)
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: While playing in co-op the tracking for some trophies seems to be a bit spotty if you are not the host.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you will need to defeat a few bosses on specific difficulties.

Warhammer: Chaosbane is an isometric ARPG in the same style as Diablo. You have difficerant characters that are better at certain things than others but can all be built to fill any roll while killing monsters for better and better loot to help you fight stronger monsters for even better loot. The campaign with dialogue is about 8 hours long, and if you skip the dialogue it is around 5 hours.

The game can be played entirely in co-op online or with a second controller, but keep in mind that if you are not the host several trophies seem to have some issues tracking properly, specifically the Side Activities in the Relic Hunts do not count for you, and if you disconnect from your partner it can mess up the Act trophies unlocking properly.

If you own the Slayer Edition or Witch Hunter DLC you will need to do a 6th run of the campaign with Haidar, the Witch Hunter for Happily ever after... trophy_gold.png  , and if you complete any of the DLC Acts those bosses will be added to the requirements of Chaos hunting trophy_gold.png .


Step 1: Complete the game with all Characters and Full Set of Equipment

Run through the game with all of the characters playing on the highest difficulty you can. Can more than likely start with Hard or Very Hard with each character depending on their skillset. Recommend starting with the characters that have trophies tied to them (Empire Soldier, High Elf Mage, Wood Elf Scout, and Slayer), then complete the game with the Dwarf Engineer and if Happily ever after... trophy_gold.png  didn't unlock the Witch Hunter. Progressing through the story the first time will slowly unlock features that will automatically be unlocked for all other characters you create.

Trophies earned this step:
Get your feet wet trophy_bronze.png 
Drenched in vomit, but victorious trophy_bronze.png 
A worthy adversary trophy_bronze.png 
Resist temptation trophy_bronze.png 
For the Empire! trophy_silver.png 
The beginning of redemption trophy_silver.png 
The forest can now breathe trophy_silver.png 
Still no worthy adversary trophy_silver.png 
Happily ever after... trophy_gold.png 
Blood on your hands trophy_bronze.png 
Half way there trophy_bronze.png 
Best of the best trophy_silver.png 
No hard feelings trophy_bronze.png 
Hand of God trophy_bronze.png 
For your work shall be rewarded... trophy_bronze.png 
In the lap of the wrong Gods trophy_bronze.png 
Horror of horrors trophy_bronze.png 
Daemon slayer trophy_bronze.png 
Scourge of Chaos trophy_bronze.png 
Death to all abominations trophy_bronze.png 
The urge to purge trophy_bronze.png 
Coordinated trophy_bronze.png 
Battle-ready trophy_bronze.png 
A shining example trophy_gold.png 
Divine emissary trophy_silver.png 
Kind soul trophy_bronze.png 
All that glitters... trophy_bronze.png 
Deep pockets trophy_bronze.png 
Treasure hunter trophy_silver.png 
Eyes on the prize trophy_silver.png 
Curiouser and curiouser trophy_bronze.png 
Good strategist trophy_bronze.png 
Filthy rich trophy_bronze.png 

Step 2: Relic Hunts, Side Activities and Blessing Items

After beating the game you will unlock Relic Hunts from the Collectors' Guild.  You do not have to add any modifiers to the map for it to count towards the 50. Pick your favourite character and start doing relic hunts, going up in difficulty when you can to get better and better gear to allow you to challenge the boss on Chaos 5.

Trophies earned this step:
Relic hunter trophy_bronze.png 
Daily routine trophy_bronze.png 
Hallowed be the gear trophy_bronze.png 
Possessed trophy_silver.png 
Opportunist trophy_bronze.png 
Completionist trophy_bronze.png 

Step 3: Boss Rush and Cleanup

Boss Rush will put you in the arena with the boss of the act, you will just need to defeat them for the mission to end. Will need to defeat one on Chaos 5 or higher and the other three on Chaos 2 or higher. Then all that is missing is trading 50 gems with the Collectors' Guild and you have your platinum.

Trophies earned this step:
Fair trade trophy_bronze.png 
Big game hunter trophy_silver.png 
Chaos hunting trophy_gold.png 
Veni Vidi Vici trophy_silver.png 
God among insects trophy_platinum.png 

Warhammer: Chaosbane Trophy Guide

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44 trophies ( 11  29  4  )

  • Unlock all trophies

    Congratulations, you have slayed an entire chaos hoarde yourself!
  • Finish the game as Konrad

    Complete all four acts with Konrad, the Empire Soldier. He is a melee focused class that uses Block Chance as his damage mitigation.
  • Finish the game as Elontir

    Complete all four acts with Elontir, the High Elf Mage. He is a ranged caster that can deal high amounts of damage.
  • Finish the game as Elessa

    Complete all four acts with Elessa, the Wood Elf Scout. She is very agile while attacking at range and can summon many dryads to do the fighting for her.
  • Finish the game as Bragi

    Complete all four acts with Bragi, the Slayer. He is a melee based character that gets stronger the lower his health is with many of his skills.
  • Finish the game as all characters

    Complete the game with the four base characters along with Keela, the Dwarf Engineer.

    Slayer Edition and DLC Note
    If you own the Slayer Edition or have bought the Witch Hunter DLC you will need to also complete the game as Haidar, the Witch Hunter.

    Boosting Method:
    • You and your partner will need to be on The Tower of Sorcery mission of Act IV
    • Save the games to the cloud
    • Starting with one person, invite the other to your game and defeat the final boss
    • Player 1 should redownload the cloud save to be put back before the end of Act IV
    • Player 2 create a new character
    • Invite the new character to the game and defeat the final boss
    • Repeat with the remaining characters
    • Player 2 download their save from the cloud to be put at the end of Act IV
    • Repeat above steps for Player 1
  • Use bloodlust

    During Act I you will unlock the ability to use Bloodlust and the game will fully charge it for you. Above your characters health and energy there are circles that will fill up if you pick up Bloodlust Orbs from the ground, when one or more are filled press l2.png to enter Bloodlust. While in this mode you have a high Health Regeneration and all enemies killed will drop extra fragments.
  • Reach level 25 with any character

    See Best of the best trophy_silver.png  for more information.
  • Reach level 50 with any character

    If you play the campaign on Hard or Very Hard you will reach level 50 at the end of Act III or start of Act IV. The Collectors' Guild Passive Skill Tomes of Knowledge will grant you a bonus to Experience gained.
  • Trade 50 Fragments with the Collectors' Guild

    Eventually in the story you will unlock the ability to trade fragments of one colour to another with the Collectors' Guild, simply trade a collective 50 Fragments for the trophy.
  • Kill a boss on "Very hard" difficulty

    By the end of the campaign you should be able to handle Very Hard once you have gear in all slots. Simply kill any boss on this difficulty.
  • Complete your first Relic Hunt

    See Daily routine trophy_bronze.png  for more information.
  • Complete 50 Relic Hunts

    Relic Hunts are unlocked after you complete the campaign.  At the Collectors' Guild select the relic hunt and any of the missions to start a Relic Hunt, you do not need to add modifiers to the mission. The fastest one to complete was the Invasion of Khorne.
  • Use a God Skill

    Each character will have a God Skill Tree that will give them stat bonuses, and new skills. There are Active Skills and Passive Skills in the God Skill Tree. You will need to unlock an Active Skill and set it on your ability bar and use it for this trophy.
  • Unlock your first reward from the God Skill Tree

    Once you unlock the God Skill Tree, put your first point into it for the trophy.
  • Kill a boss in Boss Rush on at least "Chaos 2" difficulty

    See Chaos hunting trophy_gold.png  for more information.
  • Kill all bosses in Boss Rush on at least "Chaos 2" difficulty

    Boss Rush is unlocked after defeating the Great Unclean One in Act I but you cannot do Chaos difficulties until post game. Once you have the gear for it you can enter Boss Rush from the Collectors' Guild on Chaos 2 or higher difficulty and defeat the bosses from the four Acts to unlock this trophy.

    Slayer Edition and DLC:
    If you complete Act V and VI the bosses from these acts will be added to the requirement for the trophy.
  • Kill 1,000 cultists

    The cultists are the humanoid enemies, if you are killing most enemies you come across this should unlock during Act II.
  • Kill 1,000 Ungors

    The Ungors are what the game's NPCs refer to as "Beast Men".  They are the least common of the basic enemies.  If you kill most enemies you come across this should unlock during Act III.
  • Kill 1,000 daemons

    The daemons are the most common enemy type.  If you kill most enemies you come across this should unlock during Act I.
  • Kill 100 champions

    Champions are enemies that have the longer health bars and drop loot when killed. The first mission in each Act will have no champions, then each mission will get progressively more as you go throug the Act. If you kill most enemies you come across this should unlock during Act II.
  • Kill a Jabberslythe

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    You will encounter the first Jabberslythe in Act I during the mission The Hidden Path. It is a mini-boss whose healthbar is at the top of the screen. You will want to keep moving as it will summon small AoEs under you that do continuous damage, along with a tail slam that radiates out in a cone that will stun you. After defeating it the trophy is yours.
  • Kill a Mutalith

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    You will encounter the first Mutalith in Act I during the mission The Eye of Argoth. It is a mini-boss whose heathbar is at the top of the screen. It will summon small AoEs under you that do continuous damage, along with firiong an attack that has a bit of knockback on it. After defeating it the trophy is yours.
  • Complete your first set of equipment

    Each type of gear has a set bonus for having 5/5 of that set equipped on you at the same time. You will need the Head, Chest, Arms, Legs, and Feet equipped with the same set, they do not need to be of the same rarity. Hold onto gear at the start until you unlock this.
  • Be fully equipped

    Simply have a gear item equipped into each equippment slot.  The game will auto equip items into slots that are empty, so it will come naturally.
  • Be fully equipped with rare or heroic items

    Equip Rare (yellow) or Heroic (red) items into all your slots. This will come naturally as theses gear items have more bonuses on them than the others, so in time you will have these equipped in all slots.
  • Buy all rewards available on the God Skill Tree

    The description is a bit misleading as you will not get enough points to unlock every node on the God Skill Tree.  Instead, once you reach level 50 and spend your 50th point in the God Skill Tree the trophy will unlock.
  • Donate 100 items to the Collectors' Guild

    There is no option to sell items in the game so other than dropping them the only way to get rid of them is to donate them to the Collectors' Guild. Increasing your rank will unlock more passive skills and get you gold and fragments, along with unlocking the cosmetic for the items you have donated.
  • Bless your first item

    See Possessed trophy_silver.png  for more information.
  • Bless a heroic item 50 times

    At some point in the story you will get the ability to bless an item.  First you will want to find a heroic item (red) then in the equipment screen press triangle.png on it to enter the Bless screen. It will take 50 Fragments of a colour to bless an item, and you can repeat the bless on the same item over and over 50 times for the trophy if you wish. If you obtain a green drop item this will also count as a heroic item for blessing.
  • Collect 100 Fragments

    Fragments are occasionally dropped by enemies when kills or 100% chance dropped by enemies killed using Bloodlust. Pick up a total of 100 for the trophy; you will more than likely get this without even trying.
  • Collect 1,000 pieces of gear

    Collect a total of 1,000 pieces of gear; it does not need to be on the same character.
  • Find 100 rare or heroic pieces of gear

    You will need to pick up Rare (yellow) or Heroic (red) gear for this trophy, it does not need to be on the same character.
  • Find your first heroic item (not a quest reward)

    Heroic gear is red and there will be a red dot on the map to indicate that one has dropped.  Playing on Hard or Very Hard, the first Heroic I was found was during Act III.  If you do not find any during the story playthroughs then doing Relic Missions for better gear on Chaos difficulties will for sure give you some Heroic gear.
  • Kill a boss on "Chaos 5" difficulty

    Once you have good gear and can handle Relic Hunts on Chaos 5, do a boss rush against the boss you find the easiest. The Great Unclean One is probably the easiest boss to do, but you can defeat any of the bosses that you want.
  • Open 50 chests

    In missions you will come across chests; open a total of 50 to unlock this trophy. If you are playing in co-op, only the person who opens the chest will have it count towards their total.
  • Complete a side activity

    See Completionist trophy_bronze.png  for more information.
  • Complete 50 side activities

    While doing relic hunts there occasionally will be an activity that will pop up at the bottom of the screen. There are a total of four different side activites (Hunting, Invasion, Tracking, Altar Destruction). The activities need at least 1 of their task completed for it to count towards the 50 total. 2-3 can appear during a relic hunt so you should have this at about halfway through the 50 relic hunts.
  • Kill an elite with a build made from at least 90 Skill Points

    As you progress through the story and level up you will get more Skill Points; the most Skill Points a character can have is 100. You will need to have a collection of skills that totals 90 or higher (10 or fewer points remaining) and then kill an elite, the enemies with longer healthbars.
  • Acquire 100,000 gold pieces

    You will need to have a total of 100,000 gold pieces. As gold is only used for paying for revives and for adding challenges to Boss Rush and Relic Hunts you should easily accumulate enough gold during a single playthrough of the campaign.  If you do not, gold is shared between all your characters and it will unlock during subsequent runs of the campaign.

Secret trophies

  • Finish the Prologue

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Starting a game with any character will take you through the prologue, will teach you the basics for your character and characters in general.
  • Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Act I takes place in the city of Nuln and the sewers beneath the city, the Act concludes after a fight with The Great Unclean One.
  • Finish Act II

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

    Act II takes place in the city of Praag, the Act will conclude after a fight with Bloodthirster.

    Bloodthirster Slam Attack
    The only boss attack in the game that doesn't have the most intuitive way to avoid the damage, when he flies up into the air and a red ring appears on the ground it will get smaller heading to the middle of the arena. When he slams back into the ground he does a arena wide AoE that deals massive damage, on higher difficulties it will just one shot you. To avoid this you need to stand on the small raised platform where you entered the arena.
  • Finish Act III

    Story Related

    Act III takes place in the Forest of Knives; the Act will conclude after a fight with the Keeper of Secrets.

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