Shopaholic Trophy in Wanted Corp.

  • Shopaholic


    Buy all the store’s upgrades.

    How to unlock Shopaholic

    It's going to cost close to six million credits in order to fully upgrade everything for both characters. The required upgrades are:


    X128 Laser Guns
    G64 Plasma Crossbow
    S128 Rail Gun
    T512 Grenade Glove

    Note that each weapon has three different attributes to upgrade: Damage, Capacity, Reload Speed.


    Rings (Maximum Number/Resistance)
    Lightning (Damage/Radius)
    Illumination (Radius/Healing Speed)

    Note that the parentheses contain the attributes of each ability that need to be upgraded.

    How much you earn per mission is going to largely come down to how quickly you adapt to the combo system and how well you're able to manage the enemies; the second half of the game is, frankly, almost complete chaos, and it becomes increasingly hard to capture enemies rather than just kill them. Also, you may find that by the time you hit Mission 4 that you're just not prepared to deal with the sheer number of enemies that you have to face...

    If this happens, replay the first mission in order to grind credits for whichever upgrades you want to invest in - after playing the first mission a couple of times and memorizing where everything will spawn, I was able to routinely finish the mission in 6-8 minutes and earn 700,000 - 800,000 credits per playthrough; this makes the upgrades easily affordable, and you're going to need as many of them as you can get before taking on the later levels.

    In general, and assuming you're playing solo, it seems that it is much easier to earn credits as Maddogg than it is as Irina; and as for which upgrades you should focus on: for Maddogg, the Laser Guns are really the only weapon you need to get through the game and should be your first priority; for Irina, everything is useful with the exception of Illumination - if you're playing by yourself and find yourself in a situation where you need to heal one of the characters, you're probably not going to make it...For both characters, make sure to upgrade their health as quickly as possible.

    Note that you can replay missions at any time, so if you want to do nothing other than play Mission 1 until you've acquired some upgrades, feel free to do so.

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