• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 0, you must be online at all times.
  • Online trophies breakdown:
    • Base Game: 16 (15 , 1 )
    • Updates: 68 (39 , 22 , 7 )
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 150+ hours (Estimated Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Many matches/missions
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 2 - By the Dawn's Early Light and I'm the Captain Now
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, the Global and Chinese PS4 versions have their own lists but the Chinese servers were closed down years ago. The PS5 version also has its own list.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.


Warframe is a fast-paced online free-to-play co-operative shooter where you are in control of a Warframe. Each different Warframe grants you special powers from using elements to going invisible to devouring your enemies like the mummy from The Mummy. The game has four main factions: The Tenno, Grineer, Corpus and Infestation. The Tenno are the race that controls the Warframes, Grineer are clones of ancient humanity and are covered in armour and use primitive and destructive weapons, Corpus are a company that uses advanced technology to build robot proxies and have energy weapons and the infestation is a hive mind that wants to consume everything that is living. As the Tenno you are trying to bring peace to the solar system that is constantly in conflict between the Grineer and Corpus trying to gain control.

When you start out you get to pick a starting Warframe between Volt, Mag and Excalibur. I recommend starting out with Excalibur, he is the most powerful of the three and is useable late game. Also, start with the Skana as your melee weapon as it is the only starting weapon you cannot buy in the market for Credits. You are then going to want to finish Vor's Prize quest as soon as possible so you stop getting broken mods. After that you are just going to be going through the charts unlocking nodes and going to more planets.

  • Upgrade your mods, this is very important. The weapon doesn't matter as much as the mods that are on the weapon.
  • Elements are your friend. Having elements increases the damage on your weapon by +90% for each maxed out single stat mod you have on that weapon. Which you can have up to 4 elements making +360% damage.
  • Combine elements to exploit weaknesses. Grineer are weak to Corrosion (electricity + toxin) and Viral (cold + toxin), Corpus are weak to Magnetic (cold + electricity) and Radiation (electricity + heat) and Infested are weak to Gas (heat + toxin) and Corrosive (electricity + toxin). Blast (heat + cold) is great for crowd control as it knocks down everything it procs on.
  • Endless missions types (Defense, Survival, Excavation) are the best missions for XP for your gear. Even better if you are running Dark Sector missions.
  • Always be making new weapons and Warframes. Once something hits Rank 30 you get the maximum Mastery XP from it. Your mastery level will allow you to use more weapons and other bonuses.
  • Once you get a weapon to Rank 30 swap to a new weapon and then sell the weapon that was ranked to 30 to free up space. Keep weapons you like and think you will use again.
  • Sell duplicate mods for either Credits or Endo, whichever you need. Credits are used to build gear, buy blueprints and upgrade mods and Endo is used just to upgrade mods.
  • Get Prime weapons/Warframes. This is more of an advanced thing, you don’t need to but the Prime version of gear is better than the normal weapon. Weapons usually have double the magazine, do more damage and have more polarity slots while Warframes will have more Energy, Armour and more polarity slots.
  • When you find a weapon you really like, Forma it and put in the best mods you have. Putting a Forma into a weapon allows you to add a mod slot polarity which halves the mods cost for the weapon. Forma are found in Void Relics, Alerts and Invasions or bought off the market for platinum.
  • Put an Orokin Catalyst into your favorite weapon and Orokin Reactor into your favorite Warframe. These are found with Alerts, Invasion Rewards and Sortie rewards or bought off the market for Platinum. They double the mod capacity of the weapon/Warframe from 30 to 60.
  • Sell extra Prime gear you have in the relays for Ducats and buy the Primed/Unique mods of Baro when he comes every other week.


Step 1: Progression

You are going to want to progress through the planets killing each boss at least once, more if you want the Warframe that they drop. Swap to different weapons/weapon types each time you rank one to 30. Make your way to Sedna and into the final Void entrance and complete the mission on Mot. This should unlock all quests for you.

Trophies Earned this step:

Sentinel Proficiency
Blade Proficiency
Brawler Proficiency
Dagger Proficiency
Heavy Weapon Proficiency
Pole Weapon Proficiency
Shuriken Proficiency
Pistol Proficiency
Rifle Proficiency
Bow Proficiency
Shotgun Proficiency
Our Tools Shape Us
No Longer a Rookie
Special Agent
It Keeps Getting Better
Angel of Death
Field Medic
Where Credit is Due
Savior of Mercury
Savior of Uranus
Savior of Venus
Savior of Sedna

Step 2: Complete the quests.

Complete the optional quests Howl of the Kubrow, The War Within, Octavia's Anthem, Chains of Harrow, Saya's Vigil and The Sacrifice for the trophies and also any other ones you may want to do.

Trophies earned this step:

Egg Timer
The War Within
Octavia's Anthem
Chains of Harrow
Saya's Vigil
The Sacrifice
Gunna Need a Bigger Boat
Some Assembly Required

Step 3: Clean-up the miscellaneous trophies.

Complete the objective for any of the trophies you missed and grind out the Focus XP for your skill tree.

Trophies Earned this step:

Dark Sectors
Without a Hitch
Control Freak
No Witness
Tenno of all trades
Hats off to you!
Polarize This
Polarize That
Ride the Wave
The Camera Adds 10 Pounds
Into the Void
What a Nightmare
Hive Five!
Tenno and Hooch
The 8-fold Path
This Is What You Are
From on High
Forged in Fire
By the Dawn's Early Light
Tomb Looter
Sleds of Sunshine
The Great Eidolon Hunt
Sharp Shooter
Champion of the People
Pest Control
Master Angler
Plains Prospector
Ride or Die
Money Can't Buy Happiness
Moa Money, Moa Problems
Race Ace
Vallis Spelunker
Hang Tenno
Airborne Exterminator
Bounty Hunter
Stay Frosty
Animal Lover
The Abyss Gazes Into You
That Which Does Not Kill Us
I'm the Captain Now
From out of the Sun

Congratulations on 100%-ing Warframe!

Warframe Trophy Guide

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84 trophies ( 22  54  )

  • Reach Rank 30 with any Sentinel.

    There are currently 8 sentinels in the game, you need to get any of them to rank 30. The first one you can obtain is Taxon. The other ones blueprints are purchased in the Market for 100,000 Credits or Helios and Djinn blueprints are purchased from the Clan Dojo Energy/Infested Research Room respectively.

    Please see Weapons and Sentinel List for a full list of Sentinels.
  • Reach Rank 30 with any Longsword or Dual Short Blades weapon.

    For this I would recommend either picking Skana as your starting melee weapon or if you didn’t, building either Ether Sword or Dual Ether Swords as they are the cheapest/easiest to build.

    Please see Weapons and Sentinel List for a full list of Longswords and Dual Short Blades.
  • Reach Rank 30 with any Gauntlets or Hand-to-Hand weapon.

    I would recommend just buying the MK1-Furax from the Market and using those as they do not require to be built.

    Please see Weapons and Sentinel List for a full list of Gauntlets and Hand-to-Hand Weapons.
  • Reach Rank 30 with any Dagger or Dual Daggers weapon.

    I would recommend building the Fang as it is the easiest to build.

    Please see Weapons and Sentinel List for a full list of Dagger and Dual Daggers.
  • Reach Rank 30 with any Heavy Axe, Heavy Hammer, or Heavy Sword weapon.

    I would recommend either the Galatine or Fragor since they are the easiest to to build.

    Please see Weapons and Sentinel List for a full list of Heavy Axes, Heavy Hammers and Heavy Swords.
  • Reach Rank 30 with any Scythe, Pole-arm or Staff weapon.

    I would recommend just buying the MK1-Bo from the Market since it does not require building.

    Please see Weapons and Sentinel List for a full list of Scythes, Pole-arms and Staves.
  • Reach Rank 30 with any Boomerang, Throwing Discs or Throwing Daggers weapon.

    I would recommend buying the MK1-Kunai as they don’t require to be built.

    Please see Weapons and Sentinel List for a full list of Thrown Melee and Thrown Secondary Weapons.
  • Reach Rank 30 with any Pistol or Akimbo Pistols weapon.

    I would recommend using either the MK1-Furis, Lato, Lex or Aklato as they can all be purchased from the Market and don’t need to be built.

    Please see Weapons and Sentinel List for a full list of Pistols and Dual Pistols.
  • Reach Rank 30 with any Rifle or Machine Gun weapon.

    I would recommend the MK1-Braton as it can just be purchased from the Market and doesn’t require being built.

    Please see Weapons and Sentinel List for a full list of Rifles.
  • Reach Rank 30 with any Bow weapon.

    I would recommend using the MK1-Paris as it can be bought from the Market and doesn’t require to be built.

    Please see Weapons and Sentinel List for a full list of Bows.
  • Reach Rank 30 with any Shotgun weapon.

    I would recommend using the MK1-Strun as it can be purchased from the Market and doesn’t require to be built.

    Please see Weapons and Sentinel List for a full list of Shotguns.
  • Revive 10 allies.

    Should come naturally while playing the game. Look at Field Medic for more information.
  • Apply 4 different Mods to a single weapon or Warframe.

    Mods are what is used to increase the power of your Warframe and Weapons. These are dropped off enemies or given as rewards for completing a mission. You will need to rank up a warframe or weapon until it has the available mod slots to be able to put in 4 different mods. You cannot put in the same mod multiple times.
  • Reach Rank 2 with any Warframe.

    This trophy should pop after your first few missions. Once your starting Warframe is Rank 2 this trophy will pop. Should happen on 2nd or 3rd mission.
  • Solve 10 Ciphers.

    Ciphers are the hacking minigame that occurs when trying to get into some locked rooms or cancelling alarms. The easiest ciphers are the Grineer ones since they have no time limit. The Corpus ones have a time limit and aren’t too hard at the start but the more difficult ones can make the time close.
  • Play for 10 hours.

    Be in missions for a total of 10 hours. This will easily pop before you get close to finishing the rest of the trophies. You could hide and idle in a mission for 10 hours and then extract if you wanted to.

DLC: Update 1

2 trophies

  • Get 100 kills in a single mission.

    This should come naturally while progressing through the planets. If you are having trouble the low-level Grineer defence mission on Earth is a good place to do this as you can go 15-20 waves fairly easily with decent weapons.
  • Revive 100 allies.

    This should come with natural play but if you want to farm it out invite a friend to a mission who has an explosive weapon (Tonkor, Penta, etc) and have them blow themselves up and revive them. You can revive the same person as many times as you want. Reviving pets does not count.

DLC: Update 2

2 trophies

  • Build an item in the Foundry.

    See Scientist for more information.
  • Build 20 items in the Foundry.

    The Foundry is the place on your ship where you build new weapons, Warframes and other supplies. This should come naturally while playing through the game while you are swapping weapons and Warframes constantly. Quest items also do count as an item built in the Foundry.

DLC: Update 3

2 trophies

  • Sell 10000 credits' worth of items.

    You can sell mods, weapons, Warframes or blueprints and they will count towards this trophy. I wouldn’t worry about it too much as you will be selling weapons you have used to rank to 30 but don’t like using. Weapons sell for 2,500, 5,000 or 7,500 credits usually. Warframes sell for 10,000 credits and blueprints sell for 2,500 or 3,500. Mods have a larger variety based on their rarity. You can sell mods opposite of the Foundry and to sell weapons, Warframes or blueprints open up your inventory and sell them from there.
  • Earn 100000 Credits.

    The earned credits only count for mission credit rewards, whether it be the mission completion bonus or credits found in the mission. Will come during natural play. If you want to get it sooner do the Dark Sector missions as they have a much higher payout. Another tip is that the first mission you complete after your daily login reward gives you double credits.

DLC: Update 4

2 trophies

  • Kill the boss in the Mercury region and get to extraction.

    Mercury is the third planet you will go to, the boss is Captain Vor. At 75%, 50% and 25% HP he will put up an invulnerable shield and summon more Grineer enemies. He isn’t too difficult overall. He is weak to Corrosive or Viral elements and Slash damage.
  • Kill the boss in the Uranus region and get to extraction.

    Uranus is the 10th planet you will go to. The boss is Tyl Regor. He moves and acts like a Grineer Maniac. His fight has 3 phases and only will start once the entire group has entered his boss fight room. His first phase he will teleport around attack you. Using Frost’s Snow Globe ability will slow him down while he is in the orb and make him easier to damage. After he drops to 2/3rds HP he will break some glass above the room and teleport away. This spawns some Grineer Maniacs so you will need to take those out. Once they are dead he will return and use the same strategy as Phase 1. Once he is down to 1/3rd HP he will teleport to a walkway above. You need to jump up here as the lower area will fill with water. This will also summon more Gineer Maniacs. Once they have been defeated he will return and the fight with him is the same as before. He is weak to Viral and Radiation damage.

DLC: Update 5

2 trophies

  • Kill the boss in the Venus region and get to extraction.

    Venus is the second planet you go to and the boss is the Jackal. You need to knock down the Jackal by shooting its legs and once it has fallen over you can damage the main body. The Jackal is weak to Radiation element or Magnetic for its shields and weak to Puncture damage.
  • Kill the boss in the Sedna region and get to extraction.

    To be able to fight the boss on Sedna, located at Marrow, you are going to need 25 Judgement Points and killing her each time uses up 12. Nakki is the first node you can obtain Judgement Points on, each successful mission gives you 10.

    As for the boss fight with Kala De Thaym she is kinda annoying. To start each member is going to need to stand on a glowing point and shoot the green switch infront of you. This will take you up to her boss fight. Once there she will jump down and begin fighting. She summons rollers throughout the fight which basically stun you and then she fires rockets at you which pretty much instantly kill you. Once she gets down to 2/3rds HP she will jump away and summon orbital strikes. At the end of the orbital strike you will jump to the center platform and stand on the glowing spot on the floor shooting the 4 green switches infront of you. Ignis makes this super easy. Once you do that for all 4 spots on the ground she jumps down and starts fighting again. Once she hits 1/3rd HP left she jumps away and summons more orbital strikes. And after that, she jumps down for the last time until you defeat her. Her shields are weak to Magnetic, her armour is weak to Radiation and her health is weak to Viral.

DLC: Update 6

2 trophies

  • Complete 10 missions without any primary or secondary weapons equipped.

    When creating your loadout select nothing for a main and secondary weapon. Equip any melee weapon you like and complete any 10 missions. This is easiest done with Excalibur Warframe as he gets a damage increase from using swords and his abilities are also sword based.
  • Deflect 1,000 projectiles with your melee weapon.

    With a melee weapon equipped in your load out press to bring the weapon out and face an enemy that is shooting at you. The melee weapon will auto-block projectiles coming at you up to a specific angle. Equip a Sword and Shield style weapon to increase this angle to block more bullets faster.

DLC: Update 7

2 trophies

  • Earn Battle Pay from 5 unique Invasions.

    This trophy description may be a bit misleading, because you only need to receive Battle Pay 5 times for the trophy to unlock it. Invasions are a mission type that will randomly happen on planets. They can be Infested vs Corpus, Infested vs Grineer or Corpus vs Grineer. To receive battle pay you must side with the same side in that mission 3 times. You cannot side with the Infested and in the Corpus vs Grineer if you swap sides it will start taking from the other side so you cannot get battle pay from both sides in the same node.
  • Complete 5 missions for a Clan contesting a Dark Sector.

    You must complete 5 Dark Sector Missions. These missions give increased credits, XP and resources. There are two on each planet and the node has a different symbol on it than the others once it has been completed. You can either complete the same mission 5 times or do 5 different Dark Sector missions. List of Dark Sector missions:
    • Ceres Gabii
    • Ceres Seimeni
    • Earth Coba
    • Earth Tikal
    • Eris Akkad
    • Eris Zabala
    • Europa Cholistan
    • Europa Larzac
    • Jupiter Cameria
    • Jupiter Sinai
    • Mars Kadesh
    • Mars Wahiba
    • Neptune Kelashin
    • Neptune Yursa
    • Phobos Memphis
    • Phobos Zeugma
    • Pluto Hieracon
    • Pluto Sechura
    • Saturn Caracol
    • Saturn Piscinas
    • Sedna Amarna
    • Sedna Sangeru
    • Uranus Assur
    • Uranus Ur
    • Venus Malva
    • Venus Romula

DLC: Update 8

2 trophies

  • Complete a Hijack mission without allowing the payload to travel backwards.

    Hijack is a mission type where players must take control of a large, mobile objective and safely lead it to extraction. There are 5 of these missions with the first appearing on Ceres. While moving the objective it will slowly drain your shield. You need to move it to extraction without having the opposition move it backwards. They will move it only when you haven’t been able to move it forward in the past 5 seconds. The easiest way to do this is to use mods that increase your shield capacity with the shield recharge rate mod also. Rhino’s Iron Skin ability will allow you to take damage that doesn’t lower your current shield capacity and makes the mission easier to do.
  • Complete an Interception node and extract with the enemy capturing 40% or less territory.

    Interception is a mission type where you need to take control of 4 nodes and hold them until your bar reaches 100%. This trophy is easy if you can get a team of 4 people and each person takes control of a single point and defends that point the whole time. If you move around the AI will eventually go towards the points that has nobody at it.

DLC: Update 9

2 trophies

  • Complete 10 successful Mod Transmutes

    For this trophy you are going to need at least 40 mods. Go to your mod storage and select 4, then the option on top to transmute them will appear. It will then transmute the 4 mods into a single random mod. This costs 10,000-15,000 credits per transmute so will cost you a total of 100,000-150,000 credits. There is also no way to fail a transmute.
  • Successfully perform 100 stealth kills

    Stealth kills are performed if you kill an enemy before they notice you. This can be done with silence weapons like bows, throwing secondary (Kunai) or melee weapons. Banshee’s passive mutes all sound from your guns so everything you use while playing as Banshee is silenced. Warframe abilities like Ember’s World on Fire also work well due to the high damage and AoE it has can drop enemies before you even enter their room.

DLC: Update 10

2 trophies

  • Score a kill with your equipped primary, secondary and melee weapons in 5 seconds or less.

    This is best done vs low level Infested units. I recommend using one of the Thrown Melee weapons seen under Shuriken Proficiency with a single pistol secondary as you can wield both at the same time, start with a kill from melee/secondary (one with both) then swap to your primary and get the final kill with that. Survival or defense missions would work the best since they all will go to the cryopod or to you.
  • Destroy 200 Corpus Crewman helmets.

    Corpus are the faction that use robots and have shields. On their human enemies you need to shoot them in the head and knock off their helmet. The shot doesn’t have to kill them it just needs to knock off the helmet. If the shot does kill them it will still count as long as the helmet was also knocked off in the progress.

DLC: Update 11

2 trophies

  • Polarize a Weapon, Sentinel, Kubrow, or Warframe

    First, you are going to need a Forma, these can be obtained as a random daily award, invasion reward, void relic reward or purchased from the market for platinum. Once you get a weapon to level 30 go to your arsenal and select it press to bring up another menu and select the forma. Now pick a slot and polarity and confirm. This will reset the rank of the weapon to 0 but it now has an additional polarity slot.
  • Reach Rank 30 with a polarized Weapon, Sentinel, or Warframe

    After using a Forma on a weapon re-level it back up to Rank 30.

DLC: Update 12

2 trophies

  • Complete 20 waves of Defense and successfully extract

    Defense missions are a mission type where you need to protect a point against waves of enemies. The easiest node to do this on would be Lith on Earth. This is versus the Grineer. Using Frost and putting up a Snow Globe around the cryopod will make it take much less damage and make defense missions easier. Also, Ember and World on Fire can kill low-level enemies before they can make it to the cryopod.
  • Destroy 150 Security Cameras

    Security Cameras are found in Corpus missions. Simply shoot them and they will explode. It doesn’t matter if the camera is alerted to you or has seen you, every kill you get on one will count. Ember’s World on Fire ability makes this easier since it will AoE kill any camera within range.

DLC: Update 13

1 trophies

  • Complete 10 Void missions

    Void missions are special missions where you use a relic and need to collect void traces to open the relic. Relics are rewards from most missions. The best way to get relics is 20 wave defense, 20-minute survival, 4 round interception or as long as you can keep extractors alive in excavation missions. Once you have Relics go to the Void Fissures in your star chart and select a mission and relic. You do not need to open the relic for this trophy, but it is advised as they are the only way to get Prime equipment.

DLC: Update 14

2 trophies

  • Complete 10 Nightmare missions

    Nightmare missions are a special mission type that introduces a hazard to the mission and increases the nodes level. You can tell if a mission is nightmare because the node will turn red. I would recommend waiting for nightmare alerts since the only hazard that can give is no shields. Since you have no shields I would recommend using Nidus, Inaros or Rhino. Nidus and Inaros have no shields in the first place so they aren’t affected by the hazard while Rhino can Iron Skin and nullify incoming damage as long as he has iron skin up.
  • Complete any 5 Hive Infestation missions.

    There is only 1 Hive mission in the game, other than alerts, syndicate missions and Quests. You will need to complete the mission on Eris Naeglar 5 times. You are tasked with destroying 3 Hives. Each hive has 5 tumors you also need to destroy before you can damage the Hive itself. Each tumor is in the same “room” as the hive. Each hive you destroy adds a new hazard in the form of an orange mist. After destroying all 3 you need to extract.

DLC: Update 15

2 trophies

  • Complete any 10 missions with a Kubrow equipped.

    After completing the Howl of the Kubrow quest you can equip your Kubrow as your companion. After equipping your Kubrow complete any 10 missions, you need to extract for the mission to count.
  • Begin Genetic Lab Incubation for a Kubrow.

    This will unlock during the Howl of the Kubrow quest. The incubator power cell requires an Argon Crystal which are only available in the void and the first junction to the void is in Phobos. They are also available as an Alert reward. You can also purchase an incubator power cell with platinum.

DLC: Update 16

2 trophies

  • Survive 8 waves of Defense using only melee attacks!

    You need to complete 8 waves in a row using only melee attacks with your entire team. I would recommend doing this solo or in private with friends as randoms will be using abilities and other weapons. Do not bring anything except a melee weapon to the mission, un-equip your primary, secondary and companion so there is no issue with those weapons accidentally voiding the trophy.
  • Kill 10 or more enemies with a single explosion (Tonkor, etc)

    The easiest enemy to do this on would be the Infested in either a defense or survival mission. Equip the Penta or Tonkor and group 10+ enemies together, if on defense mission they will group up at the cryopod or if on survival they will come to you. Once you have enough together shoot into the middle of them and hopefully it will kill 10+ enemies.

DLC: Update 17

2 trophies

  • Fully unlock a Focus skill tree

    This is the most grindy trophy in Warframe by far. After completing the Second Dream quest you will unlock the ability to pick a school and The Lotus will give you a lense. You will also need to finish Saya's Vigil and talk to the Quills in Cetus to unlock the rest of the abilities. The focus xp for each can be seen below:
    • Madurai - 515,000 xp
    • Vazarin - 565,000 xp
    • Naramon - 450,000 xp
    • Unairu - 515,000 xp
    • Zenurik - 565,000 xp
    If you want to go for the trophy the fastest Naramon is the least XP required to unlock each node. There is also a cap of 250K xp + 5k x Mastery Rank you can obtain every day, this resets at 00:00 UTC.

    As for obtaining focus xp you are going to need to equip a lense to either a Warframe or weapon that is already rank 30. This will change a percentage of affinity obtained with that weapon or Warframe into focus xp. I would highly recommend buying at least 1 Greater Lense of the school you decided to go as from the Market. The lenses can also be obtained as a reward from Bounties on Cetus. Equip the lenses to your favorite Warframe and weapon. Equipping a Greater Lense to both your Warframe and Weapon will turn 1.75% of all affinity into focus xp. If you can get a Eidolon Lens that will give you a 2.25% conversion, and a Lua Lens will increase the rate to 3.25%. Also when you are in the mission there will be a focus orb that pops up, grab it if you can as it will increase the focus xp you obtain 6x for 45 seconds.

    The best way to get focus XP is to do Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. You will need a pretty good team to be able to do it efficiently, but if you are unable to do this the higher ranking Dark Sector defence and survivals are quite good. Only take the Warframe and weapon(s) you have with focus lenses on them to the mission so your affinity isn't split over multiple weapons.

    If you are able to killing the three Eidolon's on the Plains of Eidolon give you Eidolon Shards that can be traded in for massive amounts of focus.
  • Set 10 hostages free without triggering the execution timer

    You need to rescue the hostage in a rescue mission without the countdown timer appearing. They can set off other alarms up to the room where the hostage is being kept, but once you are there you need to sneak into the holding cells without being seen and release the hostage. One you have freed the hostage from their cell you can be spotted again, it is only from entering the room to saving the hostage where you cannot be seen.

DLC: Update 18

1 trophies

  • Complete The War Within Quest

    To unlock The War Within you need to get to complete the Sedna Junction on Pluto.

    The first mission is a capture on Lua, you need to chase down and capture the spectre that is summoned. There are also a bunch of orokin enemies once you start chasing the spectre.

    The second mission is also a capture mission but on Jupiter this time, there is corpus enemies and the spectre using some of Frost’s abilities.

    The third mission is an archwing mission on Sedna, you have to keep a ship between you and scanners. Once you are at the end you will drop back down to your warframe and have to defend a point from Kuva Grineer while you hack into a system. Then head towards the end of the mission, this will take you to the Kuva Fortress and you will be unable to do any other mission till the end of the quest. Once you get to the end of the base your warframe will be captured.

    Once you return to your ship you will need to escape your ship. When you do you will find yourself on a snowy mountain. Make your way to the top and activate the statue. After falling into the pit make your way around to the right to avoid the underground worm and then across still avoiding the worm. Continue along the path and once you unlock Void Dash you will need to cross another path with a worm, should be easier now that you can dash. The last area for the underground worm has no safe spot so you will need to quickly void dash 3 times to get across. You will then need to void dash and blast the ice to make it across without falling down below. Make your way across using the void movement, the underground worms can’t sense you when you are in the void. After escaping the area with the worms you will come to another mountain path, continue following it. The transference button is then not whatever the game shows.

    During the final battle you will have to fight and disarm Kuva Guards, stun them with then dash through them and then damage them with your tenno abilities or warframe. Once you kill all of them you need to fight Teshin. Block when he attacks and counter. Once he is defeated the Grineer Queen will attack you with her scepter. When her shield is down you need to quickly dash into her to steal the scepter. After this you will go back to the snowy mountain. Walk to the end and speak with Teshin to end the quest.

DLC: Update 19

1 trophies

  • Complete Octavia's Anthem Quest

    To start Octavia’s Anthem you need to complete The Second Dream.

    The first mission tasks you with finding 3 Mandachord pieces. In the mission there will be a white orb that leaves behind a blue/purple trail. Follow the orb and it will lead you to all 3 parts. Once the quest is done you will need to build the Mandachord, this takes 30 minutes to complete.

    The second mission takes you to a instrument called a Hydraulus. Once there you need to match the symbols that show on the top with the corresponding spot on the musical bar. Once they are all correct a song will play and you can head to extraction.

    The Third quest is similar to the second but there is an abundance of Sentients, you will want to either bring a bunch of different damage types or finish The War Within so you can use your Operators Void Beam to remove the damage reductions off the Sentients.

    The fourth mission is also similar to the second and third, but this time you will also need to protect 2 different points from Sentients while they charge.

    You then have to go the a relay and talk to Cephalon Simaris, he will then take you to Suda’s datascape. You need to jump on all the points with a red symbol to remove that node and all the glowing points to activate it. You have to do this 3 times to play Octavia’s Anthem. You can duck under the beam that spins around the area to dodge it or jump up to one of the taller pillars. After the first enemies will start spawning, they die fairly quickly and after the second one,  more spawn but Simaris helps you out with his sanctuary allies. Once all three are complete Suda will regain her memory and the quest ends when you leave Suda’s area in the relay.

DLC: Update 20

1 trophies

  • Complete the Chains of Harrow Quest

    To unlock the Chains of Harrow quest you first must complete The War Within quest and complete the survival node on Mot in the Void.

    The first mission you have to find three things in the environment in the area that has been marked on the map, the first is dead Steel Meridian crew, the second is a Red Veil symbol on the wall in blood and the third is writing on the wall in blood, then you need to go protect Palladino from enemies for 30 seconds then take her to extraction. You then have to head to the Iron Wake on Earth, head up to the marker and use Transference and then enter the room, after the cutscene return to your ship.

    The second mission you need to find Rell’s relic, you will have to follow his shadow. Once you reach the end you will find his relic, pick it up. Rell will become angry and start attacking you with shadows, there is nothing you can do to damage him so you will just have to run to extraction. Return to the Iron Wake and give the relic to Palladino. You will then need to pick the various emotions that correspond to the cards. Head back to your ship.

    The third mission you are going to need Kinetic Siphons from Cephalon Simaris. In this mission you need to use the Kinetic Siphons to trap Rell’s manifestations and then damage them so that they are captured. There is also a dark shadowy figure named Rell, you cannot damage this one.

    The fourth and fifth missions are the same as the third but just get more difficult. Keep using the siphons on his emotions and shooting them till they are trapped.

    In the final mission once you get to the area you need to be your operator so use Transference to leave your warframe then continue following the path. Once at the end you will see a Warframe chained up, shoot the glowing blue chains with your void beam. Red Veil Fanatics will start attacking you, defeat them with your Tenno powers. After each wave you will be able to destroy 3 more chains, you will also need to pick a card. There is no wrong answer to the cards. You also cannot fail this mission as your operator so you can die without loss of progress. Once you destroy all the chains Rell will have a little conversation with mother and the mission will end completing the quest and giving you the trophy.

DLC: Update 21

7 trophies

  • Complete the Saya's Vigil quest

    To begin the quest you will first need to complete any bounty that is given by Konzu near the entrance to the plains. After which talk to him and he will ask you to talk to Saya. After speaking with her you will go to the plains. Head to the Grineer camp and defeat all the enemies. You will then need to destroy the mining equipment and enter the cave. Inside the cave is a coffer, pick it up and Lotus will have you extract. Once in your ship go to you Codex panel and then after a brief conversation you will need to equip codex scanners in your gear. After that is done head back to the plains. Head to the area and equip the codex scanner and find the 3 glass shards, after which the Grineer will attack. Defeat them then head to extraction.

    Head back to the Codex and the glass will cover the lock. After a conversation you need to head to Vay Hek’s Galleon that is in orbit around Earth. In the galleon you will need to defeat a Nox and then go through a spy-like mission room to scan the last shard. Head to extraction and once in your ship you will put the last piece on the plains. Head to the mark and the Eidolon will spawn, run to the cave and grab the last shard, then head to extraction, the coffer will open and the quest will end.
  • Kill 100 grounded enemies while in Archwing Mode above the Plains of Eidolon

    There are 2 ways to go about this trophy. You can buy the Arcwing Segment from the Tenno Lab in the Clan Dojo and then build it and charges to deploy your Arcwing in the plains or you can use Titania - her ability turns her into an archwing mode to fly above the field. Kills gotten on ground troops in either of these modes count towards the trophy.
  • Craft your first Zaw

    You will need to talk to Hok in Cetus and purchase a blueprint for a Strike, Grip and Link. I found the easiest ones to obtain the resources for were the Balla, Peye and Ruhang. Once you get the resources build the parts in your foundry and once they are complete return to Hok to have him craft the weapon.
  • Survive a night on the Plains of Eidolon

    GLITCHED: Trophy may not unlock after completing the night. Keep trying until it decides to pop.

    You will need to survive the night. It is unsure exactly what it means by “survive” the night as you can die and revive and it does not void the trophy. It seems you just need to be on the plains as the night turns into day and the trophy will pop. Surviving the night isn’t that hard, there aren't as many enemies but the Teralyst is walking around so keep distance from it and you will be fine. Night lasts 50 minutes.
  • Explore all of the Eidolon Caves

    There are 12 caves on the Plains and by pressing you will bring up the map and it will show the caves location on the map, this is not the entrance so you will need to search around the area a bit to find the entrance. You also will go into 2 caves while doing Saya’s Vigil Quest. Below is the location of all caves.
  • Travel over 500 metres in a single slide across the Plains of Eidolon

    The best place to do this trophy is West of the entrance. So when you go in the plains go right and look for a rock with a little hole in it that you can fit through. Set a marker on the hole and move about 100-150 meters away then slide towards it and then through the hole and down the mountain. You will be pulled to a rock at the end and the trophy will pop there. See the video below for the location.

    Video Guide
  • Defeat an Eidolon Teralyst

    This is the hardest trophy in the expansion. The Teralyst is a new boss that can do immense damage and has a lot of health. The Teralyst is unaffected by status and Warframe abilities so you want to be using Warframes that buff yourself or each other. The best Warframes for this are Volt (Barriers increase damage), Cold Energy Chroma (Vex Armour increases damage for you when you take HP damage), Harrow (He can chain make everyone invincible to the Magnetic Proc and grants Crit Chance buffs) and Trinity (Healing and Damage Reduction). Weapons you want should have a good damage to ammo ratio, assault rifles are not advised. The best weapons for this are the Rubico Prime, Vectis Prime or Lanka.

    The Teralyst has a shield that must be removed first off with your Operator void powers, once the shield is off for the first time I recommend lowering all 4 of the weak points to 25% HP or lower before destroying the first one. This is because he doesn’t heal them and it will save time during the more frantic phases. So after breaking the first once you will need to run away as he will send out a pulse that does a lot of damage and will magnetic proc you. He will then teleport away, so find him again.

    During phase 2, once you remove the shields he may use Regenerative Scream which will link the little Vomvalysts to the Teralyst and start regenerating the shield. If this happens kill the Vomvalysts as fast as possible and take down the shield again. Phase 3 and 4 are the same as 2 but the Teralyst becomes more aggressive. Once you break the last weak point the Teralyst will fall down and summon many Vomalysts to absorb to regenerate HP, kill as many as possible. Once he stands up you will just need to defeat it as fast as possible, keep in mind he can still use Regenerating Scream to link Vomvalysts to itself to regenerate shields so try and keep their numbers down.

    Another thing you can do is bring Eidolon Lures to the fight with you, they will absorb the Vomvalysts when they are in their corpreal form and a fully charged Lure will prevent the Teralyst from teleporting away. Also the night lasts 50 minutes so that is the time limit on killing the Teralyst, if time is up it will head towards water and if it reaches water it will escape, you can finish it off on route.

DLC: Update 22

3 trophies

  • Kill an enemy from over 100 metres away across the Plains of Eidolon

    Find an enemy that is on the plains and mark them using preferably a Ballista enemy in a sniper nest as they don't move as much. Run away till you are over 100m away from the enemy then kill them. Can also be done on turrets and since they don't move it should make it easier.
  • Travel 100,000 metres across the Plains of Eidolon

    The map is 2250 x 2250 metres square, it will take ~44.5 runs going from one end to the other. You should also get 1500-2000m doing a 3 step bounty. This will just come with time; bullet jumping around as Titania I was getting 10km/10 minutes. Arcwing travel does not count towards this trophy.
  • Complete 10 bounties given by Ostron townspeople

    Speak to Konzu and select then complete any of his bounties. You can complete the lowest level bounty 10 times if you are unable to do the higher level plains bounties. You do not have to wait for Konzu to give new bounties, you can repeat the same one 10 times for the trophy.

DLC: Update 23

3 trophies

  • Kill 100 Plains Beasts

    Only two beasts are on the Plains: Condrocs and Kuaka. They are found all over the plains in groups of 1 to 3. You need to kill 100 of any combination of the two. Below is a map I have made to show the locations I regularly found the beasts. Once you run the route, exit mission to the orbiter and then re-enter the plains and repeat until 100 are killed.
  • Catch 10 fish

    To catch fish you will first need to buy a fishing spear from Fisher Hai-Luk in Cetus and equip it to a gear slot. Once in the plains, find a body of water where you can see ripples and select the spear. Aim and throw the spear at the fish to catch them. Below is a map of the best fishing spots I have found.
  • Unearth 100 Deposits from the Plains of Eidolon

    To begin mining, you are going to need to buy one of the cutters from Old Man Sumbaat in Cetus, then equip it in your gear. Once in the plains pull it out and you will have a bit of an overlay. On the right side in the middle of the screen there is a distance meter that tells you how close a deposit is, and on the left it shows how many are in the range. You are required to mine 100 ore/gem deposits. They are only found on rocks, so look for areas that have a bunch of rocks lying around. Caves are also a good place to find ore deposits.

DLC: Update 24

1 trophies

  • Complete "The Sacrifice" quest

    To begin The Sacrifice quest you will need to have completed The War Within, Chains of Harrow and Apostasy Prologue.

    Go to your Codex and pick the quest then head to the Lotus' helmet in your personal quarters and touch it. First part head to Earth where you will be fighting Grineer Ghouls. You will need to defend a door against Ghouls, you will then need to use your scanner on the sword, and 3 Warframe parts. One is located to the right of the sword just down the buried stairs, another is on the side where you entered the area behind a rock and the last is a cloth hanging off a rock opposite side of the helmet. Head to the Exit.

    Check you foundry then head to Lua for the second mission vs Sentients. Head to the waypoint then look for marking on the wall. At the next waypoint you will need to find more symbols. Enter the are and look for a interactable object on the ground to the left when you enter the area and click on the blue enemy symbol. Head to the exit.

    Insert the new ship part then build Excalibur Umbra and equip the Warframe. Head to Ceres for the next mission vs Grineer. You will need to void blast him in Operator mode with then enter with the . Play the game with Ballas then exit the mission.

    Head to Neptune for the next mission. You will have to kill Mimics. Fight vs Umbra is a bit more annoying as you need to drain his shield with the void attacks then stun him with and enter with the again. Fighting Umbra in operator mode is annoying if you don't have an upgraded Amp, what I did was Void Dash down the long side of the balcony then attack him as he comes to you then void dash back to the other side and repeat.

    Head back to Lua to confront Umbra. Take his shields down with void attacks then blast him with and enter with the again. Walk down the path. When you return you will be using the Excalibur Umbra, defeat the Sentients then end the mission.

    Head to Earth to confront Ballas. Defeat the Sentients and the quest will end.

DLC: Update 25

1 trophies

  • Travel over 10,000 meters on a stolen Dargyn across the Plains of Eidolon.

    On the Plains of Eidolon you can find parked Dargyn's on the ground or flying through the sky. You are going to need to hijack one of these then fly around the map approximately once to hit the 10,000 meter requirement. To hijack a flying one you are going to need to kill the pilot, wait till it flies over you then shoot the pilot from behind. Avoid hitting the Dargyn or it will explode after too much damage.

    If you have having trouble finding a Dargyn I would suggest starting a bounty and looking for Drone Hijack mission or keep searching until one pops up in the world, this mission frequently spawns Dargyns.

DLC: Update 26

7 trophies

  • Reach top standing with Ventkids.

    To gain standing with the Ventkids you need to do tricks with your K-Drive. The amount of standing you get per trick is 25% of the tricks value, the max a tricks value can be is 3,000 so the most standing you can get per trick is 750. You will need a total of 240,000 standing to rank to the highest standing level. Below is a video at The Pearl to the west side of the map to get fairly easy 3,000 trick scores. Another way is to do the K-drive races as they will give ~3000 standing on completion and can be repeated as many times as you want.
  • Reach top standing with Solaris United.

    To gain standing with Solaris United you will have to do bounties by speaking to Eudico in Fortuna or the Solaris Informant on Orb Vallis. You will need a total of 240,000 standing to rank to the highest standing level.
  • Configure a Moa companion.

    You will need to speak to Legs to buy parts to build the Moa.You will need 4 parts the model, core, gyro and bracket. The cheapest to get cost 500 Solaris United standing each and are the Para Model, Drex Core, Trux Gyro and Drimper Bracket. After purchasing the part you will need to build them and return to legs for him to build the Moa.
  • Complete all of the K-Drive races in Orb Vallis.

    There are a total of 22 K-Drive races on Orb Vallis. They rotate daily 5 per day in a random sample. I recommend taking note of the races you have finished so you know which ones you still need to do. When you are on Orb Vallis hop onto your K-drive and look at the map, the races for that day will be marked on the map.
  • Ride 1,000,000 meters on a K-Drive.

    This trophy is purely grind, if you are on Orb Vallis always be riding on your K-Drive. After finishing all the other trophies you will probably be about halfway done. You can get a +30% speed mod at max ventkid standing to help.
  • Explore all of the caves in Orb Vallis.

    There are a total of 30 caves on Orb Vallis, most of them have a market for the entrance to the caves. Two of the caves do not show an entrance and are a little tricky to find. See Race Ace for a map of Orb Vallis.
  • Make a 50 meter jump on a K-Drive.

    The easiest trophy in this update and you will most likely get it accidentally but if you can't, just find a tall area with your K-Drive charge the jump with boost forward and release to jump. Should easily be able to clear 50 meters.

DLC: Update 27

2 trophies

  • Destroy 10 Raknoids in Orb Vallis while airborne.

    Raknoids are the spider-like robots the corpus have built. There are three varieties, Mite Raknoid a small green one that appear in groups of three, Scyto Raknoid a medium sized raknoid that appears when threat level is 2 or above and Kyta Raknoid a larger yellow raknoid with shield and special attacks appears with a threat level of 4. The fastest way to find these is to go one of the corpus bases and get threat level to 4 and wait for the Scyto and Kyta raknoids to spawn. Airborne only means you cannot be on the ground, kills while aim-gliding, arcwing and in Titania's Pixie form all count. The Profit-Orb-Taker also counts as a Raknoid but I wouldn't advise going after it for this trophy. If you have finished the Profit-Taker Orb mission repeating the first part of the mission has lots of Raknoids so this is a good place to kill them.
  • Complete 6 Bounties within 60 minutes while in Orb Vallis.

    I recommend doing this solo, there will be less to do in some of the missions. Do the tier 1 or tier 2 bounty 6 times without leaving Orb Valis. I recommend doing the Tier 1 or 2 ones because they only have 3 stages vs 4 and 5 on the others. You also need to do these without leaving Orb Valis, if you go back to Fortuna the counter resets. You can get more bounties in Orb Valis by talking to the guy standing just south of Fortuna's entrance.

DLC: Update 28

2 trophies

  • Fall into Orb Vallis coolant from 275 meters while on a K-Drive.

    For this trophy you will also need an Archwing Launcher or Titania, once you get onto Orb Valis you will see a large tall tower straight ahead of you. Fly to the top of the tower then use the K-Drive launcher and charge up a jump and then jump and fall into the coolant lake below. Stand at the tallest possible point of the tower to make sure you have the distance.
  • Complete 10 perfect Conservation captures in Orb Vallis.

    A perfect capture means the animal cannot see you before you tranq it, you will need the Tranq Rifle and an echo lure. Equip the Tranq Rifle and head to one of the areas that show up. Find the faeces on the ground then follow the tracks to food. Equip the echo lure and call the animal. Once The Business says something re-equip the Tranq Rifle and look around for the animal. I don't recommend going after the Bolarola, because their armor is hard to avoid at times. The easiest targets are Pobbers, who show up in groups of 3 so is possible to get more than 1 perfect capture and the Virmink.

DLC: Update 29

2 trophies

  • Create a Kuva Lich

    After completing The War Within, you can find a Kuva Larvling while in a normal 20+ Grineer mission, they will not show up in Sorties, Void Fissures, Invasions, Quests or Dark Sector missions. You will know one spawns, because the screen tints similar to how the Stalker does when he invades and when you get closer a Kuva Guardian will speak. The enemy will be marked on your map with a red symbol, kill the enemy then walk up to them and press . This will create your Kuva Lich.
  • Vanquish a Rank 5 Kuva Lich.

    After you make your Kuva Lich they will start at Rank 1. To Rank up a Kuva Lich you will need to lure them out and fail to assassinate them 4 times. To lure them out you will need to check the star chart to see which planet they have taken control of and kill their Thralls, this will annoy them and eventually they will come out to fight you. Once their first health bar hits 0 they will stagger and start to regenerate, go up to them and press and unless you have the correct Parazon mods equipped the Lich will kill you and rank up. Keep doing this till they are Rank 5. To kill them you will need to get the correct sequence of mods. You can obtain the mods as uncommon drops in the Requiem Relics which are obtained by killing Kuva Lich Thralls and from Kuva Siphon/Flood missions. You can learn which mods are required by killing Kuva Lich Thralls but you will still need to guess the order or you can attempt to randomly guess the mod sequence. Once you have the correct sequence you will drop the Kuva Lich and will be asked to Convert or Vanquish them. It doesn't matter what you choose but Vanquishing them gives you their weapon whilst converting does not.

DLC: Update 30

2 trophies

  • Enter the Dry Dock

    This is a very simple trophy. You need to either be in a clan or make one that has built the Dry Dock room, then just enter the room in the clan dojo and the trophy will pop.
  • Assemble a Railjack

    You will get this for completing the Rising Tides quest. The missions you will have to defend a spot and not let the enemy enter the area. You will also need to destroy the Interference Drones as they stop the progress no matter where they are. The later missions will also have sentients. The Railjack will take at least 36 hours to repair all 6 parts and they cannot be sped up and have to be done in order.

DLC: Update 31

2 trophies

  • Pilot a hijacked enemy crewship during a Railjack mission

    GLITCHED: You must be host of the mission for it to unlock

    When in a Railjack mission you can leave the Railjack and fly around with your Arcwing. You can enter crewships from the rear of the ship. Kill all enemies in the ship and pilot the crewship for the trophy.
  • Shoot down 100 enemies while in a Railjack

    The Railjack has 3 places where you can mount turrets to fire at other ships. The pilot has one set of turrets and there is another set on each side of the ship. Shoot down 100 enemies in any combination of these turrets for the trophy.

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