• Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10 (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 12 (8, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 7hrs+
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 366 Alarms
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: None available


Just like Welcome Park, Vita owners now get another free application that also comes with trophies! This is essentially an alarm clock where people wake up together and then try to help each other wake up. It is simple but time consuming unfortunately. I have written this guide as if you want to just knock the trophies out and not use it for a daily alarm to get the trophies.

I haven't done a full Road Map because there is really only one way to go about getting the trophies. You will have most of them done after your first hour of playing. Once you have them out of the way it just takes time to grind out all 366 Wake-up club alarms.

Your records can be accessed anytime and will be your main point of reference for checking how far along you have come towards getting certain trophies.

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[PST Would Like to Thank tsugarusatsujin for this Road Map]

Wake-Up Club Trophy Guide

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12 trophies ( 8  )

  • First time everyone woke up together.

    When all of the members wake up in the allotted time you will get a screen that says Perfect and this trophy will pop. In 70 attempts I got it twice. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to get this sooner as it relies on the other players. Don't let that scare you, it will come while going for the 365 wake ups.

  • The Wake-up Club has successfully woken up 30 times in a row.

    If you sleep through your alarm for some reason then your counter will restart. Most likely when you first download this you will be trying to grind out some trophies so this will come naturally as you are "waking up" every minute to join a Wake-up Club. Nothing to worry about as it will come when going for the other trophies.

  • Successfully woke up a total of 200 times.

    See Team Player

  • The Wake-up Club has been successful 365 times.

    When setting an alarm you can chose for it to be a regular alarm or a Wake-up Club alarm. Since the Wake-up Club alarm counts towards Team Player there is no reason to set any alarm other than the Wake-up club.

    You can set consecutive alarms to go off every minute if you are looking to grind the trophies as soon as possible or you can use your alarm once a day to wake up for a year and get the trophy. It is really up to you as to how fast you want to grind out the trophies. However it is important to know you can only set 5 alarms at a time. With that being said after a successful wake-up club you usually have about 10-20 seconds before the next one (if you are going every minute). During this time you can hop in the alarm screen and set the alarm that just went off to a later time. By doing this you can have alarms going off every minute.

  • Cheered on other members over 2000 times.

    When you join the Wake-up Club, what you need to do is tap on the other players names and the music note bubble will shoot from your avatar towards theirs. You need to do this 2000 times over your 365 wake ups. This will come naturally and you will get it well before you complete all the other trophies.

  • Joined the Wake-up Club more than 365 times.

    This will be the last trophy you get if you don't oversleep for any of your Wake-up Clubs. Once you have joined the 366th club you will get this last trophy.

  • Took first place in the Wake-up Club 30 times.

    This one is rather tricky. I have got it once in 70 tries. I checked some Japanese websites and it looks like your internet connection plays a big part of this. It is impossible if you are going for it on 3G as someone who is using Wi-Fi will always beat you. Hopefully you get lucky and get some of this out of the way while going for your 365 wake ups.

    You need to just spam in the middle of the screen and hope that the other players are either slow or have a slower internet connection.

  • Woke up using Wake-up Club Alarm for the first time.

    See Wake as one

  • Everyone in the Wake-up Club woke up on time.

    This will be one of the first trophies that you get after setting your first Wake-up Club alarm. After everyone has woken up and it says congratulations, you will get this trophy along with Let the Games Begin.

  • Wake-up time was better than 3 seconds.

    This is very easy. Every time that you go into the Wake-up Club, your avatar will start in the middle of the screen. Keep pushing away in the middle and you will have no trouble getting this trophy out of the way on your first Wake-up Club attempt. I get 2 seconds every time.

  • Sent a friend request via Wake-up Club for the first time.

    See Circle of Friendship

    Note: If you hate blank friend requests, then you're out of luck because you will get some while playing this.

  • Viewed the profiles of more than 11 Wake-up Club members.

    While in the Wake-up Club you will be able to view the other players profile. All you have to do is push and hold on their avatar and a box will pop up, you have to do this to 11 different players at any time while going for the 100%. Once while doing this make sure to send a friend request in order to get In Circles.

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