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    Complete all the levels in each world by beating the Voodoo time


    How to unlock Voodoo sorcerer

    A Voodoo time is a challenge given to you by the game which requires you to beat each individual level within a certain time limit. You need to beat the Voodoo time in all 60 levels for this trophy. You can see the Voodoo time for the level in the bottom right hand corner of the screen when you're beginning it. You can also see it if you pause the game during the level. To see if you've beaten a level's Voodoo time, go to the level select screen & check if the level is coloured gold instead of brown with a faint green border. If it is then you have beaten the Voodoo time but if not, then you haven't beaten the Voodoo time.

    For all levels, it would be best to pause the game to look at the instructions or memorise the steps given because leaving the game unpaused will add a lot of time on the level. Speed is also a key factor in beating the Voodoo time so you’ll need to be quick. However, pausing the game allows you to stop and catch your breath and work out your strategy. Each individual level's Voodoo time is listed next to the level name for convenience.

    Unfortunately, I cannot provide comprehensive step-by-step guides to every single level, particularly those which contain enemy dice or any outside influences other than yourself. As this game is almost as much as an Action game as it is a Puzzle game, not all methods will work for you unless you follow them to the letter, which can be made difficult by the timing and erratic nature of the A.I. The instructions may seem a little redundant at times but given the fact that the die has to be in certain positions at times, its steps must be followed exactly. Listed below are some general tips which may help you if you are unable to get a certain solution to work for you.

    • The opposite sides of every die always adds up to seven. Therefore, if your top number is 1, then 6 is directly under it. If it's 2, then 5 is under it. If it's 3, 4 is under it, and vice-versa.
    • Moving your die in a square motion (such as left, up, right, down, or similar) will cycle between three of the die's numbers.
    • You can get the opposite number to the top of your die in the exact same position is you move in a 3x2 or 2x3 grid motion (such as right 2, down, left 2, up, or similar). This also enables you to get the other three numbers in the above tip.
    • The game can be played with either the (D-Pad) or the . Which one you use is up to personal preference, but given the nature of the game, I feel that the D-Pad is more beneficial to use because the gridded terrain only allows for up, down, left, and right inputs. You may not trigger the input or trigger the wrong one with the analogue stick.
    • You may rotate the camera is 90 degree increments by using or to rotate left, and or to rotate right. This allows you to look at the die from different angles, allowing you to know exactly where each and every number is.
    • You can also look around the level by pressing and moving around with either the D-Pad or left analogue stick. This enables you to plan out strategies, and to see what is coming. The timer does not stop while you are doing this so be sure to restart the level through the pause menu when attempting to beat a Voodoo time.
    • I use a star (*) to indicate inverted controls in the guide. You will come across charms in this game which will reverse your movements e.g. pressing up moves you down etc. This charm is only in effect for a certain period of time. For that reason, my marked inverted controls may end for you either early or late. Be sure to switch accordingly. You will be able to tell visually when inverted controls are in effect due to purple smoke appearing above your die as well as two arrows pointing in different directions. They subside once the curse is over.
    • While you may not be able to follow my instructions exactly due to the risk of being defeated by the A.I but if you are able, you may backtrack exactly how you came which will allow you to resume following the instructions. A lot of the levels have generous enough Voodoo times so this may be an option.
    • Double dice sometimes need to be readjusted. Either two or four numbers are matched at any one time. The one you matched and its inverse are guaranteed to be matched but the others are not. In the image below, the two dice are connected but this is of no use to you because you need the two sixes to be matched. The only way to guarantee this is by matching 1 or 6. In this particular instance, you may be able to match them by matching 2 or 5 but that requires you to match two separate sets, which is harder but may be necessary.
    • Both blocks you need to move around as well as the helpful and hindering dice cannot be sunken. This means that you can place blocks on sinking tiles while you wait until it is safe to cross it. You cannot be sunken when attracted to a magnet unless the two dice are under sinking tiles at the same time. It is also possible to become unattached to your magnet in other circumstances, such as arrows forcing you apart which will possibly eliminate you.
    • Perhaps the most useful and important piece of advice I can give you is to think things through. Of course, this is best done while pausing the game with to save time and to prevent accidental death. Think through the solution in your head and once you have it, unpause and execute it. Imagine each turn where the number you want will be and only follow that in your head.

    You either need to get 6 next to the two sixes, or to the left of the bottom one. You can also think of this as needing a 1 two tiles to the left of where you need to be. You know that 1 is on the ground and 2 is opposite 5. You can find out the specific positions of 3 and 4 by rotating the camera. By thinking through the solution, there are three possible moves here. By moving left, 6 is now on the side, and its position will not change if moving up or down. Move down, and thus move right. You are now one place below where you started with six still on top. You are one position away from matching with the lower die. Moving right won't help but if you move up, 6 is now on its side, and moving left or right won't alter that. Therefore, you can move right once and down to match those two sixes. Understanding and applying this way of thinking will be very beneficial to you if you are having difficulty applying any of the below solutions. In most cases, there is more than just one single solution to problems like these. Sometimes, you may want to work backwards, as described in the picture below, but it is up to you to figure out what works.

    To remove that 1 die, a 1 must be directly next to it. To make this easier on yourself, you need a 6 two positions below it as that would mean that your 1 is now on the ground. Two positions to the left of here and 6 is now on the ground. Move up, and 6 is facing the camera regardless of whether you move left or right. The die above is one tile right to where you are. Just retrace the path in your head to remove that die.

    • You can use a real die or dice to go through scenarios if that helps you.

    Also see here for a written Time Guide: LINK

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