Quadruple Whammy 2X Trophy

  • Quadruple Whammy 2X


    Destroy 16 turrets in 2 seconds in Level DC08

    Keep in mind that the counter just starts when you have destroyed your first turret (so, in fact, you have 2 seconds to destroy 15 turrets, after the first one is destroyed). The good thing about this trophy is that you have, in fact, a bit more time than 2 seconds, as the game counts time by the stage timer. So, if you have destroyed the first four right after the counter changed to, let's say, 0:20, you can destroy the last four right before it changes to 0:23 and still get the trophy (I tested it under this condition and it worked)
    You have two spots where you can try this trophy: one at the beginning of the stage (after a series of survivors you have to get by teleporting left/right constantly) and other at the end (on the same conditions). There will be four turret rows, protected by walls, each row with four turrets. 

    What you have to do is, when you see a row of 4 turrets (2 on each side), slow down (release R), position your ship directly under the two on the center, wait for your ship to get almost squashed, and proceed to teleport/bomb all the turrets. This way, you will destroy a row with a single bomb, and can get to the others way quicker. Do this on the next 3 rows of turrets and you get the trophy.

    Restart the stage if you didn't get it after the first attempt, as you will spend too much time trying to get it on the last rows.

    Refer to Thumb Together trophy for more information on this stage.

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