Nerd fighter Trophy in Wanted Corp.

  • Nerd fighter


    Collect all the game’s archives.

    How to unlock Nerd fighter

    Archives are the game's version of collectibles, and they appear in breakable boxes like that pictured in the trophy description - a greyish box with a slit of green light across the front. There are 5 archives per mission across all 8 missions for a total of 40 archives. To acquire an archive simply break the box by either shooting it ( as either character) or melee attacking it ( as Maddogg), and pick up the archive by pressing when the prompt appears (also, it's important to be aware that some of the archive boxes are outside of the field of play and must be obtained by Irina using her Telekinesys ability; if you destroy one of these archive boxes before Irina is able to get it, you will have to replay the mission in order to collect it, as Irina is not able to lift the archives themselves with Telekinesys, only the archive boxes).

    Note that in order for the archives to count as being found, you will have to complete the mission you're on; quitting the mission before the results screen will cancel whichever archives you might have found and you'll have to collect them again.

    For a list of complete archive locations click here: Archive Locations Guide

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