Vtuberの未来を守る者! Trophy in VVVtunia

  • Vtuberの未来を守る者!



    How to unlock Vtuberの未来を守る者!

    [Protector of the VTuber's Future!]
    [Acquired 30 kinds of VCubes.]

    For this trophy, you need to rescue 30 different VTubers throughout the game by obtaining a VTuber cube that is tied to them. You will have to rescue roughly 25 VTubers in total to get done one of the story objectives for Episode 7 so you should do much of this trophy naturally.

    In order to rescue a VTuber, you will need to kill a giant enemy that has a cube core to it and some tentacles. These enemies have a high chance of dropping a Vtuber cube featuring a VTuber you have not yet rescued. These enemies spawn in very limited areas within each zone, which generally take some effort to reach so you are not likely to get many of these without specifically grinding for them. In addition, while you can also get cubes as rewards from chests or by buying them from the unlockable cube shop, these two methods pull from VTubers you have already rescued so the enemies are your only choice.

    Thankfully, there is a very easy spot where you can grind this trophy out. Once you reach Novelia Third Library (the third area of Novelia and the second one to have a warp gate), there is actually a spawn point right near the warp gate with one of the enemies you need to kill. You can simply go to the left from the warp point, kill the enemy to get a cube, and then head back to the warp point to just warp to Novelia Third Library again and reset the spawn point. This takes about 30 seconds per run including loading times once you get used to it so you should be able to get the 30 rescued VTubers quickly and easily this way.

    You can see a video of this method here:
    Credit to ?????????? for the video.

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