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    Perfect all Dual Core Levels

    To get this trophy, you will need to perfect all 10 Dual Core stages. It will test your skill and coordination to the maximum, since there will be multiple sessions where you will need to maneuver from one side of the screen to the other in a split second. People have reported that stages 06 and 08 are the hardest, as you have literally no time to spare, and even if you manage to complete all objectives and do not have anything halt you, there's a chance you don't beat the stage time.

    There are a few tips that might work in order to complete this task:

    - Always (and I mean ALWAYS) focus on the main ship (except only when you have to bomb some switches/glass boxes/enemies with the secondary ship and are going through narrow passages where you control the ships one by one) to perform the tasks required to perfect stages. The stage layouts are made so while you collect survivors/destroy enemies/break glasses with one, you will do it with the other. And especially on Critical Urgency stages, pay very close attention to survivors of different colors on the same column. You have less than a second to collect both;

    -Take your time on non-critical urgency stages to figure out what you have to do. This is specially important on later stages, when you need to maneuver both ships at different time frames, and risk losing a life doing so;

    -On critical urgency stages, when you see the stage is almost over (when the walls are far apart each other), press  so the ships will move upwards faster, and you finish the stage a second (or seconds) faster. This can be the difference between perfecting a stage and having to redo it all over again.

    Below are some video guides to help in this task. Please notice that none of these videos are mine. All credit goes to the uploader:











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